31 Dec 2015

My Christmas Present

Life's a very uncertain journey. Sometimes when we know where we are and where we're going, it throws a curved ball and off we go in a different direction.

Rachael and I met and married fifteen years ago. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and the marriage is good at all sorts of levels.

Although we were no spring chickens, the sex was good - frequent, imaginative, satisfying and naughty. Occasionally it was very naughty, particularly when we were on holiday when the sun seemed to bring out our exhibitionist streak. Over the years passion cooled and although sex continued it became less frequent and less adventurous. I hated this and wanted a return to our past exciting intimacy.

I started looking at sex websites and marvelled at the apparent variety of the people's sex lives, particularly those who shared their play with others.

I never wanted to cheat but started to think that a bit of shared soft play with a similar couple might kick start some of the old passion. I raised the idea with Rachael and met a stone wall, not a, ”Maybe in the right circumstances” but a definite “No”.

I tried a few more times with the same result. Rachael couldn't understand that although l loved her and didn't want to fuck anyone else or her to, I loved watching her having sexual pleasure. At one point she weakened a little. I found a couple on the net who seemed nice and Rachael said she was prepared to meet them for a meal and chat. For a variety of reasons it didn't happen.

Then one night in bed she suggested that if I was so keen on swinging, why didn't I just get on with it myself. It's wasn't what I was interested in, but it did get me thinking.

A few weeks later I made a suggestion. Rachel would do the research, find a suitable couple, arrange the venue, negotiate the terms of engagement and be present.

"No way", she said, but over the following weeks she spent a lot of time on the net and when I checked her history it was Swinging Heaven she was searching.

Eventually she told me what she was up to. She had found a couple she thought might be suitable. They were mature, attractive, educated, professional and good company. She knew they were good company because they had met over a drink and talked about the situation. They had agreed to help.

A date and venue had been agreed. She said it was to be my Christmas present.

The time arrived. A nice hotel room was booked and we met Alan and Clair in its restaurant. The meal went well, the ladies looked gorgeous and wine was drunk.

Rachael seemed very much in charge and as we were having coffee she said, "First of all I'm taking you to our room to get you ready and then Alan and Clair will join us".

The room was large, warm, dimly lit and contain a king sized bed with an over bed mirror and a jacuzzi. At the side of the bed was an armchair.

Rachael came close and began to undress me. "They would like to start with a little bondage", she said, leading me to the chair and binding me hand and foot to the arms and legs. She gave my cock a small rub to get me prepared, not that I needed it.

She then left to get our new friends. She was probably only gone for five minutes but it seemed an age.

When they returned Alan and Clair began to undress each other and when they were naked, Rachael came and stood in front of me.

"There's been a slight change of plan", she said. "You have always told me that you don't want to fuck anyone else and your greatest pleasure is seeing me have pleasure. Well now I'm going to find out if that's true".

With that Alan and Clair came to her side and very gently slid her dress off. Underneath she was wearing a black basque with red trimmings, black stockings and nothing else. Her pussy, usually trimmed, had been shaved smooth. She came over to me, stroked my cock and fed a nipple into my mouth.

"Enough of that", she said sharply. She turned and went back to her friends. The Basque and stockings were quickly removed and she lay down on her front on the bed.

Alan and Clair took positions at either side of her and began a long, slow sensuous four handed massage. They started at her shoulders, kneading warm oils into her skin, gradually moving down her body. When they reached her feet Rachael rolled onto her back and they started again, paying particular attention to her breasts. Rachael was obviously enjoying the experience.

This really was not going as I had planned.

When their hands reached her lower body, her legs parted to give more access and her body began to twitch. Clair turned her attention back to Rachael's breasts. Alan had been kneeling over Rachael's thighs while he stroked her and his cock was nudging very near her pussy. He rubbed the tip up and down her lips and certainly Rachael wasn't complaining.

What had happened to never fucking anyone else? I was sure he was going to thrust home but instead he slid down and sought her clit with his tongue. He was obviously an expert. He licked, sucked and nibbled, bringing Rachael to the edge and back and then to the edge again. Her whole body began to shake as her climax approached. Her mouth was wide open, her hips rising and falling to meet Alan's tongue as her orgasm overwhelmed her body and she came with a loud scream.

So what had I been doing while all this was happening?

Tied to the chair, I couldn't do much. I could see, sometimes directly and sometimes as a reflection in the mirror above the bed. I should have been angry or jealous or both. But as Rachael became more and more aroused so did I. I strained helplessly against the straps that held my arms and legs. My cock was more rigid than I could ever remember and as Rachael was consumed by her orgasm, without even being touched, my balls exploded and I came with sensations of the most exquisite pleasure.

When we had calmed down, I was released.

Of course Alan and Clair deserved our thanks and we spent the rest of the night thanking them - but that's a story for another time.