Written by Robbieeee

11 Sep 2015

When you thought it had gone as far as it could, it usually bites you and goes further.

Well, it seems my darling wife has not exhausted her BBC fantasies.

She has been seeing and shagging her bull for some time now. I'm not too concerned because we are still in love and are happy. And of course I get to enjoy the attentions of Rebecca.

On one of the occasions with Rebecca I sensed a tension that worried me.

Rebecca is as horny as hell. And if truth be known I struggle to satisfy her.

But on this occasion, I could tell her heart wasn't in it.

We had a fairly low intensity shag.

I asked her if there was anything bothering her. I also suggested that if she was bored with me, then that was ok. I only want sex with someone who wants me anyway. I don't want a charity fuck.

She asked me if I had heard of a greedy girl event.

I said I hadn't, but I could guess at it.

She went on to tell me of her experience at such an event.

She told me that it seemed a great idea, given her appetite.

She and a friend bought special clothes and lingerie for the event. This included t shirts stating they only wanted big black cocks.

The evening was attended by many black men, but not that many girls.

She was fucked every which way for hours, and by all accounts loved it. But she said that it definately is not for everyone.

The conversation ended and I went home.

That weekend my wife got ready for her meet with her bull. We kissed, and she left. Not unusual, and I got all excited about her having that BBC. My very own slut wife.

When she got home in the early hours, she looked completely worn out. I thought it had been the drink, so didn't press her for details. Instead I left her to sleep it off. I would hear about it when she was ready.

The following morning, I woke and went downstairs to make a coffee.

It was then I saw the T shirt. WTF?

Had Rebecca been warning me???