Written by SubSara

4 Sep 2011

I thought I would tell you all a little about me as I really do get turned on reading the other stories on this site.

I had been swinging for around a year since being single - a great way to meet really nice, open, sexy people and perhaps I'll tell you more about some of my exploits - if you'd like me too.....

Anyhow, I had moved to a new area and swinging was a great way to meet some local people. I arranged a meet one Sunday morning with a bi man I'd been chatting to for quite some time, he was funny, intelligent and we got along well on the phone so all the initial signs were good.

He arrived at my house, on time, with a rucksack that intrigued me to begin with but I was far too polite to ask. We had a quick coffee then he asked if we could sit down as he was a little tired after his journey. I suggested we go to my bedroom, he agreed and followed me up the stairs, bringing his rucksack with him. I was wearing my usual 'swinging outfit' a very short dress which showed off my tits to perfection and allowed me to wear stockings and suspenders.....as I walked up the stairs I knew he was looking up my dress and he must have realised that I was wearing no panties.

We got to my bedroom and he asked me to properly show him my underwear with a glint in his eye - I didn't need telling twice and promptly removed my dress to stand before him in just stockings and suspenders. He commented on the size of my tits - 44ff - and asked if I had sensitive nipples, I invited him to find out. His mouth was straight on my tits and I could feel my pussy getting very wet while his tongue probed around my hard nipples.

I could feel his hard cock through his linen trousers and could resist no longer so I dropped to my knees and begged him to fuck my mouth.....while I was on my knees I was aware of him rummaging through his rucksack - he pulled out the biggest dildo I have ever seen and asked me if I was able to take it....I got onto my bed on all fours and told him he would have to find out. He lubed the dildo then stuck it straight into my wet cunt - it took my breath away as I wasn't expecting it all at once but it definitely got my pussy wet - so wet in fact that I couldn't help but squirt all over his hands...

This was my first meet with my fiance and if you'd like to know more about what we got up to, perhaps I'll tell you more in a few days, please let me know ;)