Written by maidstonebear

23 Apr 2012

where do i start this is a long experience i was married and my ex wife and myself had a few threesomes with friends which were great watching someone with your other half is awesome especially when they play with their tits as im definitely a breast man myself we eventually divorced as she started seeing others behind my back prob seems funny to some but to me the trust was gone.

I was a doorman for a lot of years and met my current spouse 11 years ago V as ill call her age 36 38hh bust chunky but not fat im G 51 not married but may as well be as like they used to say living in sin now that is a definite lol while working on the door about 15 years ago a new doorman started T he is now 36 stunning good looks so V says slim to muscular army man works out every day runs twice a day the kind of guy i should hate LOL when we met we got on realy well got to become great friends aqs i trained him in the ways of a doorman anyway we got talking about what turns us on and we both said threesommes and it was agreed we would help each other out with our partners not knowing about the other wife getting the same so he came to mine and a fantastic night was had by all my erection never went away all night absolutely amazing he was like a porn star 3 times without a break she loved it and we all agreed to do it again but he was posted away so i never got with his wife and we all lost touch then this year i found them on a social network got intouch and they came round for a bbq and lots of wine and beer and in my mrs case half a bottle of brandy i could see my mrs flirting with him as soon as they arrived and kept his mrs occupied talking about our days working together my mrs ran out of coke so needed to go to the shop which T said he would go with her they were gone a while and when they got back he was a little distant with me and she had a diferent top on so i asked my mrs whats up and she told me she had given him a blowjob and had cum all over her tits which he had got out now my mrs gives better head than ive ever been given before and as a doorman ive had many and T said when we had the threesome years before that if it was an olympic event she would get gold so i got him on his own and told him it was fine and still loved sharing her which he said he would love to pick up where we left off but my mrs said she wanted to but on their own as she felt awkward and couldnt let herself go with me there so he came round the following wednesday and fucked for nearly 2 hours again he kept cumming all over her nipples they both enjoyed it and so did i as i was fucking her twice a day for the next week after she told me they had to call it aday after the 2 hours as V had to collect the kids from school ill leave it here till part 2 what i will say is V wont have anything arranged but when she is out she is up for being chatted up and going off with him for fun which im up for with a little help from me but ill meet him on my own first maybe a beer and see if hes suitable.

part 2 on its way