Written by maidstonebear

23 Apr 2012

following on from V and T getting it on after the day T came round and spent 2 hours fucking V and them having to stop so V could collect kids from school i said next time i would pay for a hotel room and then i would get sloppy seconds when she got home because up till now it was safe sex only and wanted this feeling of having her with T's cum in her i had convinced V next time bareback as he was married and didnt play away till V she agreed to do this for me so i booked and payed awaiting the day to arrive 2 weeks later anyway the day came and T had asked V to wear low top short skirt high heels and no knickers which she did had her hair done especially for him my expence which i gladly paid oh and he asked her to shave which she wouldnt as she hates the plucked chicken look but trimmed right down to a stubble and off she went and this is what she told me.

she arrived at hotel near maidstone in kent at about 7 got key and put the heating on ready T arrived at 7.30 walked straight up to her asked if she was nervour which she was but he wasnt and started kissing her playing with her tits outside her top then put his hand under her skirt feeling no underware started on her clit she was soaked all ready which he mentioned to her while licking his fingers dirty bastard Lol she then pushed him backwards to the bed pushed him on and dropped his trousers and pants and started licking him from his arse upto his helmet making him quiver as she says he was trembling the whole time she was doing this untill she took him in her mouth and sucked him for ages and he was fighting for controll as he didnt want to cum yet as they had a good few hours to go then he got up and put her on the bed and went down on her making her cum twice she then sucked him again making him really hard before mounting him and fucking him girl on top which she loves making her cum twice more then he got her off and started kissing her again while getting her top and bra off and spent the next few minutes sucking her gorgeous titts he kept telling her how fantastic her tits are and believe me they are at 38h he was softly biting her nipples which she loves really getts her going anyone would think he had inside information LOL then he was on top with her legs on his shoulders going really deep into her making her cum 3 more times then taking her legs off his shoulders he sucked those fantastic tits again while still fucking her he started losing controll and he took his cock out of her she thinks to cum on her tits again but left it too late and spurted everywhere some even reaching her hair now thats one hell of a spurt LOL they then lay there kissing and touching for a couple of seconds till she got off and used toilet to clean up and clean teeth cock breath i suppose ha ha then he did the same came straight out and started kissing her again and sucking her titts till she got him on the bed again and started another blowjob with him telling her how fantastic she is at it then rolled off her and started fucking her from behind while playing withe her nipples and nibbling her neck now this makes her cum always never fails she loves having her kneck gently bitten while beeing fucked from behind with her titts played with again inside info then he was on top again sucking her titts and hammering into her this time she felt him cumming inside her loads of it she said he was fucking her so fast when he finished cumming his legs were still shaking they then got cleaned up and layed on the bed playing with each other till he was hard again then fucked her with him on top really fast which she loves again cumming twice before he pulled out and came all over her tits she said everytime he came it spurted everywhere and loads of it they then cleaned up and went to the bar sitting at a table and he still kept playing with her clit and squeezing her tits when no one was looking then after they finished their drinks headed back to the room as they went up some stairs he grabbed her and started kissing her again puting his hands up her top getting her tits out to suck while she got his cock out to wank him only stopping when they heard peoples voices just getting decent before an elderly couple walked down stairs went back to room where they fucked another 3 times all in all she thinks she came 23 times him 6 she got home at 2.30 in the morning and how about this i still didnt get sloppy seconds as when i booked hotel room i forgot i had a carp fishing comp all that weekend so had to be content with her phoning and telling me all what happened with pictures which i still have on my phone cum in usefull when alone LOL if any one is near maidstone and is a breast worshipper she is definitely the woman for you but we would have to arrange it without her knowledge as she wont have anything arranged or so she thinks also i would have to meet for a beer first to make sure your the right type of person as i want to feel she is safe and your her type she likes men clean cut short hair slim to muscular and large endowment a must no as she calls em pencil dicks LOL hope youve enjoyed our adventure sorry its been so long but its as honest as ive been told please excuse the grammar as ive never done this before looking forward to recieving your comments. G