Written by Boner77

20 Jul 2008

After replying to an add to meet a bi couple and a couple of emails I was walking very nervously into the pub into to meet Mark and Ann. I didn’t have to worry as they were both standing at the bar and recognised me from my photo. Mark was 50 medium build and 5’ 10 and Ann was a brunette with a bob type haircut and was 45 and a size 12 wearing tight jeans that showed off her cute little arse and a cotton blouse that was unbuttoned to show off her pert tits.

We got on well and after quite a few drinks Mark suggested going back to their house up the road. We all got in and went to the kitchen for drinks. Ann pushed past undoing her jeans and pulled them down as she ran into the downstairs loo and with out closing the door pulled down her jeans and panties and had a piss in full view of me and Mark apologising saying she was breaking her neck! I said there was no need to apologise and Mark just laughed saying she was always doing that. Mark gave me a beer and we both went into the front room. While I was sitting there Ann poked her head round saying she was changing as her jeans were too tight and she went upstairs.

Mark put on a porno DVD and we both started to watch it. After a couple of minutes Mark got his cock out and said he needed a wank and I could join him if I wanted to. I was drunk by now and losing any shyness. I undid my jeans and slipped them and my boxers round my ankles and started to wank my cock too.

It was the first time I had been in the same room as another bloke wanking let alone sitting next to him on the same settee.

Mark had a big cock 7.5 inches whereas mine was slightly smaller at 6.5 inches. The DVD was really good and soon both our cocks were very hard.

Just then Ann come back in the room dressed in a short skirt and that blouse. She said something like “you bastards fancy starting without me. I can put on a better show than those tarts in the film”. Mark said to her why don’t you show us and with that Ann started to strip off.

She took off her blouse to reveal a pretty white lacy bra and then slowly took off her skirt to show off her tiny white lacy thong. All the while Mark and me were wanking our cocks. She then took off her bra and started playing with her small tits. They were really great, nice and pert with lovely pointed erect nipples. Then she slipped off her thong to reveal her gorgeous pussy, completely bald with her pussy lips pouting out and laid on the floor in front of us. I was gawping at that pussy as she started to rub it with her fingers and as it got wet I must have stopped wanking as the next thing I knew was my cock was being wanked for me! I looked down to see Mark’s hand wanking my cock and then looked at him. He grinned as he wanked me and carried on wanking his own cock. I plucked up courage and grabbed his cock and started to wank him too. His cock was hard and throbbing under my grip. We were wanking each other’s hard cocks as we watched Ann finger herself and flick her clit and I was in heaven.

Ann’s pussy was so wet by now that I couldn’t sit on the settee any longer. I got down onto the floor and put my head between Ann’s legs and gently started to lick her labia, poking my tongue into her slit and then slowly licking up over her clit tasting her pussy juice and then gradually started licking and sucking her cunt until Ann was moaning out load in ecstasy.

Ann suddenly shook and shouted out as she cum and then with a big smile on her face she went over to Mark and started sucking his cock. I went with her and watched wanking my cock as she sucked him. She then turned her head and started to suck my cock too and took it in turns to suck our cocks. Mark was still sitting on the settee with his legs apart and Ann pulled me down to my knees and put me in-between Mark’s legs facing him until our hard stiff cocks were next to each other with the underneath of our cocks touching. Ann grabbed both cocks together with both hands so they were now touching and wanked them up and down together. She started licking the heads of our cocks and then squeezed both cock heads into her mouth at the same time, which felt amazing, and all the time my cock was rubbing up against Mark’s.

Ann then got me to lie on my back on the floor and crawled over me on all fours and started sucking my cock again with me licking her cunt in a 69 position. Mark then came up behind her with his stiff prick in his had and slid his cock into her pussy doggy style. I was centimetres away watching as his cock slide in and out of her wet pussy and I started to lick her click as he fucked her. My tongue was also licking the shaft of his cock. I then cupped his balls in my hand and gently squeezed them as he fucked her. Ann was crying out in ecstasy and Mark was groaning with pleasure too.

As he fucked Ann, Mark pulled his cock out and put it into my mouth and as I licked and sucked it I could taste Ann’s cunt juices all over it. He then pushed it back into her hot wet cunt and carried on fucking her as I licked her clit and his cock. I then licked my middle finger and poked it up his arse up to my knuckle. Mark seemed to like this and moaned out loud.

He shoved his cock back in my mouth for a few seconds and then pushed his cock slowly easing it into Ann’s tight pert little asshole still with my finger up his arse! We carried on like this for a good few minutes until Ann stopped sucking my cock and at this point and I got out from underneath and stood there slowly wanking again watching Mark fuck Ann’s arse doggy style.

After a couple more minutes they changed position with Mark on his back and Ann sitting on him with his cock still up her arse. I moved up between her legs and started to lick her pussy and then moved up to suck her tits with my hard cock was rubbing her pussy lips as Mark arse fucked her. I slid my cock into her pussy, which felt amazing and really tight and wet and hot and started to fuck her. I could feel Marks cock through her thin membrane as we DP’ed her, which was another first for me!

Then just as I thought it couldn’t get any better Ann told me to sit on the settee and she then sat on my cock with her back to me jumping up and down on my cock.

I saw Mark walking up to her with his cock in his hand and knelt down between her legs and then I felt another cock next to mine pushing up Ann’s wet hot cunt. Then suddenly we were both fucking her pussy at the same time! I had to use all my concentration not to cum right then and there.

Then to my relief Ann said that she wanted our spunk and knelt in front of us. I grabbed Marks cock and wanked it hard and fast and within 20 – 30 seconds I felt his cock throb and twitch and pointed it towards Ann’s face and watched his cum cover her face. Ann lapped it all up licking her fingers greedily. It was then my turn. Mark grabbed my cock and started to wank it fast and hard and soon I too was shooting my hot spunk over Ann’s face and tits.

Ann loved it licking and sucking my cock clean until I felt completely drained as Mark licked up our spunk from her body. What a great night.