Written by shaun1970

23 Nov 2009

I had been looking online for a few days and decided i was going to find a local club which i found a short drive away.

I arrived just after 2 p.m. and was very nervous, excited at what may happen, once inside the club i was shown around and given a locker.

I stayed the day had done some sunbathing, and relaxed in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, i decided to have some food and as i was eating asked if i was going to stay for the evening party, why not i thought.

It began to get busy, and being on my own i decided to go and sit in the jacuzzi for a bit, i had been in there a while along with 5 other guys all chatting about the week and general chit chat, a couple entered the jacuzzi area and undressed, there were 2 couples in the jacuzzi next to us but the guy said lets get in this one, after a short while chatting the lady rolled over to face the guy and spread herself out, to my suprise it seemed some of the guys were starting to rub her and were all gradually moving closer to her, i felt a hand slide up my leg and start to rub it, i was slightly apprehensive for a split second until the lady looked over and smiled, she the began wanking my cock which had become increasingly hard, she wanked me until i came and then gave me a cheeky smile. She then moved around and was getting fucked in the tub by the guy she was with, was great to watch.

Later that evening when i was going past some private rooms i saw this couple coming towards me and just said the polite Hello, around half an hour later i was deciding if i should now leave and was going towards the lockers when the guy was there and asked if i had ever been in the rooms, to which i replied no he said come in here.

As i entered the room the lady from earlier was laying on the bed hands and feet tied together with a tie over her eyes, he closed the door my cock was now twitching what a great sight, he bagan to wank her and after a few minutes she squirted, this was such a turn on as i had never experienced this before, he then turned to me and whispered did i have a condom, i thought ohhh no and said i would get some.

I returned to the room where she was still laying and he again began to wank her, he gestured for me to get a condom on, my cock was so hard as i watched him again make her gush it was an amazing sight. Now stood there cock in hand he waved me over, as i moved onto the bed which was wet with juices my cock felt so hard, Her legs were spread wide open and he grabbed some lube and rubbed it on her pussy, I slid my cock gently along her lips, she pushed slightly forward as i slid inside, he then said your getting fucked by another cock, she then pushed hard onto my cock all the time he was saying what a dirty slut she was, I began fucking her harder as she thrust with me when i suddenly felt her grasp my cock with her muscles and she then gushed all over my cock, it was an amazing warm feeling, this prompted me to fuck her harder as he was encouraging her to fuck me, It was not long before i exploded inside her as she gushed over me once again. As i removed the condom the guy got straight on and started fucking her as i left the room.

This was a great night, and wish i could meet this couple again, who knows they may read this, if so get in touch.....