Written by alanburton

23 Oct 2009

Well it all started a few years ago when I got chatting to this woman on the net she was 41 a year older than me but was very funny and great to chat with. We arranged to meet one afternoon and became friend have sex once or twice during a 6 month period. She was married but not very happy at home and simply wanted a friend to chat with.

Well after a period of about 8 months we lost contact as she wanted to try with hubby and thought things were getting too complex. She sent me a text a few months later one night so I replied and we got chatting again, we then spent 12 or so month having lunch each week and being friends. During this period she was I guess an average women I guess but nothing too hot just a friend, then one day during a phone call she was talking about her friend who ended up sleeping with another female and her male partner, my friend said no way lol if it was 2 guys lol different matter. Nothing was said about the comment but it was on my mind for a while.

So a couple of days later I sent her a text saying you don’t have to reply but perhaps you would like to pop in to the office and bend over my desk so I can give you a very good fucking. It was one of those times you think should I press send and when you do your heart starts pounding.

A few hours later a reply, is the offer still on?. so we met and with no talking had a good hours or too on the desk. After she left and I though o god perhaps the friendship will have been destroyed but I was wrong an email arrived saying how much she enjoyed so I replied me too.

We then started to send very open email, it appeared it was true she wanted to try a 3 sum with two guys, not just that but the guys had to perform with each other. She also explained she had no limits and enjoyed everything from anal to watersports. What a shock as you would never have guessed what this PA was like looks like butter would not melt lol.

So we arranged for a Thursdays session after work, we performed a few of these as she would come over for a couple of hours and then leave, to my credit she would always txt saying was in bed for a sleep when she got home as I had worn her out lol.

Well I came on the net and chatted to a 49 year old bi guy who was local and explained what she was looking for and he agreed. I arranged a Thursday as usual and did not tell her. She came round and changed in to her tight rubber skirt and nothing else which she enjoyed and bent over the sofa so I could perform oral on her at the same time as playing with her amazing tits, this went on for 30 or so mins until she asked me to fuck her. So I got myself prepared and pushed inside her with the usual sounds she made, grabbed her hair and started to pound her while talking dirty to her. After a while I used a finger in her bum and opened it up and slid out of one hole in to her bum which she returned the dirty talk – I want to see a guys cock ramming in your arse she shouted. What she had no idea is our guest was behind me with a hard on and naked.

So I pushed as deep as I could and stopped she looked round and saw him, I said he is going to fuck me now and her face lit up as she said fuck him and I felt a warm cock on my ass then the pain as he pushed inside slowly but still causing a lot of shouting. After a while she pulled off to play on the sofa while watching. This session went on to DP her and much more.