Written by gosso

17 Apr 2008

This is a true story with a couple I met on here…..

I am a closet cross dresser, happily married and wife not aware of my antics. I am straight but will let a man suck and wank me.

I met Jim and Sally on here and we arranged a meet at my house one Friday evening. I was very nervous as it was a first time for me. I remember fussing about what lingerie, shoes and dress to wear. I settled on a black lace bra with matching panties, black sheer hold up stockings, black sling back heels and a nice black cocktail dress.

Jim and Sally arrived and I let them in. I did not want to frighten them so had my normal clothes on. We sipped some wine and then started to relax. Jim asked if I was going to dress and I nipped into the bedroom and put my outfit on. My heart was racing as I walked down the passage. Sally saw me first and told me I looked gorgeous. Jim just smiled.

They got up and followed me to the bedroom. Sally told me she wanted her pussy licking and ordered me to lay on my back. She took her dress off to reveal a nice shave pussy and black hold up stockings. She sat on my face and ground her pussy in my mouth.

I felt a hand sliding up and down my leg and then started pulling my panties down. I was to busy at that stage eating pussy to realise it was Jim. He started wanking my cock slowly and then I felt the warmth of his mouth. He was loving my cock and swallowed it all. He lifted my legs and started rimming me, man it felt so good.

Sally slid off my face and slowly settled on my cock. She started a slow grind. I saw Jim come up behind her and lube his cock and her ass. He slowly slid his cock in her ass. Sally was now moaning loudly and clearly enjoying. Jim asked if I wanted to swap as my cock was bigger and Sally likes a nice big cock in her ass. I swapped and soon I was fucking her ass. Sally told me to shoot my load in her ass. Jim was first to cum and filled her pussy, I was next.

I pulled out and Jim went around the back of Sally and started eating my cum out of her ass. Sally had moved me closer and was sucking the last cum from my cock. We lay on the bed for a while and had another go……..