Written by Alan

4 Apr 2018

I posted the tale on here last summer about how I got together with Irene, my son’s mother-in-law, both of us had been widowed and the ‘family connection’ drew us together. Irene and I are both late-60’s, but fit and healthy for our ages and, although I had always thought of her as being a ‘fearsome woman’, she turned out to be a really passionate and generous person. It made financial sense for us not to rush into marriage or cohabiting as Irene might lose her widow’s pensions, so we have continued to maintain our separate houses but, in practice, we spend most nights together, either at her place or mine. I have become accustomed to waking up with a warm body beside me again, and boy can she be warm first thing in the morning.

It turned out that Irene and her late husband had been swingers for many years and I found myself drawn into joining her as a couple on SH. Needless to say, I was wary of being drawn into this new world, as life with my late wife had been strictly monogamous, but Irene was very understanding and did not push her agenda on me, although she did make it clear that swinging had been part of her life for so long, it would be difficult to give it up.

We met some of her long-standing friends, couples who we ‘played’ with and I found myself adapting to her way of life. Sadly, nothing has come of our SH membership yet, because we were overwhelmed with contacts from single men, which was not what we were seeking, so we have deleted our advert here for the time being.

Early last December, Irene told me that a group of her swinger friends like to hold a Christmas party each year, and this year’s party was to be at the country home in Kent of a couple she knew. Irene asked if we could attend the party as she knew there were many of her friends who were keen to meet me. I pointed out that I had no experience of swingers’ parties, so I felt a little apprehensive and she suggested we rent a room at a hotel nearby so we would have somewhere to retreat to. She said many of the guests would stay overnight, which might make it difficult for people who didn’t want to party all night.

Having said yes, I decided I should ask her what actually happened at these parties so, over a period of several days, she slowly ‘filled me in’. I got the impression she was feeding the details to me a little at a time to avoid frightening me off, but I was slowly warming to the idea of going. Over a period of about 10 days, she told me there would be about 20 couples there, with about half a dozen single men to cater for greedy girls, and there might be a few single women too.

I had assumed it would involve Irene and me having sex with another couple but I hadn’t really considered the possibility of either of us having multiple partners at the same time. Irene seemed to be quite relaxed about that possibility, so I decided I would not raise objections on that front. To be honest, the thought of seeing Irene with several men quite turned me on, but I was concerned how I would perform with several women.

Irene went out shopping during the previous week to buy herself some new ‘finery’, she said she couldn’t possibly be seen in something she had worn to a previous party. I thought her comment was just what my late wife would have said if we were going to a wedding, so perhaps swingers’ parties are not so unusual. She bought a short blue and white chemise with blue panties and white hold-ups, she showed me when she brought them home and I wanted her to try them on, but she said I would have to await that pleasure.

We travelled over to Kent on the afternoon of the party to check in to the hotel. As we drove there, Irene asked me whether I was looking forward to the evening and I said I was, albeit with a little trepidation. She said that her late husband used to enjoy these parties, partly because he had obtained a supply of little blue pills from the internet, so he had no fears about his staying power during the party. I told her that my ability to cope with several ladies during the evening was one of my concerns, and she said it was a good idea she had brought the supply of pills with her then.

We checked into the hotel, booked a taxi to take us to the party for 9 o’clock and went down to the lounge at 6.00 pm for a drink, to steady my nerves. While we were there, Irene waved to a couple who walked through, clearly there were other people staying in the hotel who were going to the party. We found some magazines to read, although, for my part, I wasn’t really thinking about what I was reading. No matter, after a couple of whiskies, I was feeling quite mellow. We went back upstairs just after 7.15 to shower and get ourselves ready.

Irene laid out her new undies on the bed, it hadn’t really occurred to me before, but I asked her what dress she would be wearing. She said that’s it, she would wear her long coat over the top for the journey in the taxi, but take the coat off when she got there. It was only then it occurred to me that most of the ladies would be similarly dressed, which made me realise that perhaps I would enjoy the evening after all.

We showered, not together I should add, Irene said I should save myself for later. I went second and, by the time I came out of the bathroom Irene was dressed in her finery, it nearly took my breath away, she looked gorgeous. She gave me one of her late husband’s little blue pills to swallow, put on her full length coat and we went downstairs to meet the taxi.

The house where the party was being held was large, probably at least 5 bedrooms and detached, with quite large grounds. We were met at the front door by the hostess, a lady called Jane, who looked to be mid-fifties and also wearing a coat, which she removed as soon as the door was closed to reveal her slim frame and her rather skimpy bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings. I immediately felt slightly overdressed in my shirt and slacks, but Irene had assured me that would be what most of the guys would be wearing, initially at least. Jane exchanged kisses with Irene, before turning to me, saying “so this is your new beau“, giving me a full-on snog and saying “I’ll see you later I hope”. Jane took our coats and ushered us through to the lounge, where most of the other guests were congregated.

I stayed close to Irene initially, as she wanted to introduce me to her many friends. They were mostly older people, mainly at least fifties, with the odd younger couple. The ladies were almost exclusively dressed similarly to Irene, with a few in panties and hold-ups only. The single guys were generally recognisable by their age, much younger than the couples. Several of them had linked up with couples already, one lady had a young man on each arm, while her husband was standing opposite her talking, but she didn’t seem to be taking too much notice as the young men were stroking her tits and kissing her.

Irene suggested she should show me the hot tub, which was in a wooden building in the garden. I can well imagine it being full if it was a summer party, but the need to brave the short walk across the patio meant there was only one couple in there so far. We stripped off our clothes in the changing room that was part of the building, and climbed in to the tub. Irene clearly knew the younger couple, Steve and Jenny, who were already there as she gave them both a big hug and a snog. Needless to say, I enjoyed my brief snog with Jenny.

It wasn’t too long before Irene moved over next to Steve and Jenny moved next to me. Irene volunteered that I was a newbie to the party scene, and Jenny said this would be like popping my cherry then, I think my laugh must have sounded a bit nervous. Jenny reached down and started stroking my cock which, with the effect of the warm water, was quickly standing to attention, and I realised there were things going on under the water at the far side of the tub. I got Jenny to sit up on the side of the tub with her feet in the water, so I could lick her pussy, but she didn’t need much arousing as she was soon gasping.

I realised that Irene and Steve behind me were already fucking, Irene was sitting astride his lap reverse cowgirl, so I decided that would be good for us too, as I could watch Irene taking her pleasure too. It was brilliant, watching my lady bouncing up and down on Steve’s cock, while he mauled her tits just underneath the water, and we quickly emptied our seed inside each other’s lady. Afterwards, I commented to Irene that there had been little wooing or seduction and she said we all knew what we were here for, so it was best not to waste time.

We left our clothes in the hot tub changing room and wrapped towels round ourselves to return to the lounge to circulate. Irene had introduced me to Jane’s husband, Steve, a guy of about 60, who volunteered to show me through to the kitchen to get some drinks. Another guest was acting as barman, and I stopped chatting to him while he poured the drinks. His name was Gerry and, while we talked his wife, a very attractive lady called Lisa came in to introduce herself. They seemed to know that I was Irene’s new partner, and wanted to get to know me. We chatted for a while and then Lisa suggested we go back to the lounge to hook up with Irene, where we found her talking to a couple called Ray and Sue. Both Lisa and Sue were slightly younger than Irene and me, and were scantily dressed in basques, stockings and panties. I’m sure the little blue pill would have given me a major erection, but for the fact that I was feeling uncertain how this was going to play out.

Irene walked over to me to hug me, kiss me passionately on the lips and said “we’ve both found people to play with, so this could be a lot of fun”. She then walked over to Gerry and Ray to kiss them, suggesting to Lisa and Sue that we all needed to find a room. Although it seemed most of the guests had arrived, the party was not yet in full swing, so we readily found an empty room upstairs, with a king-sized bed and plenty of room for six of us. Irene wanted to kiss me passionately first, I assumed to let me know that she was mine first and foremost, but she immediately turned to Gerry, while Sue wanted to be passionate with me.

Six writhing bodies, even on a king sized bed, left little room for us, but nobody seemed to mind, they were all intent on pleasuring their new partner. I went down on Sue, pulling her panties to one side so I could lick her clit. Irene was passionately devouring Gerry’s cock, while Ray and Lisa looked as though they were locked in mortal combat, such was their passion. For a while, Lisa was sitting astride Ray’s chest, with Ray licking out her pussy, while Sue slurped his cock greedily and I fucked Sue from behind. Irene was kneeling on the bed beside us being fucked long and deep by Gerry, who was also trying to maul Lisa’s tits for good measure. I thought I was in the best position because I could watch everybody’s pleasure, and all my worries about being able to maintain an erection seemed to have disappeared as I fucked Lisa, reaching round to maul her tits and clit as I did so.

It would have been nice to say we all came together, but that was clearly too much to expect, and we eventually collapsed on the bed one by one. Needless to say, I didn’t cum, it would have been a big ask so soon after flooding Jenny in the hot tub, but I think I acquitted myself well making Sue cum noisily. I wanted to lick out Irene’s pussy, but Lisa insisted on licking me clean, so I had to concede my intended task to Gerry. Lisa and Sue had both lost their panties and were not inclined to put them on again, going off to the bathroom to clean up with Irene, while Gerry and Ray retrieved their clothes. Irene and I wrapped the towels round ourselves as our clothes were still in the hot tub changing room. When we met the ladies on the landing a little later, Irene made a point of coming up to me to kiss me passionately and ask whether I had enjoyed it and, when I responded positively, she stroked my groin and I felt my erection stirring again.

When we got back downstairs, the party seemed to be in full swing. The lady who was being attended to by the two single guys was now naked on the settee, with her legs spread wide and her pussy being eaten by one of the young guys who was also naked. The other guy was sitting on the back of the settee naked and the woman was sucking his cock – in between gasps from the ‘seeing to’ she was receiving down below. Her husband was sitting naked on the settee beside her, with another single guy devouring his cock. That was certainly not something I expected to see, but Irene didn’t bat an eyelid.

I went through to the kitchen to get some drinks for Irene and me, and met Jane, the hostess of the party, who seemed keen to chat to me. I glanced back through the doorway to see Irene disappearing upstairs with a single guy, she seemed to have lost interest in her drink. To be honest, I was quite happy to get to know Jane a bit better. She was no longer wearing her bra and panties, and her stockings looked a bit battered with several ladders in them. Jane was at least 10 years younger than me with a slim figure, small breasts which sagged a bit, but I know I am no oil painting.

I had my back to the door through to the lounge, and I noticed she seemed to be a bit preoccupied looking over my shoulder. I glanced behind me to see Jane’s husband, Steve, on one of the settees getting passionate with a young lady. I turned back to face Jane as I was interested to see her reaction to watching her husband with a much younger woman. Jane said it was common for young women to be attracted to older men like her husband, but she didn’t mind as Steve would always come back to her. I noticed Jane opening her mouth and looking wide eyed, so I glanced over my shoulder again just in time to see the young lady sitting on Steve’s lap with his cock slowly disappearing into her cunt. As I turned back to Jane, she said that was so erotic.

I moved round behind Jane so I could pinch her nipples, sliding one hand between her legs so I could stroke her clit. She parted her feet so I could slip one finger inside her pussy, and she started to moan gently. I think we were both enjoying watching the young lady bouncing up and down on her husband’s cock. I wasn’t too surprised to realise I had a very stiff erection when she reached behind her to release my towel, these little blue pills certainly seemed to work. I manoeuvred her round so she was leaning against the breakfast bar, but still had a clear view of her husband, so I could slide my cock into her very wet pussy.

Mauling her tits as I gently fucked her from behind didn’t last too long, as watching Steve climax on the settee was a massive stimulus for Jane and she started demanding that I do it harder and make her cum. I was quite surprised when I felt the sap rising and I eventually sprayed my sperm inside her. Having filled her up, I felt obliged to clean up, sitting her on one of the breakfast stools so I could lick out her pussy. I’m sure the noise she made was deliberate so Steve would know she had been well fucked too. Her stockings did seem to be awefully battered.

I took my drink through to the lounge and sat in one of the easy chairs as I needed to rest. Lisa, the other lady who had been upstairs with us earlier, came and sat on my lap, I’m not sure whether she was hoping I would perform for her, but I was starting to feel tired, and she was a little drunk. I gave her tits a little maul, sucking a nipple into my mouth and that seemed to satisfy her for now.

I watched Irene coming back down the stairs with a smile on her face, and Lisa relinquished my lap to her. It was now just after 1.30 am and Irene said I looked weary, so we decided it was time to retire. We shared a taxi back to the hotel with the couple we had seen there earlier and, on the way up to our rooms, it was decided we would stay another night to socialise with them. When we woke at 10 o’clock, I phone down to reception to book another night, and we met the other couple for lunch later. After dinner in the evening, we all got a little drunk, but that’s another story as they say.