Written by Dave

8 Jul 2017

My wife, Karen, and I are an ordinary mid-40’s couple, married for over 20 years with two children the elder just started at university, the younger doing A levels. I have noticed that lots of the stories on SH contain infinite detail of the authors’ size and dimensions, which frankly I find does nothing for my enjoyment of the tale, so I propose to say just that we are an ordinary middle-aged couple. Oh with one exception, Karen is utterly gorgeous, the past 20 years and having two children have not withered her, she retains her beautiful figure (well I suppose she has a few extra pounds and curves, but I think that only enhances her beauty). How do I know this, well my friends are always telling me what a lucky man I am.

Over the past decade, I have hinted to Karen that we might consider swinging, but she always dismisses it out of hand, so it has never got any further than that. It may be a result of my comments about swinging, but Karen likes to flirt with other men. It is usually with men we know well, often the husbands of women she is friendly with, so they usually take it with a pinch of salt and we all have a good laugh about it. Several years ago, the husband of a good friend of hers responded positively to her flirting, and she nearly ran a mile, before he calmed her down, explaining that he thought he would have a little fun with her too. You would think she would learn her lesson but she was back to her flirtatious ways before too long.

It was my works Christmas party, held at a country hotel out in the middle of nowhere, which suited us as we booked a room for the night, so we could both have a drink. Also, Karen does not know many of the people I work with as staff turnover in the company is quite high, so her opportunities to flirt are limited and, provided we didn’t get too drunk, I might be up for a bit of nookie in the room afterwards. If any of the readers have teenage children at home, you will understand the limitations they place on your sex life, so the opportunity for a night away is very welcome.

We got chatting to a guy called Dan, who had been with the company for something under a year. Aged about 30 and divorced, I suppose women would find him quite attractive, as he is a good looking guy, and Karen started to mildly flirt with him. She moved over to stand closer to him, and began touching his wrist as she talked, which then developed into stroking his upper arm. I had danced with Karen several times earlier in the evening, and assumed I had done my duty already so, when Dan asked her to dance, she made a big show of saying what a gentleman he is, before accepting.

I watched them on the dancefloor while the band played some fast modern music, and Karen was clearly enjoying herself. When the band changed to slow ‘romantic’ music, they moved together and it was clear they were getting ‘up close and personal’. She was resting her head against his chest and seemed to be reaching up to whisper in his ear. He was nuzzling the side of his face against the side of her head, and they almost looked like lovers. He reached down to caress her bum, and she didn’t object, she even seemed to be grinding her hips against him.

When the band changed back to something faster, they came off the dancefloor, Karen looked a bit flushed, and she said she was going to the ladies to powder her nose. After she had gone, I apologised to Dan, I explained that Karen has a history of flirting with men, although she usually does it with people we know, so nobody takes her seriously. Dan looked disappointed, he thought he was on a promise, and was looking forward to it. He said he hadn’t quite worked out whether Karen had in mind a threesome to include me, or whether she wanted to sneak off somewhere quiet with him, but he hadn’t had any physical contact with a woman since he separated from his ex-wife 2 years ago, so he felt frustrated to say the least.

After a few moments, I suggested a way we could turn the ‘wind up’ back on her. I suggested that, at a suitable moment, he should go off to the bar to get a round of drinks, and I would tell her that Dan thought he was going to have a threesome with us. I said that she has always rejected any suggestion of us swinging, so she would run a mile.

Karen returned after about 10 minutes and we continued chatting. Karen suggested Dan could take her on the dancefloor again, but Dan said he would get another round of drinks in first, and went through to the bar. After a few moments, I leaned over to speak quietly to Karen and said I thought she had gone a bit too far with Dan, as he has got the impression he is going to have a threesome with us. Her mood became almost sombre, I thought I had brought her to her senses with a jolt.

By the time Dan returned with the drinks, she was all smiles again, and I assumed she had worked out how she could extract herself from of the situation. She took her drink from Dan, thanked him and toasted us both with a hearty ‘cheers’. Karen then said “I’m going to take my drink upstairs, if you lovely men would both like to follow me in say 10 minutes, what is our room number Dave?” With that, she smiled at us, turned on her heel and headed for the door. She stopped briefly in the doorway to turn to us again and, with a flourish of her hips she was gone.

Dan and I just looked at each other open mouthed. I still thought Karen was flirting, but I realised that, if she was serious, all my dreams were about to come true. I suggested to Dan that, to avoid us being seen leaving the room together, I would go to the loo and we would meet at the lift in about 5 minutes. As we went up in the lift, it occurred to me that Dan had said very little since Karen left the room downstairs, and he was looking quite serious. It crossed my mind that this might be because he thought it was really going to happen, or it could be that he was in on the wind-up and, when I opened the door, there would be a crowd of my colleagues shouting ‘surprise!’

When I opened our room door, Karen was in the bed, with the duvet pulled up under her chin. I closed the door behind us and we just stood there looking at her, like two naughty schoolboys not knowing what to do. Karen broke the silence by saying “well come on, get your kit off, I need you both in here”. I think I still had some doubts about whether she was serious, but when I saw Dan frantically stripping off his clothes, I quickly followed suit. By the time I had stripped, Dan was in beside Karen, so I slid in the other side. She was turned towards him and they were kissing, so I ran my hand down her back to find she was, indeed, naked.

After the kiss with Dan had started to become passionate, she broke away from him to roll back towards me and kiss me, before mouthing ‘thank you’ to me. She then rolled onto her back and we began ‘devouring’ her body. We kissed her on the lips, mauled her tits, sucked her nipples until they were standing out like organ stops and ran our hands over her body lovingly. At one point, Dan was sucking the nipple on his side, whilst mauling her other tit, so I grabbed her head to kiss her passionately on the mouth.

Karen was absolutely loving it, she was alternately turning her head to kiss us both passionately as we feasted on her beautiful body. I felt her leg pressing against mine, and realised it was because Dan was stroking her mound and trying to get his finger into her pussy. I moved away slightly to give her more room and she sighed as he slipped a finger inside her. Dan was now concentrating his attention on her pussy, so I grabbed hold of her head to kiss her passionately and it was clear she was building towards an orgasm.

Dan moved over between her legs, pushing the duvet off his back, and I was then treated to the sight of him going down on Karen, licking her clit and plunging his tongue into her pussy. The expression on her face was a picture of anticipation, which quickly developed into panting and gasping as she orgasmed. It was Karen who took the initiative for the next step when she told Dan she wanted him to fuck her. I decided I should give them a little room, so I stepped off the bed and sat down on the chair to the side of the bed. He then crawled up the bed, presented his cock to the entrance of her very wet cunt and slid in.

They quickly built up a rhythm, Karen having wrapped her legs behind his bum, so she could pull him in with each thrust of his hips. They were both panting and groaning, and Karen was giving him verbal encouragement to “fuck me ……fuck me harder …… that’s great …… oh, I’m cumming” which quickly developed into “cum inside me, I want it inside me” when she realised he was about to erupt. It must have been the fact that he had not had sex for such a long time that created their final orgasm, Karen had her legs locked behind his back with him thrusting his cock inside her in one last effort as they climaxed together. They were both making an aweful lot of noise, and I just hope that the walls of this old hotel were reasonably well insulated.

As they returned to earth, their grip on each other relaxed, and Dan rolled off onto the other side of the bed. Karen turned to me and said urgently “I want you …… NOW” I was so turned on by what I had just witnessed that I climbed back onto the bed and simply mounted her. Her cunt felt like a swamp, and I could feel Dan’s sperm leaking out around my cock as I thrust into her. She hooked her legs behind my bum, pulling me in with each thrust, and was repeatedly telling me how good it was. Needless to say, having watched their earlier coupling, I was never going to last long, Karen grabbed hold of my torso and buried her head in my neck as I ejaculated inside her. She made a great show about how good it had been for her, but I did wonder whether she had, indeed, orgasmed again.

Karen has joined me in the study and is helping me to write this story, that’s why it’s proving to be a lot longer than I originally planned, not to mention more detailed. She is rubbing my thigh with her hand as she recalls how Dan fucked her, so I have to break off for a while to answer her ‘calling’. I will return to writing just as soon as she will allow me.