Written by Dave

10 Apr 2018

I posted a tale on here last summer entitled “My Flirting Wife” about how my wife, Karen, likes to flirt with men, usually men we know well, and they usually treat it as her little joke and laugh it off. However, she came unstuck at my work Christmas party a few years ago when she tried it on with a guy I work with and he took her seriously. We ended up as a threesome in our hotel room, and Karen got well and truly fucked. Karen then became a hotwife, with me as her secretary, although I did get to watch her with her boyfriends, which was some consolation. The trouble for me was I wanted to see her being fucked bareback, but she had become obsessed with cleanliness, so would only do it with a condom.

Karen then wanted me to advertise for couples but, when we met a couple for the first time for a social meet, she started having reservations. The problem, as I had thought, was Karen said she was worried she couldn’t handle seeing me with another woman.

We have some friends, Mark and Liz, who live about 200 miles from us, so we don’t get to see them very often. I was at university with Mark 25 over years ago, we are roughly the same age, and Liz is 10 years younger than us. They have been married for 5 years, but have no children, I gather Mark fires blanks, and Liz has decided she is not too bothered about a family as she enjoys her career. We drove up to their place on the Friday evening, stopped for a bite to eat on the way, so arrived quite late. We had a few drinks that evening, chewing over old times and eventually turned in about 11.00 pm.

On the Saturday morning, Karen and Liz went shopping (no change there then) and Mark and I went to watch a children’s football match at the local park. It’s quite some time since I took our son to Saturday football, so it brought back happy memories for me. We met the ladies for lunch, and Karen did her usual trick of flirting with Mark, playing footsie under the table with him. We all made a big joke of it and it ended up with Liz doing the same with me, which Mark commented was unusual, but Liz deserved to get her own back.

We went for a walk at a local country park in the afternoon, as usual Karen and Liz walking ahead talking about ladies’ things with Mark and me 10 yards behind discussing football and how the afternoon fixtures would work out. In the evening we walked to a local restaurant for dinner, so we were all able to have a drink, and Liz became flirty under the table with me again. On the walk back to their house, I thought Liz was being a bit over the top when she moved over next to me and pulled my arm over her shoulder, so I decided to call her bluff by stroking her bum. I noticed Karen was arm in arm with Mark, and Liz snuggled up to me.

When we got back to their place, more drinks were poured, and the atmosphere felt as though it was becoming rather lively. Karen and I were sitting on one settee, with Mark and Liz facing us on the other. Liz asked if we had ever been into swinging, and when Karen and I didn’t respond, looking at each other for a lead on what to say, Liz looked wide-eyed at Mark and said “there, I told you they had”. The conversation continued, with Mark and Liz trying to pry information from us, but I stayed tight-lipped and Karen was trying to fend off their questions.

Eventually, Mark said they had been researching the subject but were nervous about getting started and Karen’s frequent flirting with him had given them a clue. Liz came straight out with it and said they wanted to swap with us. I looked at Karen for a lead, I knew what I wanted but I also knew she had to overcome her concerns about seeing me with another woman, and this could end up with us losing some very close friends. All of a sudden, Karen said “OK …… but separate rooms initially”. We all looked at each other, possibly surprised by Karen’s response and not knowing where to start, so I decided I should make the first move. I stood up, walked across the room and held out my hand towards Liz, there seemed to be a pause which seemed to last a lifetime, before she stood up, took my hand and we started walking towards the stairs.

I was slightly surprised when we got to the top of the stairs that she was dragging me towards their bedroom, their marital bed, but I realised they had only two bedrooms suitable for couples, so somebody had to use that room. As we went inside, I could hear Mark and Karen coming upstairs behind us, so I knew they were in agreement with the decision I had initiated.

As the door closed behind us, we both started to claw at each other’s clothing, while kissing each other passionately. We were virtually naked, before Liz put her hand on my chest to stop me to say “I’ve gone back on the pill, so we don’t need to worry about those ghastly condoms”. My experience of sex with anyone other than Karen goes back to my university days, so I had to stop and think briefly, and it was enough for Liz to have me on my back on the bed, laughing as she fell on top of me. We kissed passionately, and she then started sliding down my chest until she pulled down my pants and started lustily licking my cock. I was half-inclined to just lay there and enjoy it, but my cock was soon standing to attention and I realised I would have to concentrate hard to avoid spoiling Liz’s enjoyment.

I managed to stop her before we reached that stage, encouraged her onto her back and reached down to slide my hand inside her panties. She gasped as I started circling one finger over her clit, so I knew I had to get the panties off fast. Going down on Liz was such fun as, in between her gasps of pleasure, she was laughing and telling me how much fun this was. Her attitude changed a bit when she felt her first orgasm building, she began gasping continuously and shouting “oh my god …… oh my god …… I’m cumming”. If I hadn’t heard that, I would certainly have noticed the flow of warm fluid gushing into my mouth.

As she calmed down, I went down on her again and, with her second orgasm building, I slid up to suck her nipples and she grasped my cock with both hands to pull me towards her entrance. Sliding into felt her exquisite, despite not having lustful thoughts about my friend’s wife, I really wanted to fuck her now. As I expected, I needed some concentration to prolong our coupling, long enough to take her doggy from behind and, when she managed to get me on my back again and started bouncing up and down on me, I just gave up and flooded her pussy. Along the way, we had heard Karen orgasming noisily in the other bedroom, and it was the sound of Mark gasping and grunting that decided me it was about time I gave Liz my load. She certainly seemed to appreciate it as she smothered me with kisses.

Eventually, we calmed down and the house seemed to have fallen quiet. Karen and Mark came in from their bedroom and slipped in beside us, Karen next to me and Mark with Liz. We talked about what had happened, and it certainly seemed that we all thought it had been a success. After about half an hour, Karen and I returned to the spare room, where we cuddled up together. I was certainly not ready to go again, but when I reached down to slip a finger into Karen’s pussy, she was so wet that it was obvious they had not used a condom either. She said it was so much more fun with somebody she knew she could trust, so perhaps this was the key to our future swinging.

When we awoke the following morning, the weather was warm and sunny, so we decided a trip to the beach was in order, only about 30 miles away. We were having such a nice time that Liz suggested we could stay an extra night at their place, she said she had some food in the house and, with a visit to a supermarket on the way home, she could knock up a decent meal. On the way home, Liz suggested we could have a replay that night, so it was that I ended up in their spare bedroom with Liz, Mark and Karen taking the marital bed this time.

Having fucked Liz the night before, I was starting to get used to her and, more importantly, I was in control of my climax, so I enjoyed bringing her to orgasm repeatedly before allowing her to calm down and starting again. Eventually, she demanded loudly “give me you spunk …… I want to feel you cumming inside me” and I happily obliged.

After we had calmed down, Liz got out of bed, I assumed to go to the bathroom, but I then heard her going into the main bedroom to ask Karen if she could “hang on to your husband for the night”. Karen said “be my guest, your husband may be firing blanks but boy do they taste nice”. So it was that I actually slept with another woman that night, not just the euphemistic ‘sleeping with’, and cuddling up to a different warm body was brilliant.

When we awoke the following morning, Liz wanted sex again and, spurred on by the sounds coming from the other bedroom, we fucked again. It crossed my mind that I might have trouble cumming again, but a lustful Liz managed to coax it out of me. Her orgasm as I came inside her was brilliant. We eventually left them after lunch on the Monday, with lots of kisses, which could easily have become passionate.

About six weeks later, Mark phoned one evening to ask if they could visit us the following weekend, which thankfully we weren’t busy, it crossed my mind that they might want a replay of our weekend with them. They travelled down on the Saturday morning and Karen had prepared lunch for all of us. We were sitting in our dining room eating lunch when Liz announced she was pregnant. I was about to congratulate them when I remembered Mark is supposed to be infertile, and Liz had decided she wasn’t bothered about having a family …… and I had had unprotected sex with Liz only a few weeks ago …… when Mark said they were both over the moon about it. Liz added “isn’t it wonderful” and Karen and I burst into congratulating them.

After some further conversation, the thorny subject of Mark’s infertility came up and there were a few awkward moments before Liz admitted the baby could be mine. She said she had started taking the pill again, but not for long and it might have let her down, but they had decided that didn’t matter as they were both overjoyed she was expecting.

That was three months ago now and her pregnancy is progressing nicely. When the radiologist offered to tell them what they were having, they said they preferred not to know, the joy of finding out on the day was something to look forward to. Nothing more has been said about who the father is and I don’t want to rock the boat. I am left with the suspicion that Liz engineered the situation because she wanted a baby, whether Mark and Karen were in on the plot, I don’t know but Karen has shown no signs of wanting to talk about the subject.

The positive effect of the weekend away is that Karen has decided she is comfortable with me being with a woman she knows, so she has started to think about whether any of her friends might be swingers already. That will be fun!