Written by pussyandtom

30 Apr 2010

We first got into the swinging scene about 6 years ago(long before the internet was so much involved) I sent a story to a magazine, and started receiving replies from it. One of these happened to mention a Swingers Club in Sheffield. Tom and I decided to give it a try. It was a Saturday night, I put on a pair of stockings and suspenders with some sexy lacy pants. Over the top I decided to wear a black skirt of medium length and a low cut top reveiling my cleavage(no bra of course). We set off on our journey which was to take roughly about 1 hour. we arrived at our destination around 8.30pm. Drove up and down the street over and over again, and as we didnt know the name of the club couldn,t find it. By this time we were getting very frustrated. "If we don,t find it soon "Tom said "we are going home." " Hang on "I said "I,ll find out where it is," and walking towards us were 2 policemen. "I,ll ask them " " Bet you daren,t" Tom replied. I opened the window of the car, "Excuse me can you tell us where the swingers club is please." "yes it,s just up the road on the left, but it doesn,t open till 9.30 pm".By this time it wa past 9 pm so we thanked them and made our way towards it.

Finally we went inside, There was a big screen showing a couple having sex, and people in various stages of dress. We were shown round by the owner and then left to explore. I was very naive and shy at first. we went upstairs and looked throuh the viewing windows, along with some other people. Suddenely Tom asked if ther were any bi females in here A blonde haired girl about 25 years of age turned round and said" yes I am." We chatted for a while and decided to go to one of the rooms. She was very nice so we started to get rather intimate. We slowly undressed each other untl we were almost naked, She went to kiss me, but I was a little scared. We started to fondle each others breasts, this was something I had never done before and it was such a turn on. I could feel myself becomng wet down below and was really enjoyng it , I slipped my hand down inside her panties and feltthat her pussy was also wet.As I slipped a finger inside, she moaned with pleasure" mmmmm thats nice " she said. We then took off each others panties and lay on the bed next to each other, caressing and touching. We eased ourselves into a 69 position and began to lick each others wet pussies. we were oblivious to the captured audience looking through the window, our bodies rithed and exploded in spontanious orgasms as we drank each others juices. We sat up still trembling from our experiences and sat caressing each other. Before I realised we were in each others arms locked in a full blown open mouthed kiss. It was a fantastic first time bi experience for me. We sat chatting then I suddenely burst out laughing." What is it" she said. "Well I al;ways told my husband I would never kiss another woman and I,ve just had a full on snog with you and he,s missed it."(He had gone down stairs to get some drinks). "Oh I see" she said and we both had another good laugh about it. We said our goodbyes and I went to look for Tom. "Hello Darling Have you been enjoying yourself "I told him what had happened and he was most disappointed that he had missed it. Oh well better luck next time Tom. So that was my first bi experience at a club, more sexual encounters were achieved that night too let us know your views on ths true story and watch out for installment number 2.