Written by loved it

25 Jan 2008

i posted our story on here 22 jan when my girl got fucked in tenerife,i showed her the story and she liked it a lot,she asked could we do it again,bloody hell yes!! i rang luke who we met in tenerife,he lives about 30 miles away,he was well up for it,he turned up at ourplace the next night,we talked a little and my girl came up with an idea,in our spare room we have a small gym,she wanted us all to go and work out and see where it goes,she went off to get changed,5 mins after we followed,she put on a tiny white thong bikini and she looked fantastic,shes tanned from the sunbeds,blonde hair,blue eyes,38b very firm tits and a tight size 8 waist,she told us to change in swimming trunks and join her,we stood and watched her on the stepper and we both had hard ons,the front of our trunks was a big give away!! she lay down on the weights bench and said lets have it then,i knelt between her thighs and flicked my tongue over her bikini and her wetness came through,luke stood by her face and she was kissing his huge cock through his trunks,she pulled them down and his cock sprang out and she couldnt wait to get it in her mouth,i pulled her bikini to one side and rammed my tongue in her,she moaned and cried with pleasure,in know time at all she was cumming good,her body shook and she screamed like hell,i then swapped places with luke,i shoved my cock in her mouth and luke pulled her bikini to the side and rammed his cock up her,we spit roast her hard,she was crying with pleasure,she cum time and time again till we couldnt last any longer,luke shot his load up her and pulled out and sprayed her belly,at this i cum in her mouth and all over her face,god she was a picture,she begged us not to stop,so we ripped of her bikini and i went down on her soaking pussy and gave her a good clean out,luke sucked and kissed her tits then worked upto to her face and kissed her madly where i had just cum,it was the best ever,luke wants us to go to his house next so we can get his girl to join in,god ime up for that,my girl has turned into right slut and i love her even more for it