Written by Jenny

29 Dec 2007

Day One and Two

Jack surprised me by suggesting that we should go to a resort in Jamaica for our annual holiday. It was a surprise because last year after some 20 years of marriage we decided to push our sexual boundaries forward by experimenting with another guy.

The experience was fantastic, the sex amazing but I kind of fell for the bastard who fucked me and ended being badly let down.

When we got up to the bedroom I changed into a sexy black see through negligee, which barely contained my perky 36c breasts in the thin material and my nipples were very erect. It was obvious I was not wearing panties. I smiled at Jack and told him to take out his cock, which he immediately did. I proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job and then made him lie on his back. I grabbed his cock and lowered myself onto it, still wearing the negligee. I was very wet, and started to ride him like a wild animal, my tits fall out of negligee and were bouncing all over Jack’s face.

Jack said “Obviously, something has turned you on and I suspected it might be the fact that you may get the opportunity to be fucked again”.

I just let go screaming out “I want to be fucked by another big fat cock” and at that had a tremendous orgasm as I pictured the fantasy.

Jack began thrusting upwards fast and furiously “this time I went to watch you being fucked by that big fat cock”, it wasn’t long before I was being filled by a jet of very hot sperm.

Six weeks later we were flying to Jamaica. Whilst flying I whispered into Jack’s ear that the next 7 days were going to be an absolute fuck feast, I got up and went to the toilet and removed my bra and panties. When I returned I passed the rolled up garments into Jack’s hands saying “I would not be needing anything like these for the next seven days”. He was so turned on as I had never done anything like that before.

When we arrived we checked into the resort and were escorted to our room by Lewis, a black local, very good looking, very fit and in his mid twenties, who told us he would be taking care of us for the next seven days. He showed us around the villa, which had an incredible outdoor hot tub and shower just outside the bedroom. The large bed was covered by netting which hung from the ceiling. There was no air conditioning. While he explained all of this I could see him discreetly stealing glances at my hard nipples poking through my shirt. I liked the attention and made no attempt to cover up, in fact I discreetly undid a couple more buttons on the shirt to reveal even more cleavage, which again did not go unnoticed. Looking me in eye, he told us before he left that he was available for anything that we desired during our stay.

After we unpacked I decided to try the outdoor shower, it was lovely to shower naked in the early evening heat. I went back into the room wearing only a towel, I walked up were Jack was sitting and seductively let the towel slide to the floor. Jack looked surprised to see I had a completely shaven pussy. My nipples were standing straight out. I was so turned on I just climbed on top of Jack and desperately rode his cock to an orgasm.

Jack said that I was being far more vocal than usual and thought that my moans of passions would have been heard outside as the windows were open.

Afterwards Jack asked me what had gotten into me since we arrived as I was so horny. I smiled in a seductive way and confessed that I had been extremely horny since we arrived at the hotel because I wanted to fuck the guy who showed us to the room, in fact I wanted to be fucked by as many guys as possible during our stay!!!.

At that Jack dragged me pleading about “not wanting to be fucked in public view”, over to the window. My pleas’ went totally unheard as he bent me over, pulled me back by my hair and entered me quickly from behind and proceeded to aggressively fuck me from behind, if anyone had been going past they would have been treated to a full view of my tits bouncing up and down, whilst being fucked from behind. It was a quick, dirty, urgent fuck, I felt relieved that Jack came in about 3 minutes as strangely I wasn’t quite ready to be seen getting fucked in full view of the other hotel residents. I don’t think anyone saw us.

That night, we decided to go to the main building and meet some of the other guests.

I decided to wear a short black strappy dress that was low cut, and showed an ample amount of cleavage. As I promised Jack on the plane, I was not only braless but had no panties on, I coupled this up with a very nice pair of heels. I have got to say I looked hot.

Sadly there was only one other couple in the place and we were soon talking to them. They were from Florida, the wife Jackie was an attractive slim brunette in her mid 40's wearing a very skimpy dress. Her husband Mike was in his early fifties. We learned that they were in the villa next to ours and Mike made some crude remark about they had heard us arrive or was it cum.

“Oh my god, my heart sunk had he or they seen us in action that evening”

After a number of drinks, I noticed that Mike could not take his eyes off of my cleavage, and was quite openly discussing the pertness of my tits with Jack, who was taking great delight in telling him how good they looked when they were fully exposed.

Mike laughed “Jackie’s got no tits, I want her to have a boob job”.

Overhearing Jackie laughed “take no notice of him Jenny, I wish he would have a penis enlargement”. At that we all laughed out loud.

Then Jackie whispered to me that the massages given here were an amazing experience, and I should really try one. Before I could enquire why, Jackie and Mike excused themselves. We stayed for a couple more rounds of drinks. After about 30 minutes, we were both feeling pretty tipsy and I whispered into Jack’s ear "there’s no local talent around tonight, let's go back to our room and fuck,"

At that Jack signed the bill and we headed back to our room. As we walked down the path, we heard what sounded like a scream, coming from Jackie and Mike’s villa.

“Did you hear that," Jack asked.

I nodded and said "let’s see if everything is OK."

There was light coming from a single window in their villa, but we had to leave the path and walk through the dense foliage to get closer. Jack was clearly uncomfortable with this, but I convinced him we should take a quick look and make sure everything was OK. We were several feet from a partially open shuttered window. When we looked through we saw Jackie, laying on the bed naked, and to our surprise, she was kissing a big black guy, who was lying naked next to her. Her hand was stroking his very large cock. I could hear a voice that sounded like Mike, but we could not see him from where we stood in the darkness. The black man then laid flat on his back and we watched in awe as Jackie straddled him. She reached back and grasped his black cock and began sliding up and down on the huge shaft while throwing her head back in ecstasy.

Jack pulled my arm and motioned for us to get back to the path. I reluctantly followed him and we heard more screams of pleasure from Jackie as we quickly made our way back to our villa.

Once inside, with the door closed, I said "oh my god, I can't believe we just saw that. Do you think they saw us watching?"

Jack said it was too dark. "They must be swingers!" "Or just adventurous," I said. I asked Jack to get me a glass of wine.

“I need a drink to calm down after that."

Jack brought me some red wine. Looking at the hard on poking from his pants, I asked him if the scene turned on.

He smiled and told me that he would be more turned on if it was me.

At that I let my dress slip to the floor and walked seductively as I could to the bed, moved the mosquito net draped over the bed, then lay on the bed wearing nothing but my high heels. Jack quickly undressed and slipped into bed next to me.

I purred as he rubbed his cock against my very wet pussy lips. "Fuck me baby, I need to be fucked badly." Jack started to playfully ease just the head of his cock into my pussy.

Whilst doing this Jack asked me if watching Jackie and her black stud had turned me on.

"God yes, it was so hot. Did you see the size of his cock, it was huge." At that he slid in deeper,

“I don’t think that I had ever felt you so wet”.

"I'm so horny Jack, please fuck me hard”. He answered my request by lifting my legs over his shoulders and proceeded to bang his cock in and out of my pussy.

"Pretend that a large black cock is fucking your pussy," Jack whispered in my ear.

"Oh god", I moaned, fuck me with your big black cock," and almost immediately Jack exploded in me, I came at the same time. We both lie side by side, breathing heavily. We were both covered in sweat, and panting.

"Did you like our little fantasy fuck” Jack asked.

"Mmmh, yes, it was wild, I want what Jackie was getting”

"Are you saying you want me to arrange one of the locals to fuck you”?

“Yes I panted, no one would ever know, except for us”.

Jack said "Maybe we should arrange the massage that Jackie suggested, and see what happens,”

I went to sleep completely satisfied and thinking that this was going to be one hell of a holiday.

The next morning I got out my sexiest bikini, it was a red triangle type, made of very thin material, which in turn made it very revealing, and I looked fantastic in it. Lewis arrived with our food and set it up for us. I did not bother to cover up in front of him. While eating, I noticed not only were my nipples hard and poking through my bikini top, but the thin material was making my mound really prominent, and clearly showed that my pussy lips were still slightly parted from the fucking that I had received yesterday. I didn’t really care about covering up, after last night I was still really aroused!, I noticed Lewis openly sneaking glimpses of my boob’s, and pubic region by the growing bulge from the front of his shorts made my pleased that the outfit had done the job

That evening we ordered dinner in our villa. I dressed in a tight blue sundress that showed of my figure and bust again no undies. We asked Lewis to prepare our evening meal in the villa and while Lewis was doing this, Jack boldly asked him how he could arrange a massage for me. My eyes widened in surprise, was Jack trying to pimp me out.

Lewis politely smiled and told us that he was a licensed masseuse. He said he could arrange a massage after dinner in either the resort spa or in our room. Jack said that our villa would be fine. He said he would return at 8pm and left.

During dinner I downed several glasses of red wine, and was feeling no pain at all when Lewis knocked on our door at 8. He came into the room and unfolded his table and then lit some native Jamaican incense. Jack asked if he minded if he watched, and he smiled and said it was no problem, in a thick Jamaican accent.

He lowered the lights, I excused myself and went into the bathroom, I looked myself up and down in the mirror, I was sure that Lewis would be impressed with my lovely perky 36c tits, flat tummy and well rounded arse, for a 43 year old, I was in good shape. I put on a really small pair of see through panties (I know that I said I was not going to wear any panties on holiday, but it did not seem appropriate to be starker’s under my dressing gown). I returned to the room and Lewis held up a large white towel and politely looked the other way as I slipped out of the robe and laid face down on the table. Jack smiled as he saw my skimpy transparent black panties. Jack looked over at me and grinned. He pointed at my panties and mouthed the words, “I thought that you were not going to wear undies”.

Lewis covered me and folded the towel so that only my bottom was covered. I turned my head to the side and was looking at Jack while Lewis mixed up some scented oils and spread some on his large black hands. He asked me what type of massage I would prefer.

I asked him what types there were to choose from. He told me he could offer hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and a Jamaican Special. I selected the deep tissue and he went to work on my back and shoulders. It must have been an erotic site watching his glistening black hands slide over my oiled back. I was really enjoying it and I let out a slight moan as he kneaded my lower back. I saw Jack had a raging hard on, no doubt wondering what, if anything would happen next. Lewis asked if I wanted my legs done, I said yes please. Lewis moved the towel up so that most of my panties were visible and began to work of my feet first, and then gradually higher. As he massaged my thighs, his fingers were getting very close to my private areas. I told him that he had magic hands, and he laughed and said thank you. I was looking right at Jack and asked what the Jamaican Special was. Lewis told me that it was a very special, complete body massage. He looked at Jack when he explained it was very erotic, very discreet, and something reserved for only open-minded couples. There was about 30 seconds of awkward silence, and I said I would like to try it. Lewis smiled and asked me to turn over on my back. Without hesitation I quickly turned over, revealing my tits to our black masseuse. The towel was now on the floor, leaving me in just my tiny see through panties. I was breathing heavily as Lewis asked if he could remove my panties, I looked over at Jack and asked if he was OK.

He nodded yes, I told him that I loved him.

Jack replied “you really enjoy yourself”.

I responded to Lewis saying that it was OK. I lifted up my hips and he pulled my panties slowly down my legs, over my ankles and then dropped them onto the floor. I was on my back and completely exposed to him.

He then applied oil to my flat abdomen and asked if he could massage my breasts, I whispered yes. My nipples became rock hard as his black hands worked their magic on my tits. I began to quietly moan and rotate my head from side to side. It was then that I noticed a large bulge in his shorts. He saw me staring at his cock, “do you like what you see”, and I smiled my approval to him.

His hand were doing the most amazing things to my nipples, he then lightly ran his fingers up and down my leg. I brazenly opened my legs wider, this would allow him more access to my mound.

With this Lewis poured the oil on to my pubic area and started to work it in, moving closer and closer to my shaved hole. When his fingers reached my pussy, I opened my legs even more to give him easy access to my womanhood. I was panting very heavily now, and he slipped a long black finger inside me, which immediately started to explore me, it was quickly followed by a second and third finger. All were amazingly working different areas of my pussy. It was a truly wonderful experience.

It wasn’t long before I was moaning very loudly, shaking my head from side to side and arching my back, as huge orgasm exploded, releasing all of that erotic tension that had been building up.

"Oh my god, that was just out of this world," I told him. He smiled and told me there was more to come if I wanted.

I nodded and made a silly remark “about wanting much more”

With that Lewis pulled his shirt over his head, and undid his shorts letting them drop to the floor to reveal a tight G-String which was struggling to hold his manhood in.

I leaned forward and moved my hand so that my index finger was hooked in the waist strap of the G-string. My fingers were busily looking for the hook that held up Lewis's G-string. I found it and with one small flick I undid the hook, and with that the straps fell away closely followed by the pouch, revealing Lewis’s erect cock, hugging the skin of his abdomen.

"Oops, sorry," I giggled. Lewis moved one hand to pick up the front of his G-string, but I was having none of that. "Hey, that's not fair! I'm lying here all exposed, shouldn't you be also?"

Lewis laughed "That would seem very fair."

Seeing his cock made me let out a gasp, it was a good length but not one of those "fantasy 12 inch monsters", the thing that made me grasp and excited me, but at the same time scared me was its thickness. The head in particular strange and had a very big bulbous mushroom swelling on the end of his shaft. The shaft glistened and he had small amount of pubic hair was visible but clearly most had been shaved away.

Sensing that I was a little shocked about the thickness and peculiar size of the head of his cock, He told me that he would be very gentile and I could stop whenever I wanted.

Lewis moved one hand behind his back, taking the string running up between his buttocks, and drew the G-string from under his cock out behind him, throwing it to the floor at the foot of the bed.

"I promise not to disappoint you," he said as he offered me his hand and I took it, sat up, and got off the table. He led me to our bed. For Jack it must have been an amazing sight, my body was covered in glistening oils, and I was being taken to our bed by a big handsome black stranger who was going to fuck his wife in front of him.

I followed Lewis to our bed. I felt like an animal in heat. I don’t think that my nipples had ever been more erect and pointed upwards. He motioned for me to sit on the edge of the bed, which I did. He stood directly in front of me and I reached out with both hands and started to stroke his strangely proportioned black cock, which seemed to be growing even harder. I pulled him towards my mouth and he stepped forward, at first all I could do was lick the massive purple head, I then licked down the shaft, and finally to his large balls, in fact he had the biggest balls I had ever seen. I then took them into my mouth, and started to gently suck them, I was pleased that this made Lewis quiver and let out a series of soft moans. After a while I thought I would have another go at getting his cock into my mouth, I was pleased that after a bit of a struggle I got about four inches of it into my mouth.

I think my endeavors surprised and impressed Lewis, as he remarked something about me being such a clever girl as not many women had achieved that, soon he was using this four inches that I managed to get into my mouth to start gently fucking my mouth, he was asking me if I liked his black cock.

"Mmmh, it's delicious, so big, and so black." A few minutes later, Lewis announced he was going to come. I was in slut mode tonight and did not pull away or stop, and he groaned loudly as he filled my mouth with a very large amount of his cum, it tasted so much different from Jack’s, I choose not swallow it, but let it drip out the sides of my mouth where it fell and covered my tits and legs. Lewis used his hands to rub it all over my tits and pussy, which created the most potent sexual aroma ever.

Looking down I was amazed to see, Lewis had only slightly lost his hardness, and instructed me to lie back on the bed.

Do you want me to put a condom on?" Here it was. I was going to let this man fuck me in front of my husband? As much as I hated condoms I thought that I should insist on protection. But I was torn between desperately wanting a thorough fucking and a sense that this was against my normal values.

"No, I have just finished my period, I should be safe, but please don’t come inside me”, I then added “I am clean, honestly are you”

“Yes I am, but are you sure, Jenny?"

"No, I just need to be fucked. Please, do it before I lose the moment."

With that I wrapped my legs around his waist, put my hands onto his buttocks and pulled him down towards my wet gapping open pussy. Lewis put his fingers either side of my pussy lips to open it wider and slowly pushed his big cock into me, it hurt a little at first as the head entered my pussy, but after that the feeling was amazing it was like my pussy being “bored open” by the head, and it started to burrow it’s way into me. Soon the full length of his cock slipped into me, I immediately began to shudder, having the most powerful orgasm to date. Moaning and groaning, I threw my head back, closed my eyes and my hands clenched on Lewis's buttocks. Lewis was in complete control, very slowly easing his now glistening cock in and out of my sodden pussy, pausing at the entrance before plunging back in. Every stroke had this really erotic “burrowing affect” as it pushed back into me, my pussy was so sodden that my love juices were running down both of our legs and the most obscene noises were coming out of my pussy, (and my mouth) added to this I felt his big balls bouncing against my arse.

It was absolute heaven!!!!!!!!

I was in a state of ecstasy one that I had never known before, and to my shame it was being caused by fucking another man.

As my orgasm subsided, Lewis let his cock slide out. It bounced up against his abdomen with a little "thwack", my cunt juice splattering him.

"Are you cumming?" I asked hurriedly, I was concerned he may have cum and my fuck session was over.

"No, I thought you might like to try something different." With that he turned me over and raised my hips so that I was on my knees with my arse and cunt in the air. Taking his cock he rubbed the head around my lips, and then I could not believe it when he sunk the full length deep into me it one stroke, this forced my body to fall forward on the bed. I turned my head to the side so that I could view Lewis's cock in the mirror, disappearing in and out of my body, I closed my eyes as the sensations were becoming too intense.

Lewis leaned forward on his elbows so that I could take my breasts in his hands, kneading them and teasing my hardened nipples, which always makes her clit stiffen. I reached my hand back to take Lewis's balls in my grasp, raking my fingernails across his shaft, and occasionally grasping his shaft. I had completely given myself over to the rawness of the situation, and any inhibitions I had previously had about Jack seeing me being fucked had now been forgotten.

I was pushing back against Lewis's thrusts while Lewis was using his large hands to steady my pelvis by grasping my narrow waist. I was moaning and surprised at how at ease my pussy was with Lewis’s size, I was now ready to be fucked harder, and I brazenly asked Lewis to fuck me harder. That was all the encouragement Lewis needed and he started to thrust harder with each stroke, the thrusts were getting so hard that I had to hold onto the head rest.

I was screaming so loudly that I had to let go of the head rest and buried my head in a pillow, muffling only slightly my increasing guttural groans. Then with each thrust of Lewis's cock, I could feel another climax fast approaching.

"Come on baby. Don’t worry about the noise just, let it go." Said Jack.

Hearing that just pushed me over the edge. I stiffened, held my arse high and steady, and screamed the pleasure into the pillow. As my orgasm subsided, I slumped forward onto the bed; causing Lewis's cock to release it's self from my slit. I was glad to see that it was still rock hard, indicating that he still hadn't come. My god this guy was one hell of a fuck machine.

"Had enough massage for one day?" he cheekily enquired.

"Shit. Actually, no. I've come this far, and I don't know if I'll be given this chance again. There's one thing I'd like to try."

"Sure, I'm up to just about anything."

“O.K. lie down on your back. And please remember not to come in me. We really should use a condom, but I just love the warmth of a big cock in me."

With that I started to climb on top of Lewis, Jack knew exactly what I was going to do. My favorite position for sex is reverse cowgirl. Climbing astride him I positioned myself over Lewis's cock, took the base of his shaft in my hand, and milked his organ so that a large glob of pre-cum oozed from the tip. I wiped this away then lowered myself until the head was just touching my pouting labia. Jack later said that the view of this action was stunning. He was no more than a few feet in front of my sweaty body inching up and down on a strangers black cock head. It was time to do some teasing, I let the mushroom head pop just inside my pussy then lifting up so that it popped out, with the tip still resting between my labia. After about 5 times of doing this I am sorry to say that I lost control and sank smoothly down the full length of his shaft. Once at the bottom I began rotating my pelvis, grinding harder and harder onto Lewis's cock, before lifting myself up and all but free. As I did so I looked down to see Lewis's cock reappear from my, it was glistening with my cum. We were now both groaning very loudly, as I quickened the pace. My lithe body was squatting up and down on the black shaft between my legs, my thighs spread, abdominal standing firm and I was drenched in sweat, gave me a strange sense of pride at my performance.

My black lover was obviously enjoying himself by the increasing noises coming from him, it was clear that he couldn't hold on much longer. I slowed down and rotated round to face him, keeping his cock buried inside me. My puckered hole felt so stretched by the thick cock lodged deeply my cunt. As I rode up his cock head Lewis hungrily licked my tits, before it could slip free, I plunged down again hungrily engulfing its length. The rhythm was fast and furious now, and Lewis now had a firm grip on my tits and was madly eating them, it was clear that we were both close to orgasm. I wanted to squeeze one more orgasm in before Lewis blew his load and I slowed the pace of my thrusts a little, Lewis sensed what I was doing and inserted a finger straight up my anus, no one had ever down this before, it was so wet that he quickly inserted a second finger and started to urgently thrust them in and out.

That made me start my orgasm, and I increased the pace of my thrusts again, I sensed Lewis's impending eruption, I didn’t know what to do, should I pull it out or let him fill me.

“Jenny I am going to cum, I need to pull out now”

I was so far into my orgasm and lust had taken over common sense, I looked down at Lewis, and screamed at him “just fill me up with your spunk”

I was so glad that I did, because at that I felt spurts of Lewis's very hot cum shoot into my pussy, if ever a term “heavy cummer” was true it applied to Lewis, it seemed an age that his cock was releasing the most amazingly hot spunk into me.

I screamed “I have never had such hot spunk in me and so much”

Eventually Lewis cock went soft and I stopped riding up. I lifted of him and felt oceans of his spunk run out of my very stretched and swollen pussy and down my legs. Again Lewis scooped his spunk up and rubbed it all over my very red looking chest.

I fell to my side and onto my back ending up beside Lewis, who put an arm around me. "Christ, that had to stop soon or I was going to pass out. I hope you charge by the session, not by the orgasm, or we are going to be broke!"

Lewis laughed “I’ll yet you have that one for free, that was truly one of the best fuck sessions ever”

I leaned over and gave him a long lingering kiss, “you and that cock are absolutely amazing”.

He excused himself to go to the bathroom, I looked down at my poor swollen pussy it was still dripping spunk and was gapping so wide.

In the excitement of everything I had completely forgotten that Jack was in the room I looked over and noticed he was now naked and had a ragging hard on and I got up and walked over (more like staged over as my legs were so weak), to were Jack was sitting. I dropped to my knees and then moved between his legs and began to give him a blow job.

Jack said “I am finding the smell of Lewis’s spunk rubbed over your tits and coming out of you just so sexy”, I sniffed, he was right the aroma of me covered in Lewis’s spunk was just so animal.

At the same time, Lewis emerged from the bathroom and knelt on the floor behind me, I moaned loudly as he rubbed his cock over my arse and pussy. He reached around and fondled my tits with both hands. I pulled my mouth off Jack’s cock and said that I was going to be filled with Lewis’s big black cock again. I was stroking Jack’s cock as he slid into me.

Again I took his entire length in one motion, just confirming how wet and wide my pussy was. As the pace started to build up, he moved his hands from my tits to my waist and started to thrusts at a fast and furious rate.

I was like a wild woman "Oh Jack, Lewis’s cock is inside of me again, I love it. Oh fuck of love it, yes."

Jack then lowered my mouth back onto his cock and started to roughly handle my tits.

I was being spit roasted by a big black cock pounding in and out of my pussy at one end and my lovely hubby’s cock in my mouth at the other end.

It was not long before Jack started groaning and erupted in my mouth, this time I swallowed eagerly.

At the other end Lewis was letting out loud grunting noises, this made me start my orgasm, and shortly I was being filled up by more of Lewis’s spunk.

I fell to the floor totally exhausted, Lewis leaned down and scooped me up in one go and laid me on the bed.

I'm just going to pop out and get the shower running then I'll be back to clean you up."

I heard the outside shower running, I was to worn out to suggest that the one in the bathroom might be more appropriate, but I just lay totally shagged out and at peace with myself in the middle of the bed. A few minutes later Lewis returned, still stark naked.

He held out his hand and said “come on let’s clean you up”

I asked Jack if he wanted to join us, “no darling just let Lewis shower you down”,

With out any thought I walked out into the warm night air and stepped under the warm running water. Lewis joined me and began to gently sponge me down, it was very sensual having him sponging the oil, sweat and his cum from my body. My nipples hardened again either due to the stimulation, or perhaps just the evaporation of the water. Approaching my pubic region he placed the sponge over his semi hard cock so that it pushed down between my pussy lips and started to move his hips in a circular fashion to clean the spunk away from my pubic region. It was very, very sensual.

I took the sponge from his cock and run it all over his lovely black torso, taking a very long time to sponge around his now semi hard cock, which soon started to harden.

He started to lift me up, with the obvious intention of dropping me onto his now fully erect cock, my god he was intending to fuck me again.

I looked at him and said “as much as I wanted to I just could not take another fucking”. I grabbed him and gave him long lingering French kiss, thanking him again for such a fantastic evening.

Lewis got out of the shower and passed me a bath robe and then started to dry himself off, after that we went back into the room, Jack as now laying on the bed.

Lewis put on his clothes and folded up his massage table and I walked him to the front door.

I gave him another long sensual lingering kiss and again thanked him for the most amazing time.

Taking a business card from his pocket, he passed it to me.

I read it "Lewis and friends massage,"

"So there's more like you are there?"

"Well sometimes we get together to provide a very, very special service. That's a fair bit more "exotic" than the service you have just had.

My mind raced at the thought, I was tempted, very tempted.

I went back into the room and got into bed, Jack wrapped his arms around me saying “you were just fantastic, an absolute porn star in the making”

He was right as that was just the start of an unbelievable week that pushed our sexual boundaries further then we could ever have believed possible.