Written by Wifeshare Hubby

14 Mar 2017

I am usually present when my Hotwife is having sex with another man but on one particular evening we decided to spice things up so she was going to try to pull by going alone to a local hotel where businessmen stop over during the week, and I was going to stop at home until after the football had finished. Then I would go along, have a drink in the bar and sit at a distance, so as not to cramp my wife’s style, and see how things develop.

Judy is an attractive, busty blonde, 45 years old, with a slim, firm body and whilst she was showering and doing her hair, I went through her undies drawer to select what I thought she should wear under the short black lycra skirt and white blouse she had laid out on the bed, next to her black jacket.

I chose her bright pink shiny satin knickers, suspender belt and bra set, black nylon stockings and her black high heels. Once she had finished applying the last of her make-up, a bright red lipstick, I hooked the suspender belt around her waist and rolled one of the black nylon stockings up her leg and attached it to the two suspender straps, making sure they were straight. I repeated this for her other leg and then got her to step into the shiny panties and as she parted her legs slightly I pulled them up into place, covering her trimmed bush. It was quite a turn-on thinking that here I was, doing this, and with a bit of luck, later that evening some other guy would be doing the opposite!

I stepped behind my wife and held out her bra, inviting her to fill the cups with her gorgeous large breasts, and then clipped the fasteners at the back. Judy then put on her blouse, skirt and jacket before stepping into her high heels. She looked both classy and very slutty at the same time if that makes any sense! What a turn-on! I could see the bumps made by her suspender clips through her black lycra skirt, and hoped that other men would be as observant as me. She squirted my favourite perfume over her and she was about to go out of the bedroom door when I told her to wait and sit down. “Here you go” I said, “this might help you, not that you really need any help!” I attached an ankle bracelet over the stocking around her right ankle. I had bought it recently and this was the first time she would be wearing it. 2 initials hung from the chain H and W and I told my wife that it might mean something to men in the know! My wife offered her cheek for me to give her a quick peck, as she didn’t want to smudge her lipstick, and said she’d see me later and off she went.

I had missed most of the first half of the football getting my wife ready so I then settled down to watch the second half. However, although it was a good Champions League match, my mind kept wandering to what my wife might be getting up to in the hotel. My mind was working overtime so in the end I gave up and decided to leave for the hotel.

When I walked into the hotel bar I looked around but couldn’t see my wife. Maybe she had pulled and was already up in the guy’s room. I went to the bar and ordered a drink. As I finished paying and turned around I saw Judy sat in an alcove and she was laughing and joking with a good-looking guy who I would say was in his mid 30’s. He had dark hair, was tall and had an athletic body. My wife enjoys attracting younger men and they appeared to be getting along really well.

I took my drink and went and sat down at a table a discreet distance away from them but close enough so that I had a good view. Not long afterwards the football finished in the other room and the bar got busier. 2 men who looked to be in their 50’s came into the bar and went over to the guy who was with my wife. He obviously knew these 2 guys and they updated him on the football and then he introduced them to Judy. One of the men asked if they wanted a drink and he then went to the bar and bought a round of drinks. Some other men came in and sat close to me so I could no longer hear any of the conversation at my wife’s table. I could also see that these 2 other men were making a fuss of my wife too but they weren’t her type at all. One was bald with a grey goatie beard and the other had grey hair and had quite a big gut on him.

After they finished their drinks, the young guy got up, and it looked like he was saying goodbye to his colleagues as he shook their hands. He held his hand out to Judy, who also said goodbye to the men and then walked out of the bar with the young guy. He led my wife off in the direction of the hotel bedrooms and the 2 men ordered themselves another drink and went back to the table laughing and joking with each other.

To try and take my mind off what was going on in the hotel bedroom I started talking to the group of men on the next table to me. They were discussing the football so I joined their conversation.

Eventually most of the people in the bar had either left the hotel or had drifted off to their rooms, and there were only a few people left dotted around the bar. It was approaching midnight and Judy had been gone for about an hour and a half, much longer than I thought she would. I went up to the bar and bought a soft drink and a glass of wine for my wife for when she came back, and went and sat in one of the alcoves, waiting for her to return.

Shortly after, I saw her walking down the corridor towards the bar, and she looked a bit unsteady on her feet. She saw me and came over and sat down in front of me and took the glass of wine which I held up for her. She looked knackered and although she had tried to tidy up her hair it looked like she had been pulled through a hedge backwards, and her mascara was smudged. It was just as well that there were only a few people left in the bar! She gave me a smug, satisfied smile and, as her short skirt rode up as she sat down, I noticed a ladder in one of her stockings just above the knee on her inner thigh, which continued up to the hem of her short skirt.. I asked her to open her legs wide and saw that the ladder went all the way up to her stocking top. It was then that I saw her bulging pussy straining against her pink satin knickers. However, there was only a tiny bit of pink left showing as most of the crotch of her panties were now a dark purple colour, because they were so wet. My wife really did look very slutty now!

As we drank our drinks, Judy told me all that had happened after she left the bar. I won’t go into all the details but after the guy had been fucking her for about 20 minutes there was a knock on the door and it was the guy’s 2 friends from the bar. They had noticed my wife’s ankle bracelet in the bar and they knew what it meant! They both wanted in on the action with my wife and she said that she was feeling so horny that she let them join in. As with every guy she asked if they were both single as she doesn’t knowingly let married men have sex with her. These 2 men were both divorced and they said that they hadn’t had any pussy for a long time so they were well up for using a slutty Hotwife! It sounds like all 3 of the men fucked my wife separately and also all together, spit-roasting her and taking her in all manner of positions. She said it was just like a scene from one of the porno movies I enjoy watching! My cock grew rigid, hearing her confess to a mini gangbang with 3 men and that 2 of the men who fucked her were much older, one bald and one fat,……… men that she wouldn’t normally look at twice! I hadn’t seen the 2 men leave the bar, but it was probably when I was pre-occupied talking to the men on the next table. Mind you, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it anyway.

It sounds like the 3 men gave my wife a really good seeing to. She said that the sex became a lot rougher and harder once the 2 older men got started. She said that she had never been fucked so hard and fast and come so many times, and they were calling her dirty names which made her even randier! Eventually the 3 men were ready to cum. They put my wife into doggy position on the bed, and pushed her head into the pillow and pulled her hips up so that her arse was sticking up really high in the air. The men then lined up behind her and took turns fucking Judy’s pussy hard and fast, gripping her hips and slapping her arse. They kept changing over, as they were on the verge of coming. Then, one after the other, they each took turns pushing their cocks balls deep into her pussy and pumped their spunk up her, calling her a dirty slut! She said she could hear her pussy squelching as it was being blasted and flooded with cum in quick succession. One guy told her that he wished her husband was there to watch how they had used her. How I wished that I was there!!

I had heard enough and my cock was rock hard, so I took her hand and led her out to the car park. I couldn’t wait until we got home so we went around the back of a high hedge and I pushed her forwards against the hedge, pulled her skirt up over her hips and pulled her soaked panties down below her knees. I dropped my trousers and released my bursting cock and placed it at the entrance to my wife’s well-used pussy. Her pussy just swallowed my cock, it was so open and wet and full of spunk. My wife had two massive orgasms and I had to clamp my hand over her mouth to help stifle her moans as we were not far from the hotel entrance. As I pumped my cock deeper into Judy’s pussy, it released a lot more of the mens’ spunk and it started running down my cock, saturating my balls. I was so turned on I couldn’t last long, what with the feeling of all that spunk acting as lubrication and the thought of 3 mens’ stiff cocks having been deep inside my wife’s pussy not long before me. I was soon adding my load to the 3 other loads still dripping from my Hotwife’s ravaged pussy!!

After that evening my wife has really developed a liking for harder, rougher sex, and she is no longer dismissive of men who are older and not so good looking, because she has found that they do have other things going for them!!