Written by My Lady

10 Apr 2015

“Are you nice and smooth?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Of course! Do you want to check?”

My wonderful lady knew the answer to that too. So I checked. With fingers, tongue and cock. It was part of the ritual and we always factored in the extra time required for a very careful check in our time of departure calculations.

And so it was that we hit the beach just after three in the afternoon. You cannot rush the good things in life. My lady not only with a nice smooth pussy but one that was swollen and full of my spunk. A condition of which we both heartily approved. She was dressed in a light, short summer skirt that blew encouragingly in the little breeze, a soft chiffon shirt that was almost transparent and the tiniest string imaginable. She wouldn't have normally worn the string for a trip to the beach but we had to pick up a few bits in the village first.

I was wearing a T shirt and shorts, if you are interested and we both wore beach sandals so we could paddle the half mile up the beach to the dunes area. We stopped at the waters edge and she slipped of her shirt exposing her beautiful, full, firm breasts. The skirt and string would have to remain for the next twenty minutes or so but her tanned, unlined upper body was fully on display for anybody to look at and enjoy. Something else which met with our shared approved. She looked hot!

I walked on the sea side and she on the beach side as we dawdled up the beach, through the busy family area, past the sparsely used no man's land until we reached the sign. There we stopped and my lady removed her skirt. Her fully tanned body was now fully on display for everybody's pleasure, including ours. The string remained not because she was shy, if anything it enhanced her sex rather than hid it. No, there was a practical use. Tucked inside the string was a little pad of kitchen towel carefully wrapped in cling film. It wasn't there to soak up my spunk and stop it dribbling down her thighs as she walked, she quite enjoyed that feeling, it was wrapped in cling film so that it didn't soak it up but held it trapped within her swollen pussy so that a little could escape when she lay on the beach.

When a beautiful naked woman walks onto a beach she attracts attention from women and males. Many of the women will look for the sole purpose of comparison but most just to enjoy. All males will look even if for some it is just a cursory glance. The others will look and wonder if....... Those will keep an eye on the beautiful woman, make note of where she settles then, like bees to the honey pot, their seemingly aimless wanderings will take them as close to her as possible.

We found a spot about ten yards back from the sea's edge and set up camp. That is we laid out our beach mats down, got the little stools much favoured by the French as head rests and laid down to catch the rays and anything else that might pass by. My lady lay on her back, arms down beside her and her legs loosely together. Her darting eyes were hidden behind her sunglasses. We waited for the bees.

It wasn't a long wait. Pretty soon the little patch of sea directly ahead of us became quite busy with bees buzzing around her honey pot. They paddled in the sea some even venturing out far enough to not quite subject their pride and joy to the effect of the cold sea water. The bolder ones would come closer and enjoy the view without any concern. These were the ones that interested us. She parted her legs for them, slowly and steadily. The more she liked the look of their cock the more she parted her legs to reveal her smooth swollen pussy. When she saw one she wanted she opened wide and squeezed her pelvic floor muscles to ease a little of my spunk out. It seldom failed to entice and encourage a direct approach from the male she wanted.

She squeezed, out dribbled a drop of my spunk and the man she wanted responded immediately.

“I have something that might stop that leak,” he said as brazenly as she had enticed him, “I could probably find something to replace anything that has already escaped, if you would like?”

She lifted her sunglasses as if she had only just noticed him, looked directly at his cock, licked her lips and without even glancing at me held out her hand to him. He helped her to her feet and together, arms around each other as if they were lifelong friends, they headed for the dunes.

My job was to break camp and slowly follow, along with the others who had watched the foreplay. Watching a woman fuck is not something that only men can enjoy.

When somebody is being fucked in the dunes there is always a meerkat, the guy that stands on the top of a dune to mark the spot and keep an eye open for any unwanted voyeurs.

I found them after a very few minutes in a little depression. She was on her knees, head down and bum up. The guy was kneeling behind her and well into his rhythm. Four other men and a woman were enjoying the show as she encouraged him to fuck her deep and hard. Three of the men were stroking their cocks, the woman was nonchalantly stroking the fourth. I eased my way through the little group so that she could see me. I didn't really need to check that she was okay but it's a habit. She looked at me, smiled and thrust back onto the cock.

“Oh! Yes! Fuck me! Hard!” she implored.

It took quite a while for him to shoot his load deep into her cum slut cunt but when he did it also took a while to empty his balls. My lovely lady came and came, begging for more as she shuddered. He slipped out of her and I motioned that he should move around to her head so that she could clean him up. I looked meaningfully at the little group of bystanders, 'who's next?' was the simple message.

As the first cock slipped into her mouth so the second slipped effortlessly into her spunk filled pussy. The four guys and the meerkat fucked her that day and all had their cocks sucked clean afterwards.

Then it was my turn. Slipping my cock into her spunk cocktail was heavenly! I could feel spunky juices all around my cock as I gently, lovingly eased inside. I felt her squeeze, she knew it was now my cock. I wasn't fucking her, I was making love to her, showing her how much love I had for her. We doggy fucked for a while with long slow strokes, her driving back as I thrust forwards displacing more and more spunk with each deep thrust.

We rolled onto the beach mat and she rode me cowgirl, leaning forward so that the spectators could watch my cock sliding deep inside then nearly out before she buried it deep once more. I lasted as long as I could and managed to make her cum a few times but all good things must cum to an end. I rolled her onto her back, held her legs wide and fucked her for all I was worth quickly adding my spunk to the cocktail that was already inside her. With a tremendous orgasm we came together and collapsed to a round of applause.

We went back the next day, and the day after. A great holiday!