Written by hotswingingmilf

28 Aug 2011


I am in my forties have been married for 25 years and been sexually active for quite a few more years that that. I daren't say how long as I would probably get into trouble.

I thought that I might share my sexual adventures with you all before I get too old and forget about them.

To be honest, there is not a lot that I have not had the courage or curiousity to try over the years. I intend to relate some of these in Swinging Heaven and I hope that you all enjoy the retelling of them as much as I did experiencing them.

Please look out for them and I would really like to read any feedback or comments that you all may have.


Hot Swinging MILF.

Just to wet your appetite here one is my latest adventure.

I hate wearing knickers - VPL is just so unflattering. I know that I stand the risk of flashing my fanny but to tell the truth I do get a thrill from it. Hubby doesn't mind and knows that it gets me horny and that he will be in for a treat when we get home. Especially, if I know that someone has seen my fanny during the course of the evening. After a few glasses of wine my inhibitions and also my ability to keep my legs together tend to become relaxed.

On Friday night we were out at a friends for dinner. There were our hosts and another two couples. After dinner we retired to the lounge, they have rather low sofas and I knew I had to be careful the way I was sitting otherwise I would be exposing myself. Needless to say after the amount of wine and aperififs that I had consumed it became apparent from the expressions of the people on the opposite couch that I was showing a bit more than would be considered decent. I was getting wet knowing that my fanny was on view.

We got a taxi home and as soon as we got in the door Hubby had his hand up my dress and felt how wet I was. He knew that I had been flashing and that it would have an effect on me. I was dripping, he took me upstairs and stripped my dress off me. I didn't have anything else on in any case. I hopped on the bed and he proceeded to fuck me doggy style. He slid straight in and did not meet much resistance. He asked me if I had enjoyed flashing my fanny and I had to tell him that I did. I told him that he knew I enjoyed flashing it and that is what had me so wet. He pulled out and told me to roll over onto my back. He moved up the bed and then proceeded to wank himself off. He was aimimg his cock at my face. He knows that I there are times when I love him to wank off and shoot his come over my face. It makes me feel like a complete slut when he . I have to admit that I get very vocal the nearer he gets to coming - it is just me looking forward to seeing his cock jerk and shoot over my face. Plus I know he won't last long knowing how turned on I get.

Once he came on my face I took my favourite dildo out of the bedside cabinet and got up onto my knees. I then mounted it and buried it's full ten inches into my pussy. I told him to lick my clit. I love it having my pussy filled and being licked at the same time. As my Hubby licked me he reached under and slipped a finger into my ass. He had me in the throes - it did not take me long to come I can tell you.

This one is very tame compared to my other adventures over the years, so look out for more.