23 Aug 2018

Tuesday evenings were my partners Badminton nights and she would arrive back home about 10pm hot and sweaty and make straight for the shower. One evening I happened to be near the gym where she played so thought to go and say hello but when I went in she was nowhere to be seen. I asked if anyone had seen her and someone said she hadn’t been there for many weeks.

I thought this very strange but when she got home that night I said “Dd you have a good game” and she said “Yes but I need a shower”. I didn’t say anything but that week I bought a tracker on-line and put in under her car. After she drove off I followed at a discrete distance and she drove into the New Forest. I kept back and saw her drive into a car park amongst the trees called Cadnam Ponds. I parked further down the road and walked back through the scrub, expecting to see her with another man. Instead I saw her car had 5 or 6 guys and a female surrounding it. Watching from the back I was shocked to see her in the car alone but virtually naked and playing with herself.

Then she let the window down and hands were thrust through to maul her tits and pull on her nipples. This went on for a few minutes then she opened the car door. This was what the guys had been waiting for and she immediacy took a cock into her mouth and one in her hand while another guy started playing with her cunt. I could hear some of the men saying great girl Sonia and other such phrases, but it was the fact that many of them seemed to know her that indicated she was a regular here and that the men were waiting on her arrival.

All the men had their cocks out and were hoping for a BJ or to fuck her. The female watcher was obviously with one of the men and they were groping each other while watching. I heard the woman say to the man “darling, would you like to watch me do that” nodding at Sonia and the man said he would love to watch her being fucked by a stranger.

I didn’t know what to do – I should have been furious with Sonia but the sight of her with all those cocks had given me a very hard, hard-on. I kept back and watched as Sonia took one cock after another in her mouth and then she got out of the car and lay face down on the bonnet with her legs spread. “Condoms only boys” she said, and then she was being fucked. The man with the other female led her to the car and persuaded her to copy my wife so that two of them were on the bonnet. He then proceeded to fuck his wife but when he pulled out he didn’t stop another man taking his place. I couldn’t hold back any longer so got ready to fuck her and as soon as the guy had finished I pushed my cock into her then tapped my partner on the shoulder so that she turned her head and saw me for the first time. “Are you having fun” I asked a shocked Sonia, she could only look in amazement then nodded and we both continued to fuck.

After I had cum I drove home to wait for Sonia, who eventually arrived home near mid-night. “Did you have a good game” I asked as usua. “You know I did” she said, “and because you now know I stayed until the last guy had left. What are you going to do now”? she asked. “Come with you next time” I told her, and that is how we started dogging and swinging together.