Written by TROOPER

13 Mar 2008

the following night,i asked my wife to tell me in detail her sexual exploits with paul the night before.

she started 'i was washing my hands in the bathroom ,when paul came in and said'you look really fit and sexy tonight'im dyin to see your arse in those leggins.with that he lifted up my pink top,complimented mt arse and had a feel of it.i was quite shocked and didnt know what to say. he then came out with it.'i wanna fuck you right know, fancy it?'i said 'i cant because of my hubby'. paul said'dont worry kerry's gonna take good care of him!'

he then led me to his bedromm feeling my arse on the way.

at this point i began to furiously wank in front of my wife as she told me.

in the bedroom he kissed me and took off my pink top and discarded it on the floor.he groped my tits over my white bra and rubbed my fanny over my leggins. i was now very aroused and wet and was certainly pushing all the right buttons!i undid his jeans and out popped his whopper it was very large and i began wanking him off.he then got into my leegins and into my knickers, he had a number of fingers up me.my clit was reallly ready!

thats when i began groaning i coudnt help myself as paul had his hand up me.

he then got me on the bed on my knees and pulled down my leggins and then with both hands, he grabbed my thong at the side and snapped it.it actually gave me a wedgie as he did it.he then threw my thong on the floor with my top.he then with his fingers carressed my bum crack and inserted a finger up my arse!.thats when i saw you at the door, i then felt his big cock up mean dhe began to fuck me it was such a turn on being fucked by another guy and having you watch!. he took off my bra, my nipples were hard, he groped my tits as he fucked me from behind. harder harder harder! i kept shoutin.

i then saw kerry at the door behind you rubbin your cock and then you disappeared!

paul pulled on my long hair and slapped my arse as he fucked me good and proper,he spunked inside me but withdrew very quick and most of his spunk went over my arse and back.

we then got up,i pulled my pants back up and put on my top and we went to see what you and kerry were up to.

at the door paul felt my tits and arse and rubbed my fanny again as we watched you give kerry a good fuckin! as pauls dick grew bigger again i began to wank him off again!he then led me to the bathroom pulled down my pants parted my srse cheeks anr rammed his 8'' up my arse.he didnt last long and soon shot his load up my bum and sprayed my arse cheeks with his cum.

i wanked furiously in front of my wife,she took over wanking me until i shot my load over her tits! she then said wshe was looking forward to being fucked by paul again.

that was fine as i knew i was going to fuck the life out of the very sexy kerry again!!