Written by husband of a very sexy wife

15 Apr 2011

i had always fantasised about watching my wife fuck another man and when we were first together i told her my fantasies and to my surprise she said that she often fantasised about 2 guys at once and being fucked by black guys. anyway nothing ever happened and after our little girl being born the sex life dropped right off for the last 2 years until a few months ago when i had had enough of a sexless n passionless marriage. we had a row and i told her how frustrated i was and how i felt like sex for her was a chore. i also told her how much i wanked thinking bout her being fucked by other men or watching tera patrick films imagining she was tera (they both have dark long hair, sexy curvy bodies and very pretty faces).

this ultimatum resulted in her becomming a bit more interested in sex and we started fucking more often and she started (awkwardly at first) joining in with the fantasy/dirty talk. recently i had bought her some sexy skimpy outfits to wear in the bedroom and it was always in my mind how good she would look in these outfits with a couple of black guys giving her a good roasting.

tonight we had sex and i started talking dirty to her when she took over and said how much she wanted to suck a big hard black cock while i watched and then how she wanted to be fucked by the same big black cock. she then told me how she wanted 2 fit hung black guys at once. i told her how much i wanted to see it and just before i shot my cum i said to her i REALLY wanted to see her being fucked by 2 black guys. she said she wanted it to happen. i said promise? she said yes and i came.