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3 Oct 2008

My sexy young wifes anal lovers 3

James and Andy +

James and Andy are a couple of young lads 19yrs old who we know very well. There mates with each other having gone to school with each other. My wife is particularly close to James his father has been a very close friend of her dads since she was little. They worked together went out together and has always been around as long as my wife can remember. She has seen James grow from a baby to the young man he is now having at one time carried out the dreaded babysitting duties, helping him with homework etc they had become very close, almost family .

On this particular occasion it was a Friday night and off we went to one of the local pubs for a few drinks when we ran into James and Andy celebrating Andy’s 19th birthday. James having his own birthday only a week or so ago. It was a particularly warm evening and we sat outside in the pub garden my wife wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a high cut blouse showing her naked waist and bellybutton.

We sat drinking and the two lads joined us where we all had a giggle and a laugh, the lads having a fair amount to drink and buying my wife and myself a fair amount also. The evening was drawing to a close and my wife was certainly boozed up. James piped up that they were going back to his for a few beers would we like to join them. My wife asked about his father and James informed us he was out on a works do. We didn’t question this as my wife knows he often goes to functions and usually ends up back very late. My wife asked if we should go and I explained that I had had enough having a particularly stressful day at work so really should be getting back “but you go” I said “Call the taxi to pick you up and bring you home later”. “Are you sure” my wife asked and with that my wife, James and Andy were off into the taxi James had booked earlier and gone. Kissing me on the lips on her way out saying see you later babes. I left for home and went to bed not expecting my wife to be back for a couple of hours little did I expect to be hearing of her adventures of the night when she eventually rolled herself into bed.

In her words heres what happened.

Having entered James house more drink flowed whilst the stereo played and by all accounts the three of them where having a laugh dancing around and generally being off there heads. After about an hour my wife crashed to the sofa still drinking and laughing whilst James went off to the toilets.

Andy came over to my wife crouched over her and said softly “do I get my birthday present now” “What’s that” giggling my wife replied and Andy promptly put his mouth to hers and tried to push his tongue in her mouth. My wife allowed him to proceed and was getting hot and started to whimper as he caressed her body feeling her pert little breasts through her top paying attention to her erecting nipples rubbing at her blouse as she wasn’t wearing a bra she very rarely does. My wife opened her eyes to see James come to the sofa and sit next to her. My wife felt a little awkward at this and pulled away from Andy getting a little embarrassed. As she did so James looked at her and moved his hand towards her and started to run his fingers over her naked belly. My wife looked at him and without moving her eyes away Andy pressed his mouth to my wife’s neck and started to kiss and lick. Nervously my wife allowed James and Andy to continue and before long there was no going back, my wife was far to excited to stop what was happening. She pushed her mouth to James who instantly responded by pushing his tongue in her mouth and moving his hand to her breasts feeling and squeezing them over the top of her blouse. Andy moved from her neck and slid down the bed where he started fumbling with my wife’s jeans whilst rubbing his tongue over her naked belly. He began by undoing her belt and proceeded to her buttons. James pulled away holding my wife’s hand and pulled her up from the sofa “Come on” he said as he led my wife up the stairs and they were followed very swiftly by Andy. Stereo still blasting downstairs they entered James bedroom and my wife was led to the bed.

Sitting on the bed James joined my wife kneeling on the bed directly in front of her. My wife looked at him as he started to undo the buttons on the front of her blouse. Undoing the last one and sliding it down her arms he threw it to the floor, they both had eyes glued to my wife’s pert little naked breasts as he pushed her down onto the bed. She fell back as he lay beside her and started to feel and touch her half naked size 6 body, feeling her tiny breasts and playing with her nipples as he again pushed his mouth to hers. My wife started to get very excited and pant and whine with his touch. He moved his mouth down to her breasts and started to suck and lick her nipples. Andy climbed on the end of the bed and continued where he left off downstairs he continued to undo the last two buttons on her jeans and pulled them down as my wife helped by raising her bottom off the bed. He pulled her jeans free from her legs and tossed them to the floor revealing my wife’s small little panties. They weren’t going to stay there long as he grabbed each side of her panties and pulled them down, my wife assisting again by raising her bottom from the bed and he threw them to the floor. “Fuck me your a hot peace of arse” Andy said as he stood at the end of the bed looking at my wife completely naked. My wife giggled and James pulled away from my wife and looked at my wife’s body, eyeing her all over, looking at her silky smooth pussy. “I always new you were a stunner” said James “I just didn’t realise what a stunner” They all looked at each other and laughed as James ran his hand down my wife’s body and over her bold pubic bone to her pussy. My wife brought her feet up the bed towards her bottom and opened her legs to allow him access as he started to rub his fingers up and down her clit. My wife laid her head back and started panting and groaning under his touch. Andy came to the other side of my wife and she watched with excited eyes as he took his shirt off and his shoes and socks undone his trousers and let them fall to the floor. Wearing just his boxers my wife was amazed at how fit his young body looked and how hard the bulge was in his shorts. He lay down beside her and started to kiss her breasts. My wife was reaching an orgasm from James fingers as he proceeded to enter her, starting to glide in and out of her pussy, two fingers sliding in and out . She began to climax and in response he began to push his fingers in a little faster whilst Andy bit at her nipples. Reached orgasm letting out a “OHH, Ahh” . James withdrew his fingers and got up from the bed, as he did so Andy started to glide his kisses and tongue down her body to her pussy. My wife raised her leg to enable Andy to park his head between her legs.

He shoved his hand under her bottom and she raised herself from the shoulders down pushing her shoulders in to the bed lifting her bottom from the bed as he started to lick her and enter his tongue inside her tight smooth pussy. My wife was panting and gasping as she placed her hands on the back of his head as he started eating her. She looked over to James as he started to undress first removing his t-shirt followed by his trainers, socks and jeans. My wife commented to me at how young and fit they both looked. James proceeded and removed his boxer shorts revealing his cock to my wife. My wife told me how shocked she was to this young naked stud standing in front of her that she had known as a child. Fully erect she was surprised to see a hard solid thick cock. About an inch bigger than me putting him about 71/2” but quite thick and so young and soft to touch.

Andy stopped eating my wife having brought her to an almighty orgasm that she exploded in his mouth and slid up the bed now naked. My wife sat up and turned onto all fours sideways on the bed grabbing Andy’s cock and guiding it to her mouth. Again she commented to me how surprised she was that he was a good size for his young age almost identical to James. She slid his foreskin back and started to rub her tongue over his helmet getting groans as she did so. James came behind her bent down and proceeded to eat her just as Andy had done so a minuet earlier. Placing both hands on her tight little bottom he started to tongue her clit and my wife instantly began to groan with pleasure slipping Andy’s cock in her mouth and bobbing up and down on it getting to just below his helmet then removing it from her mouth and running her tongue over his helmet whilst rubbing his shaft with her tiny hand. My wife squeezed his cock and moaned shuddering as James had led her to another orgasm wriggling her bottom in his face as he continued to lick her clit whilst she came.

James stood up as Andy moved to reach something on the floor. My wife rolled over and laid there on her back rather pleased with herself but heart pounding at what was happening with James. Andy threw a pack to James and they both got busy unwrapping condoms. My wife smiled to herself as she new she was about to get a good fucking thinking to herself how she could get her tight little hole seen to that she enjoyed so much. My wife leaned over to James put her hand on his busy hand attaching the condom and leaned to his ear saying simply “not you sweetheart” and with out Andy noticing looking straight into James eyes she took the condom from him and pushed it under the pillow. James eyes were massive with excitement. Andy grabbed my wife around the waist and pushed her legs open Climbing behind her he started to rub his helmet up and down her crack getting close to her favourite hole and every time he did so she would try to push towards his cock.

To her slight disappointment he moved his cock to her tight small pussy and started to push in. My wife opened up and he glided his cock in her pussy pushing more in each time until after a few strokes he glided it to the hilt. He started to pound in and out of her and she dropped her shoulders to the bed burying her head in the pillow and allowed him to ram her faster and harder. He pumped and pumped bringing my wife to an amazing orgasm as he buried his young cock in and out of her, feeling her naked body as he did so. Reaching round and squeezing her small breasts and holding her tight little bottom. He kept pumping and pumping not letting up as he buried his cock in and out with a slap every time he pushed in. My wife reached a further orgasm as James now lie next to her feeling her breasts, rubbing her nipples and stroking her back. She turned to face him and opened her big sexy eyes as James watched his mate fuck the girl he has known all his life. After a few hard thrusts my wife felt Andy tense inside her and grip her waist tightly pulling her down towards his cock getting as much in as he could, buried to the hilt as he shot his load whilst inside her into his condom , saying “oh shit, oh fuck” over and over until he was spent. Andy and my wife giggled and laughed. “Fuck sake that was good”” your so fucking tight” he said as he withdrew, my wife turned around smiling at him and pushed her mouth to his and kissed him passionately. She moved away still smiling and lay on the bed. She looked over to James biting her lip sexily and said “your turn” as her heart pounded . James climbed on the bed Looking at her eyes, smiling and giggling with my w


Andy left to dispose of his spoil as James climbed between her open legs. My wife raised her legs to accommodate his frame off the bed and around his waist. He lay on top of her one arm on the bed. with the other he guided his cock to her pussy. With two hard pushes he was in and arm on the bed the opposite side of her. My wife put her arms around his shoulders and he began gliding in and out of her, both of them eyes fixed to each other kissing each other both moaning with pleasure “oh yes ohh”. James sped up banging my wife slapping against her pubic bone and she let out a massive shrieking orgasm as he continued to push in and out. Once it had passed James slowed looked at her and said “I’ve been dreaming about this for ages” my wife giggled and bit her lip all seductively as she does” naughty boy” she said again with her sexy little giggle as she moved her hands to his bottom helping him in and out. “I dreamed I came in your mouth only the other night”. My wife giggled simply saying “Jamie” slapping his bottom looking straight at his eyes with a massive smile. James moved his knees up the bed raising my wife’s bottom a little as he did so giving him a perfect view of his cock half buried inside my wife. He moved his hands from the bed to her breasts and buried them under his hands as he began to stroke them, circling his fingers around her nipples. He started moving in and out of her again. He began to speed up and get faster and harder and my wife began to pant louder and louder as he watched his cock pumping in and out of my wife raising his eyes occasionally to her face panting with his thrusts, seeing the pleasure she was receiving her rock hard child nipples and looking at her face seeing the pleasure she was experiencing with every in his fingers. She began to pant faster and faster and she raised her head to look at him entering her as they both gazed at her pussy being pounded. She threw her head back as she tensed up and he again led her to an almighty orgasm staying with his speed as she came over his cock. Allowing it to pass my wife wriggled free kissing him and said “dream no more” giving him a smile and giggle as she pushed him to the bed. Andy entered the room put his jeans on and sat on the edge of the bed looking at James and my wife. “Fucking good ah mate” making my wife blush and smile and James giggle saying (un fucking believable).

My wife placed her mouth over his cock and started to roll her tongue around his helmet looking at his face as she did so gliding up and down on his shaft and taking his cock out of her mouth stroking his cock whilst rubbing her tongue over his helmet. James groaning with delight watching my naked wife suck him off. “I’m going for a fag” said Andy and with that he was gone.

As soon as he left the room James reached for his bedside cabinet my wife watching whilst stroking his cock. Give me your hand he said and she sat up pushing her hand towards him wondering what was going on. He proceeded to rub masses of some kind of cream into my wife’s hand and then he moved my wife to between his legs to carry on sucking his fat cock. As she did he grabbed her oiled hand and guided it between his legs under his balls, guiding my wife’s fingers to his hole. My wife looked at him pushed his chest to the bed and said giggling oh you like a bit of that do you. He smiled in return and she proceeded to rub her hands up and down his arse over his hole. He lay there thrusting his arse towards my wife and she pushed his cock back in her mouth whilst pushing a finger into his hole. He instantly started wriggling around and moaning out loud and my wife started to pump his arse entering another finger into him, shoving it in and out. She felt his cock tense up in her mouth and his body strengthened as he became more vocal. Rising up grabbing my wife’s head he held it in place with his cock in her mouth whilst she continued to tickle his helmet with her tongue and finger fuck his arse. He screamed loud as he began to shoot his load into my wife’s mouth. Holding her there whilst he came and came and came inside her. My wife letting a little sexy groan. She withdrew her fingers from his arse and he relaxed his grip from her head. Taking his cock from her mouth she continued to lick his helmet. A voice from downstairs broke the silence Andy” fuck me Sara what you doing to him fucking him or something” My wife and James looked at each other and burst out laughing. “That was fucking awesome” said James “You no what ? I totally loved it to, doing that to you” Said my wife. “I’m going to grab a quick shower before I go home” she said “Yeah” no worries said James and with that, smiling to herself she grabbed her panties and blouse leaving her jeans and ran to the bathroom covering herself as she did so. That always makes me laugh they’ve just fucked her but she covers up her modesty afterwards. My wife showered smiling to herself at what had just taken place. The only downside was that she didn’t get her special place filled.

Whilst drying herself she listened to Andy and James getting dressed, laughing and Joking complementing my wife’s body. She herd Andy say “fucking hell, we’ve just fucked Sara, that’s mad man. I cant believe it. What a babe” James reply “I no its unreal I never thought I’d ever get to do her” My wife giggled to herself whist pulling on her small panties and her blouse just doing up the bottom button to keep it in place. She was just about to leave the en suit when she heard a commotion from outside the door. Unsure what was going on she opened the door and dropped her jaw as standing there looking directly at her was Graham, James`s father and long time friend of her fathers.

My wife looked to see the two lads dressed and sitting on the bed. “get out here now” demanded his father to my wife as she stood there in front of him in her panties and blouse, hair still wet. “What the hells going on” he asked her. Before she could reply James and Andy between them said “ “nothings happened, honestly” . “Then its just as well I came home before it did” Said Graham “Get your cloths on Sara I’ll see you in the car. I`ll run you home. What the hell were you thinking of. Your practically family. As for you two” Pointing at the lads “Andy get yourself home James get yourself to bed. I`ll deal with you two in the morning”. “ Thank god I came home when I did. For gods sake” And with that he left the room and headed downstairs.

“Don’t worry” my wife said to James and Andy whist slipping on her jeans. “What if he tells your husband, Hell kill us” said James. “Leave it to me” said my wife knowing she was promptly going to tell me when she got home anyway. “He wont find out your dad thinks nothing has happened just keep telling him that”. She looked at the door and then back to James and Mark kissing them both she left the room turned to them and smiled.

My wife left the house and climbed into the car next to Graham who was sitting there with the car running. As they pulled out of the drive he started having ago. “What the hell were you thinking of, what if I hadn’t have come back “.“I’m sorry” said my wife “nothing happened I assure you, please don’t tell my father or my husband” “We’ve just had a bit to much to drink. Please don’t be mad at us you did get back before anything happened, it was stupid I know”.

With that silence fell as he began to head down the country roads to the main roads and he began to calm down surprisingly quickly. After a couple of minuets graham pulled down an old country road and switched off the car, leaning over my wife he kissed her saying “you know if you want fun outside of your marriage you should have told me”. My wife was taken aback and actually jumped at his advances. He came to his senses and said “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”. Put both hands on the steering wheel and started the car turning it around back to the main road they were on.

My wife didn’t know what to do she was shocked should she allow this to happen or reject his advances. He was her fathers best friend had known her all her life from a little girl and had on occasions been like a father to her. At the same time maybe after all that has happened tonight she would get her perfect bottom filled if she played her cards right. Graham was fifty this year, grey hair distinguished quite the gentleman. He was a big build, strong, healthy and fit. A sport fanatic and regular at working out. A single man after loosing his wife sometime ago he had an enormous array of female admirers young and old who have tried and tried to tempt him in to bed but he had rejected each and everyone of them. Yet here he was trying it on with my wife.

My wife’s desires got the better of her, butterflies in her stomach, shaking and having just joined the main road my wife plucked up the courage “pull over” she said “sorry” said Graham unsure what he had heard. “Pull over ” my wife repeated. “Where” replied Graham.” Anywhere, there, that lay-by” my wife said. With that Graham pulled into the lay-by and switched the car off. My wife took a cigarette and smoked it. After a few minuets breaking the silence having plucked up more courage “Your Practically my father “ she said, and threw the butt out the window she turned to him as he replied “I know I’m sorry Sara I don’t know what came over me”. She looked at his eyes “its ok. I want to”. She said “what your really sure” was the reply “ I’m sure” she said smiling at him. That’s all he needed to practically jump on my wife. He leaned over pushing her back and head against the door pushed his mouth to hers pushing his tongue in her mouth and began to pour his hands all over her. My wife told of how he was as horny as hell so eager to get at her virtually ripping her cloths from her. In no time at all he had ripped open her blouse the buttons pinging off and slid it from her shoulders revealing to his eyes her breasts for the first time. He had seen her naked before. When she lived with her parents aged 15, entering the bathroom not knowing she was stepping out of the shower embarrassed as hell he left very quickly. He constantly brings it up to embarrass her. He certainly hadn’t seen her like this, for the taking. He instantly began to rub his hands over them whilst still pressing his mouth to hers. My wife undone his tie and removed it from him as he tore at his shirt and removed it. Immediately he tugged at my wife’s jeans undoing her belt and top button. My wife moved her hands down to help him pushing his hands away, he let go sat in his chair and watched as my wife undid the buttons and slid her jeans and panties in one go from her legs dropping them to the floor. Grahams eyes were burning into my wife’s nakedness and she bent over to him. Sitting in his chair. Placing her mouth on to his he forced his tongue in her mouth as he mauled her naked body all over. Feeling her tight bottom and pert tiny breasts with his big hot man hands.

He moved his mouth to her breasts and began to run his tongue over her little nipples and she began to groan with pleasure. She moved her hand down his chest to his belly and was shocked to feel at least 3 “ of his cock sticking out of the top of his trousers. She began to rub around his helmet with her tiny hands feeling its hardness and its thickness. With both hands he moved and undid his trousers pulling them off along with his boxer shorts. My wife looked at his long thick cock and was overwhelmed by its size and hardness, surrounded by thick grey curls. Bending down she took hold of his cock in her hand unable to wrap her hand all the way round it. She placed her mouth over his helmet and began to push it in her mouth whilst moving her other hand to his fluffy balls strokeing the grey hairs on them. As she did so Graham let out a deep groan placed one hand on her head and pushed down to get more of his cock in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched open and she did her best to please him. He lay there groaning as she held his cock with one hand and his balls with the other, mouth over his cock she bobbed up and down as he pushed on her head. He reached over and started to squeeze her tight bottom in his hand rubbing his hand up and down her smooth crack. Feeling both the entrance to her tight pussy and her perfect bottom. Every time he got near her bottom hole my wife would groan with enjoyment and push towards his finger remove his cock from her mouth and give a “ohh yes”. He proceeded to push his fingers inside my wife’s pussy and feel around inside her. Making her wet with his touch. She groaned louder and panted heavier before he pulled her up from his cock. She sat in her chair as he reached over to the automatic recliner and reclined her chair to a completely vertical position. She went down with it and lay there on her back fully exposed to his view. My wife was shaking both with fear and excitement, fear of allowing this man she had known all her life, her fathers friend take her. And excitement at what was happening this big cock, this rampant animal, this older man, could she get anal tonight after all, would he be into that , should she push to get it. So many questions and thoughts.

“Turn around and hang your bottom over the edge” he said. My wife carried out his orders. “Lay your arms out in front of you”. Again my wife obeyed. With that he took his tie and tied both her hands to the headrest of the seat. My wife lay there completely stretched out on the chair with her tight little bottom literally hanging over the edge of the seat as her knees wouldn’t reach the floor such was her petit little size 6 body. Graham rubbing both hands over her tight cheeks muttering under his breath “Oh your perfect, so perfect. You have an amazing body”. Embarrassed but proud my wife said simply “thank you” whilst wriggling under his touch

Graham climbed behind her in the foot well of the car and reached up turning the internal light on in the car, illuminating my naked wife before him and for all passing cars to see. With Graham kneeling between her legs, opened as far as they would go she couldn’t move but for moving her bottom up and down a fraction. He guided his cock to her crack and began to rub his helmet up and down feeling more of her bottom entrance than her pussy my wife was moaning with pleasure believing she was about to get her hole filled with a hard fat cock. He was having difficulty getting to her pussy such was the tight fit in the foot well and his shear size. As he tried my wife said softly” please don’t stop” . He began to rub at her bottom again and said you’ve been pointing that at me since we’ve been here, is that what you want” as he concentrated his efforts around her bottom hole opening her very slightly with a few centimetres of the end of his cock. “ohh yess don’t stop” was the answer he got.

With that he started to push towards her bottom hole opening her as he did so. Each time he pushed, a little more went in and my wife buried her head in the seat moaning louder each time. As he sped up he began to open her more and push more in until with a final push he had reached his goal and my wife shrieked with delight. He placed his hands on her small bottom and began to pump his cock in and out of her as she constantly moaned with delight. “Oh god, Oh yes, Oh, Oh” as he in turn was saying “ you sexy little bitch, so tight, take this you sexy little bitch, your tight arse”. He reached under my wife and held his hands over her flat little breasts. They pushed into his hands as she was stretched flat out .

He banged her harder and faster slapping against her bottom with every thrust into her. Feeling her breasts as her whole body moved forward and backwards a few inches with every push. My wife was besides herself shouting as he pushed into her. Bringing my wife to an almighty orgasm only made him find more speed and push in even harder. This my wife reported was the best orgasm of the night as her body taught up but she couldn’t move. Her cum soaking his balls as they slapped against her pussy. Graham quickly released his hands and withdrew his cock with a loud moan she felt his clenched fist go up and down his cock and he shot his hot spunk all over her back reaching her hair she felt it from the back of her neck down in a hot line to her bottom. He continued to come for what seemed an age as he moved his cock to her hole rubbing his cum over it. My wife was covered as he moved from behind her untied her and used the first thing he could find to wipe it from her, my wife’s jeans. “Jesus that was great” said my wife “you certainly were” Graham replied and they giggled and laughed. Graham sat in his seat and my wife sat up and sat on his lap like a little girl as she lit them both cigarettes. They sat there naked for a while, whilst Graham admired my wifes body, talking about what had happened, giggling and laughing. Graham asked “what now”, stating “your father would go up the wall if he knew what we had just done”. “He never will” was my wife’s reply. Graham said “will it ever happen again” . My wife responded “absolutely try and stop me, maybe sooner than you think”.

With that they finished there cigarette and got dressed my wife using Grahams shirt and her panties, holding her useless blouse and her spunk soaked jeans she looked at Graham and they burst out laughing. Looking at her useless items my wife said giggling “god sake what are you like”. They both laughed again. As they sat in there seats and turned out the internal light they noticed a lorry in the lay-by and a guy near the car. He walked over to my wife’s window and she pushed the button to lower it. He lowered his head a massive overweight bearded guy with a massive smile, he said “Thanks guys, That’s the best wank I’ve had for ages” he stood up and left laughing as he did. My wife did the window up and Graham and her looked at each other and burst into laughter again. Graham started the car and delivered my very used very knackered wife home.

My wife new just how to play me. Climbing the bed next to me fresh from a shower she grabbed my cock and started to wank me off. I new instantly something had happened not only was it 8am but this was her way of sharing her adventures with me. She started by saying simply I`ll give you all the gory details later followed by a horny brief description of what had taken place. I have to say wrapping her hand around my cock listening to her I couldn’t pretend to not like what I herd even if I wanted to. To be honest I thoroughly god completely horny as hell and shot my load. After a sleep my wife sat and told Richard and myself every detail.