Written by Angie

27 Apr 2017

I was shocked when my husband told me he had published on SH details of our sex life, as I had thought that this would always remain private (see Am I a cuckold posted 31 March). Then, when I realised that he had not mentioned where we live, and it was unlikely anybody could identify us from the names given, I felt a bit more relaxed about it. Having thought about it a bit, I decided to post my side of the tale, as the woman’s perspective is often more appealing, particularly to female readers.

I’m not sure why I feel the need for sex with other men. I suspect it is because I can’t have children of my own. I know that, when we first learned this was the case, I felt as though I was less than a complete woman. However, this quickly passed when I realised what a wonderful relationship I have with Nick, and what a warm and loving person he is.

The brief fling I had with the guy I work with re-ignited my feelings of inadequacy, and I wanted to feel desired by other men, and so my addiction developed. I could not possibly go behind Nick’s back by having secret affairs with other men, but I couldn’t stop doing it, so I always tell him when I am seeing someone, without giving him too much notice or information. As I don’t have to use any form of birth control, I get to enjoy the wonderful feeling of my lover’s penis inside me, pumping away to give me another orgasm, and the deliciously warm feeling as he floods my pussy with his sperm. I am almost orgasming now just writing about it!

Nick has developed a liking for ‘sloppy seconds’. I’m not sure when the first time it happened, but he insisted on grabbing me and taking me to bed immediately I got home, before I had the chance to shower. The feeling as my husband enters me while I still have my lover’s sperm inside me is truly wonderful. I will refer to the other men as my lovers for want of a better word, but I don’t love them and wouldn’t want to start. The only love in my life is my husband, Nick, and that’s the way I want it to remain.

Once, when I had returned home from my latest fuck with my lover, Nick insisted on giving me oral sex while I was still full of my lover’s sperm. The orgasm I had that night was truly immense, my vaginal juices would have washed out all traces of the sperm in there, but Nick gleefully drank everything I washed out. When he fucked me afterwards, I wanted to fall asleep with his hard cock inside me and wake in the morning with him still inside me (not to mention still hard). That was clearly not going to happen, but a girl can but hope.

I am not the sort of person who can hop from bed to bed, trying to get as many notches on the bedpost. Too many sexual partners would create more risk, I prefer to try to develop longer-term friendships, but I always end it if my ‘lover’ seems to be getting too attached of me.

After several years of meeting my ‘lovers’ in hotels, and Nick becoming more comfortable with what I was doing, it seemed sensible to bring them to the safe environment of our home, provided this was acceptable to my husband. The meeting with Paul was the first such experience, and it was truly memorable. I got to enjoy ‘visual sex’ with Nick as I performed for both of them in the middle of the room, and fucking Paul on the settee in front of Nick felt like I was being fucked my both of them at the same time. When Paul flooded my pussy with his seed, I was determined to preserve it for my husband later, so I rushed upstairs to put on the biggest pair of knickers I had, but it occurred to me later how Paul might react to this less than flattering underwear. In the event, Paul was so enthusiastic about the sex we had enjoyed, I decided he was becoming too ‘clingy’ and ended our friendship.

I don’t like using condoms with my ‘lovers’. I love the feeling of their sperm inside me and the thought that they think they are impregnating me seems to heighten their enjoyment too. Add to this the pleasure it gives Nick afterwards as he plunders my well-used pussy and adds his own seed, it seems like a win-win for both of us.

Afterwards, when I started advertising again, I asked Nick whether he would like to help me choose my next fuck buddy, but he said he thought it should be solely my choice. Finding new partners is so difficult as, in addition to the safety aspects, I don’t want to find myself with someone who might infect me with something nasty. I often insist on using condoms initially, as you only really get to know someone when you have been to bed with them.

I got talking online to a guy called Adrian, who had recently come out of a long-term relationship. He is 40 years of age, 6 foot tall, fairly slim and fit and claimed to have a large cock. The size of his equipment wasn’t necessarily a deciding factor, but I decided we might get on. He said that, apart from his long-term partner, he had little experience of women, so it seemed he had had few sexual partners in recent years – which fitted my ideal profile. We met for a drink one evening and, whilst I don’t normally do it on the first date, the thought in my mind of his large cock was too much, and I gave him a blow job in the back seat of his car. I didn’t let him fuck me, but he fingered me to the most wonderful orgasm, and I think I made a bit of a mess on the seat of his car.

The second time was about a month later, when I asked him to book a hotel room and we met in the hotel bar. We chatted for a while and I made it clear that he would have to use a condom, which he had expected. When we went upstairs in the lift, the tension between us was electric, but we had to keep our distance because there was another couple with us in the lift. It was quite funny because I think they realised there was something going on between us, and they kept glancing at each other. When we got into the room, I fell into his arms and we were immediately kissing passionately. We quickly stripped each other naked and he threw me onto the bed and went down on me, licking my clit and pushing his tongue deep into my pussy. I had one long massive orgasm on his tongue and, when I offered to return the favour, he said he was ready to fuck straight away. He rolled on a condom and then very gently entered me with his large cock. I would guess he was about 8 inches long with a large girth, but he slipped it in a little at a time and asked me several times along the way whether I was comfortable before continuing. He maintained his composure very well until he had me fully impaled, and then started to fuck me with increasing vigour. He didn’t last long the first time before he filled the condom with a great roar. I think I was shouting a bit too, but I didn’t notice much as I was lost in the moment with his cock pulsing inside me.

Afterwards, he disposed of the condom in the en-suite and rolled on another one. I noticed that he had brought a box of 12 condoms with him, and I hoped he wasn’t expecting to use all of them! He fucked me again missionary, then he turned me over and fucked me doggy, before finally fucking me missionary again, with my feet on his shoulders. By the time he filled the condom again, I had orgasmed in every position and I felt well and truly fucked. Afterwards, we lay together in the bed for some time, and I was quite pleased he did not start expressing undying love for me, as I would have had to end our friendship there and then.

The third time was in the same hotel. We met in the hotel bar again and had a really pleasant chat. I felt I was quite warming to Adrian and his big cock. After he had fucked me the first time and gone into the en-suite to dispose of the condom, I sneaked a look at the condom packet that he had left on the bedside table and there were still 9 of them in the packet. This suggested he was not having sex with anyone else, not that he was using condoms with anyway, so I decided I was comfortable to dispense with them. When Adrian got back into bed and I told him, he sounded really pleased and said “well, we better find out what it feels like then” and he proceeded to fuck me again. This time, it felt much more like real sex – bareback, with his cock hammering away at my pussy, giving me the sweetest orgasm. My husband, Nick, says that I am very noisy when I orgasm and I tend to be quite vocal in expressing my pleasure, not to mention some very crude language that I wouldn’t dream of using in everyday life. I think I was very like that on this occasion and, when Adrian flooded my cervix with his sperm, it felt quite special – the first time he had done that to me.

After we had met once more, I decided to ask Nick if he would like me to invite Adrian back to our house, like I had with Paul about 6 months before. Nick is very understanding about my extra-marital meetings, he says he doesn’t understand why I feel the need to do it (but then again neither do I), but on this occasion, he was quite enthusiastic. When I told Adrian about my suggestion, he was initially intrigued about why Nick would agree to it, but eventually he agreed to it too.

We had arranged for Adrian to visit on a Saturday evening and he arrived at our house very promptly at the appointed time, which I always think is showing respect for us. I was still upstairs getting ready for my ‘special entrance’ so Nick and Adrian were left to get to know each other initially. When I came downstairs in my best black undies – bra, French knickers, and hold-ups – they both murmured their appreciation. I then did my little show in the middle of the room as I stripped Adrian of his clothes and he stripped me of mine but, when I turned to throw the French knickers to Nick, who had been sitting in the corner, he was standing immediately behind me, clad only in his boxer shorts. He leaned forward to kiss me on the lips, rubbing my shoulders with his hands, and said “Adrian and I were talking before you came down, and we decided that what you really want is for both of us to make love to you at the same time”. Then he kissed me again, and turned me round for Adrian to do the same.

Nick said “I think we will be more comfortable upstairs, would you like to lead the way” and Adrian took me by the hand and we headed for the stairs. As we walked up the stairs, with Nick following behind, I felt a mild panic as I was no longer in control. Until now, I had managed to keep the two sides of my sex life – making love with my husband, and having sex with my ‘lover’ – quite separate, but they were now going to collide, and I wasn’t sure what the result would be. As we reached the top of the stairs, Nick said “left at the top Adrian” which suddenly struck me he meant the main bedroom, our marital bed!

I almost felt panic at the way things were developing, but didn’t have a chance to say anything as Adrian led me over to the bed and laid me down. By the time he went down on me and started licking my clitoris, all thoughts of panic had disappeared as my feelings of lust took over. Having licked me to my first orgasm, Adrian crawled up and presented his cock to my willing pussy. As usual, he entered me very slowly, initially with his bulbous end, and then a couple of inches at a time, asking me each time whether I was comfortable. Having got me fully impaled, he paused and kissed me on the lips, before gently starting to fuck me. I had sensed immediately he entered me that he simply wanted to plunge in and fuck me hard, so the control he exercised helped me to develop my orgasm gradually. At the peak of my orgasm, I was shouting out my pleasure and this helped Adrian to reach his peak, as he plunged into me one last time and held it there as he emptied his seed into me. The warm feeling as his cock twitched inside me felt truly wonderful.

I had no noticed Nick’s presence at all while Adrian and I were fucking – I gather he was sitting on a chair in the corner – but, as Adrian slipped out of me, Nick got up and joined us on the bed. Adrian seemed to realise that this was a moment for Nick and I, as he got up and went into the en-suite. Nick smiled and kissed me, “that was truly wonderful” he said. For my part, I didn’t want to talk about it, I wanted my lovely husband to fuck me – now – immediately – and I told him so. And he did, vigorously plunging into me well used pussy, when he came it was with a roar that sounded like a cry of victory. By the time he had finished, my pussy was a mess, with two lots of copious sperm leaking out all over the place.

I went into the en-suite, which Adrian had vacated by then, and Nick retreated to the bathroom. By the time I came out, my two lovely men had cleaned up the bed and were lying on each side of it. It crossed my mind that these two were clearly house-trained and I should consider keeping both of them. Nick patted the mattress between them and said “we’ve kept this space for you”, so I crawled up between them, and they proceeded to fuck me – repeatedly – with great passion – many times with both of them ‘seeing to me’ at the same time. Adrian came inside me twice more and Nick once, but I orgasmed more than a dozen times. Both of them were just as noisy as me when they orgasmed, pumping their sperm into me and shouting out their pleasure.

The highlight of the night for me was when I had decided to take the upper hand with Adrian and I was fucking him ‘reverse cowgirl’. He had cum inside me three times already and I wanted to feel his orgasm again, which was going to be a ‘big ask’. Nick pushed me backwards so I was laying on Adrian’s chest, and he started to maul my tits, as Nick began licking my clit, which set off the most epic orgasm, spreading from my pussy to my tits and eventually flooding the whole of my body. Nick said afterwards that he had not seen me shake and scream that much before.

It was nearly midnight by the time we all felt absolutely shattered. Adrian suggested he ought to leave, but I managed to persuade him to stay, which he did, and even had breakfast with us. I would like to say that we fucked again in the morning, but I was so sore down below, and they were both very considerate. As Adrian left, Nick shook his hand warmly and said “I’ll be in touch”, which I took to mean that this would be happening again. Oh how wonderful! For the first time in many years, I had felt like a complete woman, and I wanted more of it.

I have realised that, in writing my tale, I always refer to my lovers (and my husband) fucking me, rather than me fucking them, and I have tried to understand this mind set. I suppose it stems from my need to feel desired by my men, for them to want to impregnate me. I know I have always said that I will end any friendship if my lover becomes too attached to me, although I must confess that I am becoming rather ‘attached’ to Adrian myself.