Written by Stevebriar

16 Dec 2008

I am a bisexual man in my late forties and am open to any experience.

I am going to tell you about a recent experience that has

started a relationship with a male sub slave. My neighbours

were away on holiday and I knew that someone was going to

be at the house to check on the plants etc. However, this

afternoon I was home from work and doing some work in the

garden. I was fixing my motorcycle with a view to going out

for an evening ride as we were in summer. I was in my leathers

which I like to wear and which form part of my life as a dominant

master. Having fixed my bike I decided to trim the top of

the hedge between my neighbours house and mine. As I did

so something made me look in to the house and I could see a

pair of legs dressed in black PVC thigh boots. This intrigued

me, and very definitely was turning me on. I walked around

to the house and found the patio doors open. On the pretext

of seeing that the house was OK I went in. I called out and

walked in to the hall to find a shapely bottom bent over in

the aforementioned thigh boots. As the figure stood upright

I could see it was Brian, the father of my neighbour, Steve.

He looked very frightened, but I was really turned on and

told him he looked fantastic. He smiled and said that as

Steve and Jean were away he had taken the opportunity to

indulge in his favourite pastime and cross dress and a thigh

booted slut. I said he looked very horny and walked over

and put my hand on his PVC covered thighs. For a 58-year-old

man he was fit and his legs were long and shapely. I said he

should carry on dressing and I would come back in a while

I wanted to go to my house to get something. I went back home

and took off my leather jeans and put on my leather chaps

and studded jock to cover my cock and balls. I also put on

my Leather Jacket, Cap and my favourite pair of knee high

black leather bike boots. I lit up a cigar and set off back

to the neighbour s house. I let myself in and called out.

As I did so a tall slim blonde haired goddess came in. Dressed

in high heeled PVC thigh boots, latex corset bra and panties

with suspenders and fishnet stockings, she looked sexy

as fuck. I went over and held my arms out and Brian confessed

that he had never been dressed like this with anyone but

had always fancied me dressed in my leathers whenever he

had seen me on his visits to his son. I leaned forward, took

my cigar out of my mouth and wit the sweet smoke coming out

of my lips, and kissed him full on the mouth and fed him my

smoke. He confessed that he would like me to be his master.

I kissed him for a while and felt him relax. I then pushed

him down to his knees and said, Suck my cock like a cock hungry

bitch! With that he got down said Yes sir! and started

to give me beautiful blowjob. The session ended with me

fucking his beautiful pvc covered behind by sliding my

cock up inside his pvc panties and giving him his first dose

of cock cream in his ass. Since then we have experimented

with all kinds of sexual experiences in groups and alone,

so that my lovely TV maid slave Joanna now lives with me

as his son moved away. She now serves her master 24/7 as a rubber slut maid. May be there are other similar couple out there who would like to meet through SH?