Written by Deppy72

3 Apr 2008

hi my names jackie, ive been reading with very horny interest the stories my son inlaw has posted on here of us.

i have been getting very wet, its such a turn on reading them and reading you comments.

i have alot to thank my son inlaw for, im in a loveless marriage, was very rarely having sex and was very bored.

im 49 now and life was passing me by, until my s.i.l made his feelings known.

i have always liked him too, he has a great arse and a good size dick.

i had known for a while he fancied me, but never thought he would make an approach.i could tell the way he looked at me and i guessed he went through my dirty knickers! naughty boy!

i have always had a great relationship with my daughter and so dont want to hurt her feelings but things just happened.

this is what happened one night when the s.i.l took me out for a drink, he chose a coutry pub where no one would know us.

he bought me a white wine and we sat chatting, we get on really well, he started stroking my leg i had tights on. he really loves my legs in tights. i had started to wear trouser before we got it on as i think i have fat legs! but he told me other wise.

he stroked my leg al night and i was costantly feeling his cock over his jeans, he soon gets an erection.

we were both getting turned on and he suggested we go to the car, i didnt take mucjh persuading as i my fanny was getting wet and ready for him.

when we got outside we walked around the back and he pushed me against a wall and kissed me, he said to me 'i want you now!'

he pulled my skirt up and entered my tights his fingers found there way to my knickers. his hands entered them and he started to finger me.

i was getting very hot and bothered stop stop i told him and i drsagged him off to the car. is at him down in the passenger seat, i hitched my skirt up, pulled my tights and knickers down. by this time he hjad his cock out and i straddled him.

i gently rode his cock, it felt so good on my hairy fanny, i gradually went faster and faster my nipples were erect he fondled my breasts and managed to pop a tit out of my bra, he sucked and gently bit my nipple.

he soon spunked his love juice inside my wet pussy and i came 2 on his swollen knob!

he has also started taking me to local doggin sites which im just getting use to.

please let me know if you want some more

love jackie xx