Written by Humidortime

10 Oct 2014

Further to my last post, I have a little more on my large breasted wife's fun in our visit to our old home town. My wife had met up with John and Doug, both in their seventies, and both a little rough around the edges than her normal men. As we were away for a few days, we decided to meet up with John again. My wife had enjoyed teasing him, and his grabbing hands at her bosoms had only made her eager for another bit of fun. We met John in his local, this time he was with a different chap, Geoffrey. Geoffrey was a strange little old chap, with bottle top glasses. He was in his mid seventies, and had been a bus driver. Geoffrey could not keep his eyes off of my wife's breasts, and just talked to them instead of her face. John was a little more brazen, and snuggled up alongside my wife, having a sly rub of her breasts, when he could. We left the pub after a couple of drinks and walked to Geoffrey's house, which was a short distance away. Geoffrey and John, were both very eager to sit next to my wife, and ended up squashed on a 2 seater sofa. I always love to see these chaps eyes, as they realise that my wife's full breasts, will soon be in their hands. They looked over to me, as my wife unhooked her brassiere and pulled it out of one of her tops sleeves. He large breasts now swinging free, almost reaching her lap. Geoffrey took his glasses of and grabbed her, squeezing, sucking and rubbing against her, as his arousal became visible. John stood up and pulled his trousers down, showing his half erect mast. My wife lay back, and enjoyed the grabbing, as John pulled her pants down. She rubbed John, letting him squeeze her large wobbling right breast, as Geoffrey sucked hard on the left. Geoffrey was soon aboard, and within seconds let out a moan. John pushed him to one side, and entered her warmness, easing into Geoffrey's juice. Geoffrey tweaked her large raspberry shaped nipples, as John thrust away, my wife's breasts swaying like large trifles, as she moved with her randy old man. She played with Geoffrey's waning manhood, as John finished, gasping, as he also added to her wetness. After they had finished rubbing and squeezing her, she got dressed. They asked if she could stay the night, and although we were both tempted, I needed to have my share in peace, so we headed back to the hotel. Having got her to my room, I had my pleasure, enjoying her wetness, and squeezing her swinging breasts, as I took her from behind. It had been a great few days. This weekend we are visiting Charles, who my wife has been seeing for a few years now. I cant wait !