Written by P

11 Aug 2017

I've been married a long time to my lovely wife. Who is a curvy 36d blonde hair. We have always had a good but slightly boring sex life. I am always a bit more adventurous and would like to try new things. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened recently. Wifey was at work and I was home alone. We have a family friend who is younger and is gay. He had called round unexpectedly to drop off a birthday card and present for my wife. We started chatting over a beer and the conversation got onto sex. He asked haven't you ever fantasized about being with a man. I told him I had but I had never taken it further than that. He asked if I would like me to see what I'm missing. I rather excitedly said yes. We were in the lounge at home. So I pulled the curtains. When I turned round he was standing in front of me naked. He has a fit body and a lovely hard cock. Your turn he said. Within seconds I was naked too. He started kissing me I happily returned the favour. We were snogging like teenagers. Our naked bodies pressing against each others. Our hot hard cocks pressed against one another. He moved onto his knees and began sucking my cock. It felt amazing I thought I was gonna come there and then. He asked me to sit on the sofa he continued to bob his head up and down my cock. I said it's my turn. So we switched places. I started to lick his hot cock. Sucking gently up and down it felt so natural and really fucking sexy. He groaned as I sucked him. I got so wrapped up in the moment. That I hadn't heard a key go into the front door. It was my wife who had got off early from a training day !!

The next thing I heard was " what the fuck are you doing"? There was not a lot I could say. I was sucking our friends cock and we are both naked on the sofa. The next comment amazed me. She said " well you pair of dirty bastards. Don't stop I'm going to watch you"

She sat on the sofa opposite and said " Go on suck his cock" So initially I was a bit hesitant but I managed to look back towards my Mrs she was rubbing her pussy over her jeans. Me and our friend changed places and started snogging and wanking each others cocks. My Mrs began to strip and was soon naked. She sat on the other sofa fingering her now wet pussy and caressing her ample tits. I said to our friend. " are you gay or bi "? He said "bi" I said " I would love you to join me in fucking my wife if she doesn't mind " she said " I want you both to fuck me" The next thing I noticed was our friend sliding his big cock inside my Mrs cunt. She loved it and I licked his arse as he did It. I slid a finger then two in his arse. I lubricated it with spit and slid my cock into his arse. I began pumping as he fucked my Mrs. We eventually changed positions. My wife says to me" I want to watch you get fucked" So soon our friend was fucking my arsehole hard. I loved it and so did my Mrs. For the next few hours we fucked licked sucked each other and covered each other in spunk pussy juice and sweat. It was amazing and we are due to invite him over again soon. We can't wait