Written by marysboy

4 Dec 2007

Like so many of the men I read about I have always wanted to have my wife fuck another man. We have always fantasised while we make love. However, she always tells me that I\'m enough for her.

A few weeks ago she told me she was going with a friend of hers to a party for a co-worker who was getting married.

She said, sort of like a male bachelor

party. I asked, If there would be any male strippers. She replied, I can only hope so.

She got home very late and went into the bathroom. I was worried that maybe she was sick from drinking. I went into the bathroom to check. Instead of being sick I found her soaking in the bath tub. When I walked in she folded her arm over her breast.

I thought it was suspicious and asked, why are you covering your boobs. She dropped her arms down and said don\'t be mad at me. Her breast and her nipples were black and blue. What happened I asked.

She said after the party her girls friend and her had gone to a bar. Thet had had several drinks at the party and were feeling like more. She met this man who she said was a look like me. Tall, well built and Irish.

He told her how beautiful and resireable she was. He was a very funny fellow and madeher laugh. Her girlfriend said, she had to leave. My wife said no if Tom would drive her home she would stay awhile. You can bet Tom said yes.

They danced to the music of the jute box. Tom began to feel her up through her clothes. By the time the bar closed my wife said her pussy was running. Her nipples were hard and she wanted to fuck.

When they got in Tom\'s car instead of driving her home he took her to a secluded spot. Once therehe started to kiss her on the mouth. Her opened her bra and started to suck her breast like a hungry child. She said I thought he would suck my nipples off my breast.

Then we went in the back seat. Where he sucked me off. After I came he said, now me. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him dry and swallowed his load.

You are the best cock sucker I ever had he said as he drove me home. Do you think we might get together again.

He gave me his phone number. I said I can\'t promise you. By the time she finished her story I was rock. Take my cock in your mouth and show e how you sucked him. I knelt in the tub and she gave me a great blow job.

When we went to bed I asked do you want to see him again. She said yes. Then we fucked som more. She meets him next saturday.