Written by dakndonk

3 Sep 2010

My wife aged 25, size 12, 34FF, and I have been together for 9 years, we have really great sex but over the last few months we were feeling a little bit more experimental, We plucked up our courage and finally after weeks of talking about it we attended our 1st swingers party.

It was a wednesday evening and it was around 8.30pm, we went in very nervous not knowing what to expect, as the night went on their were around 12 guys and one woman, she was in her 40s and looked as though she had been there before, My wife and I wondered around with a towell each wrapped around us, we went into the first room and found a woman (40s) surrounded by 2 guys rubbing her tits,

We felt very out of place and swiftly moved on to the next room, room no2 was empty so we decided to enter and take our towells off, as i progressed to suck her tits we were soon interrupted by a nice gentleman aged around 50-60, he asked if he could come in, we said "sure" , i felt so nervous, My Mrs just told me to carry on were i left off, after 10 mins of sucking her tits and kissing we were joined in the room by 3 more guys all in their late 60s, I could see they were enjoying looking at my wifes pussy, i thought their might have been a few more girls and guys but tonight seemed to be the elder variety, We started laughing and carried on, My wife got onto her knees and bent over and started giving me a blowjob, her pussy was now on view to the guys sitting on the opposite bench, i could see they were all hard and one was masturbating.

The guy who entered the room 1st asked if he could join in, It felt weird, this guy was my dads age and he wanted a piece of the action, I told him ok, He started to rub his fingers around my Mrs pussy, she liked it, she started to moan at the same time as giving me a blowjob, the other guys i then noticed had also joined in. 3 pairs of hands around my wifes pussy and fingering her at the same time.

My wife stood up and asked which guy wanted their dick sucked first, they all started laughing and put their hands up at the same time!.

their we were, me and 3 old guys standing in a row getting our dicks sucked by my wife (what a sight!) this went on for about 10 mins, by then the room had 7 guys all in their late 60s except one who was around 40, I heard on guy say to me as my wife sucked his dick "your a lucky guy" i laughed and carried on watching, a few minutes later my wife was sucking my dick hard that i felt the urge to cum, i said i'm gonna cum, she opened her mouth fully and i cummed in her mouth, with that i heard the other guys ask if they could cum in her mouth too, My wife kept her mouth open still showing my cum in her mouth, one by on each guy cummed in her mouth, she took 5 loads of cum, i thought she would have spat it out because the guys were a little too old for her liking but she swallowed it all and reopened her empty mouth.

I couldn't believe she swallowed a strangers cum, i was a bit uncomfortable with it but didnt show, i left the room with 2 of the guys and we walked into another room to get a drink. The place had a few more people by now, after a chat for around 10 mins i walked back into the same room as my wife as i had got her a bottle of water, to my suprise here she was sitting on some guys dick while another guy was fucking her arse, My wife was being double penetrated and she loved it, she was moaning and moaning that i became hard again, by now there were around 8 guys in the room, 4 white guys and 3 black guys all in their 30-60s, everyone was having ago, the three black guys had big dicks and my wife could see that, she got down on her knees and told everyone in the room to cum in her mouth.

After about 15mins she had around 6 mouthfulls in her mouth, she wanted to see how many cum shots she could hold, i couldn't believe it, i've neer seen my wife as dirty, the black guys shot their cum in her mouth and one guy cum so much he cum for ages, she had so much cum in her mouth she turned to me and had her mouth open, it was so erotic that i cum instantly again and shot my load in her mouth,

She closed her mouth and swallowed all of it, the other guys were impressed, they gave her a clap, We then went for a shower and had a chat, i said to her i cant believe you swallowed all that cum, she then replied neither can i but it tasted good.

We haven't been since as i was a little overwhelmed, but we plan to go again in the near future.