Written by Spirit66

1 Mar 2013

We met in the hotel bar. My wife Sue was nervous yet excited and looked a little uncomfortable as Steve kissed her on the cheek. I left them, and ordered some drinks watching carefully from the bar. They were chatting and laughing which I took as a good sign. This was potentially to be the first time I would watch my wife with another man and the anticipation of whether she would or not was almost unbearable. I returned with the drinks and we chatted for over an hour, there was an increasing tension in the air as Sue and Steve began to flirt. Steve went to the toilet and I couldn't wait to ask "Well?". Sue smiled, "he's gorgeous, funny and my type - I'm tempted" she giggled. We'd agreed that Sue was in complete control of the evening so when Steve returned I left them alone for a while. On my return Sue announced that she had invited Steve back to our room and did I want to join them? I told them to go ahead and I would just finish my drink. On reaching our room I wasn't sure what I would find, I was greeted with the sight of my wife locked in a passionate kiss with Steve. I brushed passed them and sat down watching silently as Sue turned to face me. Steve was standing behind her gently kissing her neck as he began to remove her dress. He unhooked her bra and released Sue fantastic breasts - I should describe Sue, 34E with a lovely curvy figure. Steve cupped Sue's breasts and gently caressed her erect nipples something I knew drives her wild. He reached down and slipped a hand inside her knickers and between her legs - the sigh she gave spoke volumes and she looked at me for the first time. She turned to face Steve and removed his jacket and began to unbutton his shirt before dropping to her knees in front of him. Sue unbuttoned Steve's trousers and again glanced in my direction before removing his boxers to reveal his cock for the first time. It was already hardening as she took hold of it and began to slowly caress it's length. Sue looked hard at me as she then took his impressive cock in her mouth for the first time - I felt a hint of jealousy at this point which was over-ridden by excitement. After a few minutes, Steve pulled Sue to her feet and motioned to the bed where they lay down and continued to kiss and touch each others bodies. Steve removed Sue's knickers and slid down her body and began to lick Sue. I knew how good she tasted and wished it was me. Steve made Sue cum for the first time and it was strange to watch her body shake and rock at the pleasure of someone else. Steve now positioned himself between her legs with his hard cock ready. Sue gave a gasp as Steve eased the first few inches of his cock inside her pussy she turned to me mouthing "I love you". Steve commenced a slight rocking motion without actually entering Sue any deeper - this seemed to really tease Sue and she grabbed at his hips in an attempt to pull him closer and deeper. Steve resisted and held Sue's hands without changing his motion. I could quiet moans come from Sue as Steve eased a further couple of inches in whilst continuing his "rocking motion". "I want you, I want you deep inside me" she gasped. Steve told her to be patient and then slowly slid the final few inches of his hard cock inside Sue's eager pussy. Sue let out a loud moan and closed her eyes as Steve remained deep inside her without moving. This was to be an intense sensual fuck. I watched in awe as Steve withdrew slowly and deliberately leaving only the very tip inside and then carefully and just as slowly eased back in this continued allowing Sue to enjoy feeling every inch of his thick cock slide in and out. Sue gave a sigh at every stroke and as Steve slowly fucked her whilst playing with he fantastic nipples. The pace began to build and Steve started to fuck Sue with long, deep thrusts while he held her hips down against the bed. He was in complete control and my wife was consumed with the pleasure he was providing. It wasn't long before her second orgasm from Steve, she squealed with delight as his cock took her over the edge and into ecstasy, breathing "Yes, yes, yes..." with each thrust. I was fascinated and yet jealous that someone else could achieve what I could with Sue. Steve had hardly spoke but told Sue he wanted her from behind, she smiled and said "with pleasure". The assumed the position and again Steve began with easing the first few inches inside Sue and held her hips firmly so that he was again in control. This continued until Steve suddenly started to thrust deeper but and the pace started to quicken. The final minutes of this "show" turned out to be what I can only describe as a frantic fuck. After all the control, Steve began to thrust faster and harder whilst Sue pushed back against each thrust. I sat there engulfed in the passion, wondering who would succumb first? It was Steve, his pace quickened further and with a roar he came inside Sue. She screamed at him not to stop, "fuck me, yes, yes...go on Steve yes" and then she shuddered and squealed as her orgasm completely consumed her body. It had finished, my loving wife had been fucked by another man for the first time in front of me...