Written by star 69

23 Oct 2009

As I continued to suck and lick all 8 inches of his swollen member he interrupted my wife from rubbing her now swollen clit on the opposite chair and told her to start loosening my virgin hole. With that I took his cock as far as I could and held it there which made me gag. I felt my knickers being pulled to the side as I had done so often done to her.

She slowly rubbed some lube around me with two fingers, before gradually easing them into my arse. I let out a slight groan as she reached as far as she could go, but Tom told me not to stop sucking. ‘This is nothing compared to taking that monster!’ she said, as she removed them only to instantly replace them with three fingers. I could feel that she was spreading and closing her fingers to open me wider, by the sounds she was making she was loving this as much as I was. As I took Tom’s cock out of my mouth I looked behind me to see her with her other hand stroking her obviously moist pussy in the same rhythm as she was finger fucking me.

Tom decided that we needed to move to the bedroom as the sofa was becoming too cramped for the three of us. With that my wife straightened my knickers, but left hers off, leaving just her hold ups in place. Tom was completely naked, and led us both to the bedroom that he had used on many occasions before.

To resume the situation I was instructed kneel down. Tom stood next to the bed stroking his huge cock as my wife began to probe my arse once again to ready me. Fuck, this was so horny. My hole was as relaxed it would ever be as she continued to probe me. She took hold of Tom thick cock and pulled him towards my arse. I felt his tip against the hole. Slowly, he began to ease himself into me. This was the most incredible feeling; I could have come there and then. My wife repositioned herself in front of me, so that I could begin to lick her pussy as I was about to get fucked. Just when I thought he must have been totally in, he thrust the final inch which made me groan whilst gripping the top of my stockings. He slowly retracted it all the way to admire my now gaping hole before beginning to slowly fuck my very relaxed arse. My wife cunt was soaking as I tried to keep up in between taking each trust. I knew Tom wasn’t going to last long at this pace, and by now my wife and succumb to frantically frigging herself close to orgasm. With that I felt his huge cock swell inside me, unloading shot after shot of his warm seed deep into my loose hole. At the same time my wife held her pussy open as she came in my mouth.

Tom removed is cock and lay down on the side of the bed. We all reflected on what had just happened for a few seconds before he told her to position herself underneath me in a 69. As I remained in my assumed kneeling position my knees were beginning to ache but as I was the only one who hadn’t been allowed to cum, I didn’t care.

After a while I could start to feel Toms cream seeping out of my arse to where my wife open willing mouth was waiting. Tom instructed her to lick my hole as he watched. This was a first for both of us, but she seemed to be enjoying it, I certainly was. Satisfied that I was completed clean we all we lay on down on the bed. By now I was desperate to cum and they both knew this.

My wife positioned her mouth in front of my cock, while Tom began to slowly wank me. I swear I lasted seconds before shooting a load into my wife’s mouth. I may have cum more previously but I struggled to remember when. All completely satisfied we wondered if another experience could ever feel so filthy and horny again. That was a first, and it hasn’t happened since, although Tom continues to fuck my wife on a regular basis and has discussed a repeat performance with her. If it happens, I’ll keep you posted……..