Written by weshould

12 Jun 2009

> > > > My Sexual Encounters

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> > > > Well it all started when my partner decided i needed a little spice in my life, so i got up the courage to do something about it. I was catching up with an old girlfriend from school i had not seen a a while out to lunch and we got chatting about our partners and then it got to talking about her sex life and what she wasnt getting out of it and had decided she wanted to try being with another women to see what it was all about, anyway as we got further into the conversation and a few more wines i admitted that i would be interested in trying bi as well. One thing lead to another and we found ourselves booked into the local motel. Both being very nervous about the whole thing and not sure where to begin decided we would have a shower together and go from there. As we undressed we both keep looking at each other a little unsure but carried on anyway, as we got into the shower our bodies touched which gave me a very strange tingle and i think she felt the same, as we soaped up i turned and started to wash her back which seemed to get her aroused she turned to face me and touched my breast which made me feel really turned on so we both started to wash each other and in doing so started to fondle each other which was a real turn on. We had a few kisses and a few more touches and finally got out of the shower and climbed on to the bed both still being wet made things a little easier for nibbling nipples and just licking other other all over. When she finally reached down and inserted her finger into my pussy i thought i was going to jump of the bed but she persisted and i responded withn thrusting my pussy at her to say give me more it was such a good feeling i told her to use some extra fingers and put them in as far as she good oooooooooooo what a great feeling, i just had to have a go at this so i statred to lick her clitty and the response i got from that made me really what to suck harder and harder and boy she tasted good my tongue inside her pussy lapping away we were both so excited we got into a 69 position and sucked and played with each other until there was no way of either of us was not going to have a great orgasm and it was as good as i imagined it seemed to go on forever it neither of us wanted it to stop, we both just lay on the bed exuasted and feeling pretty good about ourselves. We decided to catch up again the next week and bring our partners, both of us hoping that maybe a some stage in the evening we might be able to talk them into maybe watching the two of us together we didnt think that would to much of a drama anyway on to next week.

> > > > AS i said my friend and i would see about getting together with our partners for a night out, they both agreed to go out for dinner on Friday night so in the meantime we organized a room at the hotel we were going to have dinner at just incase things got interesting. Friday came and we got ourselves organised for dinner me feeling a little more than nervous, we meet and had drinks before going on to dinner and the boys were getting on very well which got us a little more than excited knowing that the room we had booked would probably get used.

> > > > During dinner my friend and i got a little touchy feely and the guys noticed what was going on and keep looking at each other not quite sure what to make of it but you could see they were morwe than interested. As dinner progressed and a few more wines we sugessted that we make a move the guys thinking ok time to go home they were a little more than taken aback when we headed for the lift strange looks on their faces, we couldnt help but have a good giggle so we informed them that we had booked a room for the 4 of us, asking what was going to happen we just let hang a little longer. Once in the room i kissed my partner long and hard and disapeared into the other room along with my friend, either of them not sure how to respond got themselves a drink and sat, in the meantime we had a quick shower and laid down on the bed and started to fondle each other her licking my pussy and tickling my viginal hole it felt sooooo good anyway the guys could hear a few strange noises and came to inspect with a bit of a shocked look on their faces we said well you cant say this is something you guys have not thought about or fantasied about. So sitting down in the couple of chairs we placed at the foot of the bed they sat and watched our show, with them being there turned both of us on even more i was sucking and licking her nipples with my fingers making my way down her body to play with her clitty the minute i touched her she arched her back to say give me more so i moved tongue right on down to her pussy and stsrted sucking having already inserted 2 fingers in her pussy she was asking for more she was looking to do the same to me so i let my fingers linger in her pussy while she adjusted herself to fit in with me laying side by side playing with each other and kissing. Looking at the guys every now and then we could see they were getting very turned on diffently bolging trousers happening. As the two of us were getting really into it we felt extra hands happening looking up to see what was going on we found that the boys had undressed and wanted to join in so we let them both have a little fondle to get them really turned on which they already were looking at their very erect dicks. My friends partner was keen on having a play around with me so getting myself into position legs spread knees up told him to get his tongue working didnt need to be told twice straight into it licking and lapping away as if he couldnt get enough of me, he had a very nice tongue and he knew how to use it before long he had me to an orgasm i have not had in a long time and it seemed to go on forever when i had finally finished i was exhausted and just lay for awhile to gather myself. In the meantime my partner and his partner had been watching all of this going on not having made a move as yet decided it was now their turn to have a go. She went down on my partner as if she hadnt seen a cock in years taking his cock right down into her throat him loving every minute of it he couldnt get enough he keep thrusting his cock further further down her throat until i thought she was going to chock and then with out warning he came so quickly he was shooting so much cum it was running out the side of he mouth like a running tap, i have never seen him so turned on he just lay exhausted with a smile on his face that i think lasted for days. We all played on for a while longer i wanted him to fuck me he had such a thick long cock i had to feel that inside me before leaving glad i did it was fantastic it didnt take long for another orgasm which i have to say does not happen very often. All having had a great time we made another time to get together a a week or two.

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