Written by tonjan

2 Jun 2015

This is a tru story. my wife is a fabulaus size 12 with what i consider the most fabulous body.

Febuary this year i bumped into a long time friend of mine that I haven.t seen for ages

His name is Lance. We are both lorry drivers. when we met again he was nursing a broken arm.

and at a loose end for the weekend. so I sugested he come to ours for the weekend. so with

the invite accepted i was off to asda for vodka.he arrived at six and straight away payed jano many complements. before long we were all getting quit pissed.now my wife as always been a flurt and loves attension as the evening went on and the drinks flowed the conversation turned more sexual.

Jan having been drinking quit alot said out of the blue ive some lovely sex gear upstairs illcbe back in a minute. when she appeared she blow my mind she was wearing a favourite of mine a totaly see through dress which you could see straight through. well jaws dropped. the site is a still a turn on. when out of the blue while sat next to lance she started to tuch and rub his cock. well you could have cut the attmospher with a knife. my wife was sitting there in a totaly see through dress playing with another mans cock.and the if on que lance said I havent been able to wash or shower for ages would you mind helping me wich jan said come on then lets get you clean. the jan took lance up stairs into our ensuite and started to help him undress. she stripped him naked and as she took off his pants she kissed his cock which by now was fully errect and I must say quit impressive it must have been 9inches and quit thick. Jan then when to turn on the shower. then she started to take her see through dress of and the sight of her naked with errect nipples and the look of I need this guys cock in me now. the felling was highly sexuall. with the shower runing she led lance into the shower with one hand pulling his cock once in the shower she poured shower gel onto the scruch then started to wash his back with her other hand reaching round to play with his cock. then she turned him around and washed the front of him. then she put the scrunch into lances hand and said your turn with his cast arm up against the wall he usded his other hand to wash Jans body first her back the with her back to him she put gel into his good hand and said rub me with this he started to rub the gel into jans body touching her tits and rubbing her clit jan then started to play with and rub his cock which was on the brink of explosion. she said lets place this between my legs

then you can get closer well lance couldnt contain him self any longer with his good hand he started to finger jan then he positioned him self to make it easyier to push his cock into jans pussy he started to fuck jan and kepet going until they both came once they had finished and after some conversation we all went to bed me extremaly turned on jans pussy dripping wet with lances cum the felling of putting your cock into a pussy that has loads of sperm owsing out of it is the most amazing feeling we fucked for hours that night and we both said this must not be the last time we experience this so we are now planning more for the future

having read some of the other stories i know this doesnt mach up but all a can say is this real