Written by Bobybigballs

21 Jul 2011

Yes i was invited to Abfabs by a couple i have chatted to on and off over the last 8 months on SH. I met them at the club at 10.15 she was dressed very sexy we all had a drink and a chat and walked around the club a few times and decided to go to the cinema room and sat at the back a girl in the corner was giving a guy a BJ and their was a hot naked girl standing by the door kissing a guy as another was licking her. Daniella sat between me and her man for a min as we watched the porn film which was getting me hard which she could see so she moved down and undid my trousers to free my cock and took it in her mouth felt so good as i had not wanked since the Tuesday and she sucked me off to completion swallowing my cum good girl then she turned and sucked off her man as i fingered her v wet pussy. Then we had another drink and thay went home at Midnight shame. So off i went to see what fun i could find was def 60/40 to couples. I went into the dark room and could just make out a girl sucking a guy as she rubbed her self so i just got on my knees and dived in and started to lick her and finger her which she enjoyed i asked if she would like a fuck but guy said no so i left. I saw a gang bang going on in the swing room next door but was to many single guys in their so went back to the lounge where i got the eye from a guy who was rubbing is wives pussy so just went over and sat next to them and ran my hand down to her panties and pulled them to one side and and started to rub her wet pussy i then just got down on my knees and dived in and started to lick her and fingered her to orgasm as her partner played with her tits must have been a room full of people watching don't know what got into me but a few drinks def helped. I got up and on the round bed just behind me was a tangle of naked bodies and one girl was sucking a cock while rubbing her open pussy so i dived in to my third pussy of the night and licked and fingered it i think every one was on heat. So then said to me please fuck me so i put on a condom and went for it and fucked her till i spunked in the condom inside her then went to clean up. It was nearly 2 am so decided to go for a swim to cool off, in the pool 3 couples were having sex then i noticed a group of guys in the hot tub so got out the pool to investigate and found 4 guys being sucked off in turn by a very sexy tall young girl i guess she was 26 so i just go in and she came up and sucked me hard felt so good and was def buzz being watched by every one . Guess we stayed in the hot tub for 5 mins then she said would we like to come and join her and her partner in the log cabin room for a Gang Bang so was to be my first one we all said yes think one guy bottled out so it was 4 of us and her and i dived in and stated to lick her she was shaven and tasted amazing and clity was hard between my lips as she moaned so my forth pussy i had lick that night what had got into me still cant believe it happened. she was sucking the guys off as i licked her then she said put on a condom and fuck me so i did never done that infornt of a group before was so horny watching her suck them as i fucked her then she told me to get on my back as i still had condom on and she got on top and told another guy to fuck her ass so we dp`ed for a few mins then she turned into a 69 on me and as i licked her and she sucked me a guy side his cock into her pussy above my mouth was well horny i think she swallowed the last of my cum i was so hot by now after she finished i said thank and went back to the pool to cool off i saw a couple in the hot tub it was 2.40am so i got in and he got out and i recognised her from the round lounge bed as the girl i had fucked early and she just came and lay on top of me in the hot tub rubbing her tits in my face and body along my cock and i got hard again and she said i want you to fuck me again so i told her to sit on the side of the hot tub and i put on a condom and fucked her again then she said she wanted it from behind so i turned her over and made her orgasm again. Then she got out and said thanks and left i was fucked. But my night was not quite over as i put my robe on thort i take one last walk around and went back into dark room again where a girl was on all fours on the couch sucking a guy so sat behind her and started to finger her very wet pussy she turned to me and said well what are you waiting for put on a condom and fuck me so i did but by now my balls were empty but shagged her for a few mins before another guy wanted a go. still cant believe all that happen on Friday night was so wild almost like a dream but was amazing so i had a nice shower then back into my van for a sleep till the morning. All 100% true.

Chat soon Robert