Written by Dave and Karen

5 Sep 2011

Last week, both my wife and I had the day off work to do some furniture shopping. We went out in the morning, bought a few things and then decided to have lunch in a small pub alongside a local river. We had an early brunch and then decided to go for a walk along the tow path to work off the meal and the beers we had. My wife is Karen, 48, still with firm round natural breasts of 42d, a smooth shaven pussy and with decent figure for her age. I am Dave aged 54. We wandered for about an hour in one direction, when the heavens opened up. We were in the open with fields either side of us. In the distance I saw a boat moored up and we ran towards it. We were completely soaked to the skin by the time we arrived at the narrow boat. It appeared to be empty as I looked through one of the windows. We were in the middle of nowhere, nothing around for miles with the rain still lashing down. Karen shouted at me through the rain that we had better go back to the pub as it did not matter now as we were soaked. Suddenly a hatch at the back of the boat opened up and a head appeared. It was an old boy and he shouted at us to come aboard. We clambered onto the deck area at the back of the boat and a door opened. The old boy welcomed us aboard. He introduced himself as Kevin and he was totally naked. He told us he was 66, a widow and that he had this boat for pleasure. He was also a naturist.

He told us to get out of our wet clothes and provided us with two towels. He showed us into one of the two bedrooms. He left us to put the kettle on. As we stripped, Karen commented on the size of Kevin’s penis hanging between his legs. She said it must be at least 6 inches long and was quite thick. He was also completely shaved around his prick and balls. We put the towels around us. But they were small towels, so Karen put it around her waist, leaving her tits exposed. We went out in to the galley, where Kevin had made a pot of tea. He asked if we wanted anything stronger. He offered us some lamb’s Navy rum. We accepted and he poured out three large glasses for us all. We all sat there talking and drank a few more glasses of rum each. Karen asked him about being a naturist and he explained both he and his wife were naturist, but unfortunately she died a year ago from cancer. He told us he enjoyed being naked whenever the opportunity arose. He went to clubs during the summer and whenever he was on the boat he would be naked a he went up rivers and canals. He would slip on shorts when he got off to go through locks etc. Karen was getting a bit tipsy and said she was getting warm and needed to go outside to cool down as it had now stopped raining. She let her towel drop to the floor and walked to the door and went outside. Kevin commented on how shapely her body was and how well formed her breast were. He got up and said lets join her outside. We both got up, I let my towel drop to the floor and we went out side. Kevin bought the rum bottle and glasses out with him. I sat on one side of the deck and Karen and Kevin sat together on the bench opposite. It was pleasant in the late afternoon sun. We carried on drinking and talking.

After a couple more large glasses of rum, Karen then said to Kevin. “Hope you don’t mind but I can’t stop looking at your penis and comparing to Dave’s. I bet your wife was satisfied when you made love to her”. Kevin said “She never complained. We have a healthy sex life”. Karen said” How big is it when it’s erect? Dave gets to about 6 inches. Don’t get me wrong I love Dave and I am satisfied with our sex life, but I have read about big pricks and wondered what one would be like”. I then said “Kevin, would you mind if Karen touched your penis”. He said “No” and stood up in front of Karen. All the talk of sex and his prick was semi erect by now. Both Karen and I were virgins when we met 30 years ago and have been faithful since then. Karen took hold of Kevin’s prick and played with it. Rubbing it and massaging his ball bag. I sat next to Karen and took hold of her right breast and played with her nipple. She then said to Kevin “When was the last time you had sex with a woman” He said “Not since my wife died and I did not have sex with her for the last three months of her life as she was too ill”. Karen looked at me and I knew what she was going to say, so I said “Kevin, Karen would like to have sex with you. I do not mind as long as I can watch and join in”. He said “I had a vasectomy years ago and fire blanks. Karen look at my scrotum on the left and you will see the operation scar”. Karen picked up his ball bag and found his scar. She then lent forward and took his now erect 9 inch penis into her mouth. She sucked and licked his large bulbous purple bell end. She then ran her tongue down the length of his shaft, taking part of his ball bag into her mouth. She then licked him back up to the end of his prick and took him back into her mouth and preceded to mouth fuck him. I looked around to see if anyone was coming down the towpath but the place was deserted.

Kevin lent forwarded and took hold of Karen’s head and she went up and down on his prick. I then put my hand in between her legs and found her clit. I gently rubbed it and it started to swell with her sexual excitement. She came after a couple of minutes of me rubbing her. She released Kevin from her mouth, stood up and turned around. She bent over and held the side of the boat, spreading her legs. Kevin did not have to be told and slipped his prick into her moist pussy. He slowly went in and out of her cunt, nearly pulling his prick out and then sliding the full length of it right up her love box. Karen was moaning with delight as he fucked her. I will give Kevin his due, even after not having sex for over a year, he was stayer. He fucked Karen for 15 minutes, she came once more as he fucked with long hard strokes, bouncing his ball bag against her bum cheeks. He then grabbed her arse cheeks and told her he was coming. I was wanking my prick as he fucked her. He gave a shout as he came up her, bringing Karen to another climax. He withdrew his prick and Karen knelt on the bench. She took my prick into her moth as I came. She loves the taste of spunk and swallowed my load. Kevin and I then sat either side of Karen, taking a tit each and gently rubbing her nipples.

It was now about 5 pm and I asked Karen if she wanted to go home. She said she would like to stay for a while longer. Kevin suggested we stay for tea as he had plenty of food in. We all went inside and prepared our meal. We all remained naked. Both Kevin and I felt Karen at every opportunity we had touching her breast and fingering her wet soggy pussy, as Kevin’s spunk dribbled out. We ate, Kevin and Karen had some more rum and then we retired to Kevin’s bedroom. Karen lay on the bed and Kevin got down and sucked her pussy as she sucked my prick stiff. Kevin turned onto all fours. He entered her again as I knelt in front of her so she could suck my prick. Kevin fucked long and hard making her scream with delight. She came as his prick expanded up her as he came. He with drew and I took his place and fucked her doggy style. It felt funning fucking with another man’s warm spunk up her cunt. I came quite quickly, adding my spunk to Kevin’s. We all lay on the bed. It was then time for us to leave. We told Kevin we would be in contact and attend a naturist club with him. Karen said to me “Lets walk as far a we can along the tow path naked.” I agreed. We said our goodbyes to Kevin and set off down the tow path. We walked hand in hand with our clothes in a rucksack Kevin had given us. We managed to get within sight of the pub before we had to put our clothes on.

Once home, Karen has become a changed woman. Every opportunity she gets she strips off. At home she is naked all the time and our sex life is even better. We have been in contact with Kevin and as soon as we get a decent sunny day we will attend his local sun club in Kent.