Written by dave

15 Mar 2010

i had always fantasised about watching another guy fuck my wife and when we were first together and getting to know each other intimately we shared our fantasies. obviously mine was to watch her being fucked by another man and then she surprised me by telling me she wanted to be with 2 guys at once and that she had always wanted to have a black cock inside her. you would think then that we had many naughty sexy encounters where i got to watch my wife with other men. no nothing ever happened and despite talking dirty to her during sex and saying how much i would like it if she had a lover nothing happened. eventually our sex life dropped off and i was starting to despair. i started masturbating more and more thinking of her fucking other men.

one day she mentioned that there was a fit black guy she used to see at the train station who kept saying hello to her. then she was having coffee after work with her work colleague and then going shopping on saturdays but coming back without having bought anything. then i noticed skimpier and skimpier knickers and then she started wearing skirts more and more. i fantasised she was fucking this guy but never believed she was. one night she went to bed early and i was watching tv and i went to the toilet and saw her in bed playing with her phone. she said she was playing snakes. a while later i could hear muffled moans coming from the bedroom and i realised she was masturbating. i then realised she was having text sex with someone and i was turned on instantly. from then on it was who was he what did he look like what were they doing together. i enjoyed her not telling me more than if she had of told me as i could make any fantasy i wanted, any dirty scenario.

i never mentioned it and i think this made her a little blasie about things and i gradully started to suspect more than just one fit black guy. she started asking about one of my friends who i told her had a habit of fucking his mates wifes. she said to me whats wrong with that?. we were driving somewhere and i jokingly mentioned having sex in the car somewhere and she said if she had known she would have worn a skirt as its easier to fuck with a skirt than in jeans. then i really started to run wild with my fantasies fuelled by the fact my wife had taken a lover on her terms and was doing it the old fashioned way behind my back. then that she had got such a kick out of that she took another lover more local and more risky upping the stakes by fucking my mate under my nose. one night i had gone to the pub and said i would be home at 1030. 1030 came and i was still in the pub and she rang but not to tell me off like usuall but just to see what time i was comming home and also saying she was trying her new phone. twice during this conversation she moaned like she was being fucked, like her lover had rubbed her clit unexpectedly or slid his cock right in taking her by surprised or maybe she was just so turned on at fucking her lover in our bed while talking to me on the phone. my mind was racing, my cock was rock hard, i wanted to go straight home despite getting a pass till midnight so i could catch them in the act so i could see if it was true. i resisted as i didnt want to be diappointed. a couple of days later we had sex after about 2 months without and while fucking i started talking dirty. normally she says no babe dont. i said to her that i thought she had fucked another man. she just said lustfully maybe and went along with my fantasy. i didnt last long wondering in my mind how many different guys had fucked her and if she had fucked them bareback letting them shoot thier cum deep inside her pussy. this played on my mind for a year before i finally said to her that as i hadnt got her pregnant maybe i should see if its me. sure enough it was me. she was upset but not too bad.

i said to her why dont we go away for a weekend somewhere well away and maybe go to a pub or club and find a guy she likes so she could fuck her and get her pregnant. she was right up for the idea and very happy that i wanted to do that for her. i said we both benefit as i get to watch another man fuck her and come inside her and she gets a baby. she said really turn u on that much another man fucking me. yes i said id love it. i always wanted you to have a lover so you could have another cock on a regular basis. she asked me if i would be annoyed if she had fucked another man. my heart raced as i knew a confession was coming. i said no id love it, i had suspicions of it for a while and it was such a turn on. shelooked at me coyly and asked if i wanted to know everything. i said yes.

mysuspicions about the black guy at the train station was right. he was her first. after a while of passing and saying hi they saw each other in the evening and he asked her for coffee. they went to a cafe and sat away from the other people in a booth and chatted and swapped numbers. he was very forward and very seductive and pretty quickly had her skirt up and his hand in her panties playing with her pussy. they left the cafe and went to the train station car park and he mounted her in his car. she told me that he was going to wear a condom but she told him to fuck her bareback and come inside her. unknown to me she came home that night and we had dinner all the while she had another mans come inside her making her pussy all sticky soaking through her panties. on the saturday she went shopping. what she really did was go to his house and spend half a day being fucked by him every which way bareback.

the following week she was late home from work 3 times due to meeting him to fuck. again on the saturday she went shopping. this time abraham had a surprise for her in the form of 2 fit black friends. she told me how she fucked them all one after the other again and again loving the fact that id love to see it yet i didnt know and it was her naughty secret. she told me that it was all she could think about when she would next have another mans cock up her. one saturday she did go shopping into town and that was when she bumped into richard. he took her for a coffee and they were chatting and he told her not to mention seeing him coz i would be unhappy. she asked why. he said that he had fucked a few of his mates wives and he had fucked a few of my girls before. she said to him that she didnt want to be left out and would be insulted if he didnt fuck her. they went to the car park and drove the short journey to his flat. she said that once inside they were like animals. he kept telling her how much he had wanted to fuck her and how much he liked sticking his cock up my wife behind my back. she just loved having his cock although it did turn her on doing it so close to home. by this time she was regulary fucking 4 different guys. richard was local so he was always handy when i went to the pub and she confessed he was fucking her the night she called me. i was so hard i just wanted to comne there and then. i asked her if there was any more. she gingerly said yes. she said she had told richard about fucking another guy and how much she loved fucking other men behind my back. he suggested maybe him and one of his mates do her at the same time. she jumped at the chance and so she took a day of work unknown to me and spent the entire day fucking my best mate and another man. after a while of this richard suggested the 3 of them go away together. she told me she had to go on work trip and and richard told me he was going to spain. in reality the 2 of them spent 4 days fucking my wife and taking her to clubs, fucking in public places. she was totally insaitable. she then asked what i wanted to do bout richard. i said nothing. let him carry on not knowing i know just tell me the juicy details. we also took a lodger in who fucks her while i watch or they sleep together while i sleep in the spare room wanking. she finds it easier to see her lovers now and lets me fuck her alot more. i know its not the same for her with me knowing theres not such a thril. i hope she has the odd one night stand to keep that thril going for her.