Written by asdf

20 May 2010

i have always wanted to have sex with my wife in the woods,and i've been trying to convince her for years. this year i thought id try again and to my surprise she agreed. it was a nice sunny day we drove off to the woods with the little picnic she'd prepared, i was so excited. we sat drank some wine andtalked for a while, she ,i mean my wife gill told me i can have anything i wanted but only for this birthday, we started kissing gill had on a wrapover type dress that was fastened by a belt she stood up and untied this and let her dress drop to the floor standing there in hold up stockings and a thong she looked stunning, i got to my feet and started to caress her breasts as she undone my trousers i was out of my clothes in no time, gill knelt down and started to wank my cock then licking the tip before giving me a fantastic blow job, as she paused she said did i realise that we were being watched i looked in the direction she said and there were two guys wanking watching us, i had always wanted to watch gill with another guy but she has always flatly refused and i thought this would be the same, then surprised when she said that we should invite them over i asked if she was sure and she said she was she took my cock in her mouth again and i waved for them to come over, both stood either side of her as she took it in turns to wank and suck us, both males werein there late twenties alot younger than gill and i. one of them lay her down on the rug and removed her thong slowly slipping a finger into her wet pussy then going down to lick her parting her legs wide the other had his cock in her mouth pushing it deeper, this went on for about 5 minutes,then they got her on her haands and knees i watched as the cock slowly entered her pussy then getting faster and harder gill was telling him to fuck her hard slapping her backside then taking the other cock back into her mouthand as he heldher head he fucked her mouth after a while she asked me to lie on the floor and she straddled me putting my cock in her soaking wet pussy riding me then she lent forward and asked one ofthe guys to fuck her arse i have never seen gill like this before she's normally so prim and proper she now had me in her pussy and one in her arse and she was just puttting the other cock in her mouth and she was loving it, i was to excited and only last a little while before exploding in her pussy, i then took a step back and watched as they fucked her in every position possible, she asked them not to come in her pussy or arse but in her mouth so i could see. when they were ready they got her on her knees with her mouth open as they wanked, the first guy exploded on her face covering her chin and cheeks then she sucked him clean then the other squirted hisonto her chin and breasts. after they had gone we fucked again just the two of us and then packed and went home