Written by Tony and Sally

21 Feb 2009

A few weeks ago we attended an Auction Party at Friends who had hired a local village hall. Sally my wife had decided to bid for a husband and wife team who would clean your hose while they were naked. Sally won the bid and a date was set for Chris, 38 and Gill 32 to attend our house. Unfortunately I was unable to be there as I had to attend to an emergency at my mother and fathers, a leaking pipe from their washing machine. They lived 50 miles away. I returned that night to find Sally stark naked and asleep on the floor. I woke her and she told me what had happened during the day. Chris and Gill arrived, stripped and Sally was impressed with Chris's fine figure and a lovely 5 inch flaccid prick. Gill had a firm pair of 36dd tits, a slender body. Both were tanned and smooth shaved around their genitals. They got busy with the cleaning, while Sally put some music on the hi-fi. She got speaking to Gill and learnt they they had returned from Spain as her mother was unwell. Sally asked what they did in Spain and Gill told her. They used to do cleaning, but mainly did home visits involving massage and private sex shows. She and Chris would massage each other and then fuck in front of whoever had hired them doing private shows in other people's villa's, apartments or hotel rooms. Sally was gobbed smacked. Gill then asked if she wanted to see what they used to do. She called Chris into the room and told him she told Sally what they did in Spain. As she spoke to him Sally noticed his prick was becoming hard. Gill knelt down in front of him and started to suck and lick his prick. When it was solid, Gill lay on the floor and Chris got in between her legs and sucked and licked her pussy. He brought her to a climax and then she turned on all fours and he proceeded to fuck her doggy style. Gill was telling Sally that he could last for about 30 minutes before he came, she then moaned as she had another orgasm. Gill then asked Sally to strip and join them. She lost any inhibitions she had, stripped and proceeded to play with Chris's balls as he fucked Gill. She told me she was desperate to be fucked and suddenly french kissed Chris. He kept his rhythm up fucking Gill. He then said to Sally do you want ago. She then got on all fours and felt Chris's penis enter her pussy. He fucked her for 10 minutes bringing her off twice, while Gill played with her 34 b boobs, tweaking her nipples which she likes. She was moaning with delight when she felt Chris withdraw and move over to Gill. He put his prick into her mouth and moved it in and out as if he was fucking her mouth. He then let out a loud moan and came in Gill's mouth. After he had withdrawn and she had swallowed his spunk, she told Gill that as a special treat they would both shave her, give her a massage and Chris would fuck one more time. Sally's second fuck lasted for 20 minutes and she came three times. I examined her freshly shaved pussy and noticed that she had some cum dripping from it. I got down in between her legs and sucked her pussy, licking it clean. She came again and I fucked, only lasting about 3 minutes before I came. We can not wait for the next auction to bid for Chris and Gill and this time I will be about to help with the cleaning!!