Written by Ron

6 Jun 2016

For years I have been going on at my wife Denise to wank another bloke, give a bloke a blow job, have a threesome or fuck a bloke without me present. She has always said she would think about it but it has never materialised until last week. Denise is 56, 5 foot 10 inches tall, has superb 38dd breasts and a smooth shaven pussy. She keeps herself trim and fit. Last week she went on a girlie wee to Spain staying in a friend’s apartment near Marbella. She went with two of her close friends, Jane and Sue, both divorced and as Denise says man hunters and go on holiday to shag. I told that she better not let them lead her astray while away.

Denise rang me the first couple of nights and said they had been sun bathing around the complex pool. All three going topless. The second night they did strike up a conversation with a group of four golfers in the bar close to the apartment. I did not hear from her again until the fifth night, about 1am in Spain, midnight here. She sounded quite drunk and I could hear music and male voices in the background. Denise told me that they had invited the golfers back for a late night drink. She told me she might be a naughty girl and would ring me in the morning. My mind was racing what she was going to do. I did not sleep well, thinking about Denise sucking and fucking some men she had met.

She rang me about eleven the next morning and told me that the party got out of hand and everybody stripped naked. Jane went into one bedroom with two of the blokes, while Sue went off with another in the second bedroom. This left her with the last bloke, who she ended up giving a blow job to after he had sucked her pussy and clit bringing her to orgasm. She admitted she even swallowed his cum and really enjoyed being naked and being a slut. I was annoyed at first, but told her if that was how she wanted to experience another bloke then so be it, but she would have to make it up to me when she got home. I told her she would have to fuck someone while I watched. She told she would do it for me.

That night at about eleven English time the phone went. I answered it and it was Jane. She told me to put the phone on speaker. I did and she told me to listen. I made out Denise’s voice. She was saying “Oh, Oh, that’s nice, deeper, Alan fuck me hard. I love your big prick up my cunt” Jane came on and told me as it was their last night that Denise was going to be fucked by all four blokes and she wanted me to hear it all as they took turns fucking her, and her and Sue. She put the phone down as she went off for a fuck. I heard Denise call out she was coming as I heard the sound of her arse being slapped. I heard a male voice shout out he was coming. After a few minutes I heard Denise call out “Come on Ben, your turn to fuck my wet pussy” I then heard Denise call out “Ron, I am really enjoying this. I am on my second prick, two more to go. My pussy will be full of young hot spunk”. The phone went dead. I tried ringing back but no answer.

When Denise arrived home, as soon as she got in she stripped naked. It was then I saw the love bites on her body. Both breasts had three each, her bum had four and she had two by her pussy. Her pussy was red and swollen. She told me not had she been fucked by all four but had a double penetration and one Alan had took her virgin arse hole. She then showed me her I pad. Jane had videoed Denise being fucked by the blokes and taken some photos on Denise’s camera. My prick was rock hard. Denise got on all fours and I stripped and fucked her hard holding onto her tits as I pummelled her dirty naughty cunt. She told me that the girls have arranged another trip in September when the blokes are out there with more members from their golf club. Denise has got a couple of their phone numbers and we are going to arrange a night in with them so I can join in fucking and sucking Denise.