Written by Colin and Janice

19 May 2010

My wife Janice has just come back from a holiday in Gran Canaria with her two divorced friends. They persuaded her to go with them and have some fun. We talked before she left and she told me they were both sluts and were keen to pull men and fuck during the week. I told Janice if she felt like being a slut with them she should not hold back but let her self go and be liberated as long as she told me all the details when she got back. She told me she would text me if any thing developed.

I heard nothing from Janice until the second night. The first text just said " We have been pulled by three blokes". The third night text said "My one has had a good grope of my tits and fanny". The forth night text said " Same bloke, Chris tonite. Fingered me and I wanked his 7 inch prick".The fifth night text said " Chris and I are in his room. Giving him a blow job after he has sucked my pussy giving me an orgasm" On the sixth and final night of their holiday the text said "All 6 of us are in our room having some fun. Will ring you later".

I waited and at about 11pm, the phone went. I answered it and spoke to Janice and listened to what she had to say. She was quite tipsey. She said "I am in the toilet. I am still naked, spunk running down my tits and down my back over my bum. Been fucked twice, once by Chris, then his mate Dave. Had a couple of orgasms. Got to go. Speak when I get home tomorrow. Love you".

Janice arrived home at about 8 pm the next day and I could not wait to hear what she got up to. She told me they stayed at an all inclusive hotel and had plenty of drink each night. On the second night the three blokes pulled them. They had told the blokes that they were all divorcees. They met again the next night and went to the late night disco. They had automatically paired up and in the darkness of the disco, Chris felt her braless boobs and her pussy. All three women went out braless and with no knickers on. They had a good snog as he walked her back to the girls room, fingering her as they walked along the garden area to her room. Just by the room she took him into an alcove and released his prick and gave him a wank. She said she really enjoyed playing with his 7 inch erections and see him spurt his come about 2 foot in the air. They met up the next day around the pool. The blokes had a good eyeful as all the girls were topless. Janice has a nice pair of 40d round soft tits. They all had a meal together that evening and went drinking. The blokes all shared a room. Sue and Linda left early with thier blokes and Janice carried on drinking with Chris. After about 40 minutes he said he had better check on his mates. Sue went with him and as they entered the blokes room she saw Sue on a bed, naked and flat on her back being fucked by Dave. Linda was also naked and being fucked doggy style by Peter. Chris started to kiss Janice and feel her tits and pussy. She unzipped his trousers and released his swollen prick. He pushed onto the bed and got down in between her legs and licked her naked smooth pussy. After a couple of minutes she came. Chris had got brewers droop, so Janice laid him on his back and sucked his prick. She managed to get it fairly stiff and he partly came in her mouth before he went flat.

They met again around the pool the next and last day. That evening they decided to skip the show and get a few drinks and go up th the girls room. They all ended up naked. Sue and Dave on one bed, Linda and Peter on her bed and Janice and Chris on her bed. Janice and Chris started kissing and feeling each other up. He soon had an erection. He got on top of her and fucked her. She said it felt good and strange being fucked by someone other than me. She felt a bit guilty but that soon went when he brought her to a climax while fucking her. Chris then told her all three of them had taken viagra and were going to fuck them all night long. She looked over and saw Sue and Linda both being fucked doggy style, they had swapped partners.Janice and Chris then went over to them. Chris offered his prick to Sue and she took him in her mouth and sucked away. Janice went up to Dave and run her hands over his back as he fucked Linda. She moved her hands down and found his balls swaying backwards and forwards as he fucked Linda. Janice played with his balls. He withdrew from Linda and told Janice to kneel on the floor. He wanked his prick and came over her tits. Chris then got behind her and entered her doggy style. He pumped away, withdrew and came over her back. Janice got up and went to the toliet to get some tissues and that was when she rang me.

She went back into the bedroom and Peter took her hand and they ended up on the floor in the 69 position, Janice on top. As she sucked Peter, Dave entered her again and fucked away. He pumped away and he fucked her for ages. She brought Peter off, he came over her face. She noticed his penis stayed erect. Chris was fucking Sue on the bed, she was moaning with delight. The fucking of the three women went on for another hour before the blokes pricks started to lose thier stiffness. Janice lost count of how many times her pussy was entered or how many orgasms she had.

On the flight home all three girls said that they had sore pussys and needed a rest. Once janice had told me of her sexpolits, I took her upstairs, told her to strip and put her across my knee and smacked her bare bum and told her she was a naughty little slut. She told me to fuck her staright away as she was on the edge of coming. I stripped and fucked her doggy style. I came up her with a weeks load of spunk. After I withdrew I watched as my spunk dribbled out of her cunt, which looked quite red from all her fucking. Janice is going to get some viagra for me and if Sue and Linda are up for it come round for a sexy evening. We may even invite Chris, Dave and Peter one night to come and use and abuse Janice one more time.