Written by Jealous Trev.

19 Sep 2008

My wife Sandy and her friend Trish have just come back from a week in Spain. Sandy is 42, with 38dd breasts and a shaven pussey. Trish is 43 with 36d breasts and she also has a shaven pussey. When Sandy arrived home she told me she had a confession. She and Trish had met three blokes in a bar two days before coming home. They had arranged to meet them the next day on the beach near a naturist area. They all met up and after a booze fuelled lunch the blokes had dared the two women to strip off on the nudist beach. The girls said they would if the blokes stripped first. They all went to the beach and found a space, sat down and watched the blokes strip. Pete had an average sized penis about 3 inches long, John\'s was 4 inches but very thick and Brian\'s was about 7 inches and as Sandy said well formed. Both the girls stripped and they then laid on their fronts sunbathing knowing that the three blokes were eyeing them up. Trish them turned over and asked who was going to rub some sun tan cream on her boobies. All three jumped up and each put some cream on their hands and started to rub it all over Trish\'s body. Sandy was watching and saw thier pricks all becoming erect, in ten minutes they were all at full mast. Trish then stood up and told everyone she had to go into the sea to have a pee. Sandy got and went with her. They were both discussing the blokes and Trish told Sandy she was dying to straddle Brian\'s 10 inch stalker. THe blokes then came into the sea and played around splashing the girls. Brian started to cuddle Trish and they started to snog. The other two and Sandy kept on playing. Next Trish and Brian were walking out of the sea, up the beach and disappeared into the dunes. Sandy then walked out of the sea with Pete and John, who both had semi erect pricks. They were either side of her and put their arms around her and with their free hand startd to massage her tits. This brought thier pricks back to full mast. John then suggested they go and find Brian and Trish. All three walked into the dunes and at the top of the first hollow they found Trish on her back coming to an orgasm with Brian between her legs. He then mounted her and proceeded to fuck her. She raised her legs in the air, holding her ankles to allow Brian to penetrate her as deep as possible. He was grunting, while she was screaming \" Fuck me, ram it in fill my cunt with your big prick\" Sandy had never seen Trish behave like that before. She knew she enjoyed sex but never seen her to appear in such a height of sexual delight. After ten minutes of fucking Trish, Brian withdrew and came over her bellies with what Sandy said buckts of spunk.Pete then made his way into the hollow and offered his hard prick for Trish to suck. She got on her kness and gave him a blow job. John then pulled Sandy into the hollow making her fall over and as she got to her knees John thrust his 7 inch hard prick into her mouth. She thought oh my god I\'m married what will Trevor think of me and then thoght hey I\'m on holiday just a suck won\'t harm anybody and proceeded to suck John\'s prick. After a couple of minutes she heard Pete groan and he came in trish\'s mouth and she appeared to swallow his spunk. John then made Sandy lay on her back and sraddled her and started to tit fuck her. She felt someone inbetween her legs licking her shaven pussey and giving her clit a lot of attention. She was nearing an orgasm and started to moan and buck when John groaned and his prick erupted sparying spunk all her face and hair. They all went down to the sea and wshed each other. The girls paying special attention to the mens pricks and balls. They all agreed to met that night for a farewell drink. I will continue later with what happened that night.