Written by phoneking

12 Jun 2007

My girlfriend came home from work in a right state yesterday.

She had met up with a sort of friend of ours in her lunchbreak.

This started off as a one off threesome with him me and her and has progressed to her now being shagged silly by him on three other occasions.I admit i love to hear in great detail all the events but he is quite rough with her and although she seems to like this it worries her too.

She told me he walked in to her shop today and TOLD her to go to lunch at 2pm.She said ok.

At 2pm he was stood outside the shop and quickly walked her to his place which isnt far.

As she walked in she could hear laughter.He started kissing her in the hallway.

They walked in to the living room and there was a guy of about 55-60 sitting there and a younger chap who was around 20-25.

He got everyone bottles of lager and introduced the other guys as work mates.

He sat beside Lesley and started kissing her and running his hand up her skirt.

She stopped him and started to get embarressed.He kept on and started to undo the buttons on her blouse.She stopped him again.

He then took her by the hand and led her through to his bedroom.He sat her on the bed, stood in front of her and removed all his clothes. She said his cock was red and hard and he held it to her face and lips.

She took it in to her mouth and began sucking him. She said he was stroking her hair and cheeks and being very gentle.He started to remove her blouse and told her to slip off her skirt which she did.

He next lay back on the bed and said "Make me cum in your mouth and swallow all of it".

She was licking and sucking him and running her nails over his balls. He removed her bra.

As she was sucking him she said she heard somebody else enter the room. She went to look behind her but he said "No, dont stop". She said she tried to stop and see who had come in but he held her head and was slowly fucking her mouth.

She said she felt her panties being pulled off and down to her knees and felt a hand caressing her pussy.

She said she was quite wet by now and admitted she felt that she needed satisfying soon.

She said she felt the bed take on another body and her panties were removed completely. She said she felt a hard smooth pressure against her pussy and then it slowly pushed itself inside her. It went in a long way and was stretching her. She reached behind her and felt another mans thighs between hers. She reached between her legs and felt large very hairy balls moving backwards and forwards. She still had Martins cock in her mouth.

The large cock in her pussy was getting faster and the mans hands were gripping her waist very firmly now.

She said he gave a hard deep thrust and came inside her but kept pumping for a bit.

He pulled out and she felt his cum seeping out of her.

Martin was obviously loving this as he was trying to get as much of his cock in to her mouth as possible now.

As she carried on sucking, another pair of thighs got between her legs and straight away pushed a hard cock up her.It wasnt as long as the last one but was quite thick. She said she was past caring and just needed to cum.

This new cock began fucking her hard and the guy was easing a finger up her bum for good measure too.

She said she started to shake and cum. As she came, Martin pumped his cum in to her mouth. She kept sucking.

The guy fucking her was really going for it now and was ramming in to her for all he was worth.

He came,filling her pussy with another load whilst his finger was deep in her bum.

She lay on the bed and she said they all got up and left her.

After a bit she got up and cleaned herself up in the bathroom. When she came out there was nobody there at all.They had all left!!??

She let herself out and went back to work (late).

She said she will try and avoid Martin in the future and wants to stop this.

Although i get off on her antics i admit it seems a bit out of control now and agree with her.

A great but very confusing time.