27 Apr 2017

A while back, when my at the time fiancee and I bought our first home, we lived next door to a married couple, a year or two older than us. They were Mark and Jane, we pretty quickly became great friends, always in and out of each others houses, spending time out as couples and generally having a whale of a time.

Anna, my fiancee was a terrible flirt and she had a killer body, this wasn't lost on Mark and to be fair, his wife Jane was a bit of a looker too; blonde, a fair pair of tits on her and nothing shocked her. We joked about everything, the girls would flash their tits, lift their skirts and show off their knickers after a few drinks and were always talking about cock size, shagging and generally being very naughty.

Nothing happened between us for a year or two, until Mark and I confessed over many, many beers that we fancied each others wives, going as far as to describe what they liked in bed, what we had got up to in the past and so on. I was a little taken aback when he confessed to me that he and Jane had got naked and fucked in front of a couple of friends recently, a guy we jointly knew and his wife. They'd got naked after a game of strip poker, licked, sucked and played with each other but Mark had stopped when they were about to fuck each others wives. He said that he couldn't let the guy do it, but surpiresd me further when he said, but I'd let you...

Well, things got interesting from there. One night when Jane was away overnight at her Mum's, Mark and I went out, got pissed and ended up back at ours. Anna was very late in from work and just starting a glass of wine when we rolled in drunk. She was pretty cool about it, as I say we were quite young at the time, got on well and I knew she fancied Mark. After a few more drinks I got the cards out, suggesting a game of strip poker. Anna was up for it, and before we knew it we were down to jeans and pants, Anna out of her skirt and work blouse and kneeling between us both in her white bra and skimpy tanga briefs, with a wisp of bush poking out of the top (it was the late 80's!).

I could tell she was excited and in the nxt hand, she lost and it was quit the game, or, much to my delight, remover her bra and release her firm young 36B tits, she actually began tweaking her nipples for effect at that point, naughty girl! We played on, I lost the next hand and off came my boxers, my now hard cock springing to attention as I sat back on the sofa to admire the scene before me. Somehow they seemed to draw the next hand (not quite sure how that worked) and agreed to remove panties and boxers on the count of 3.

3,2,1, off. Anna stood in front of Mark, thumbs in the side of her panties and pulled them to her knees, bending forward as she did so and dangling her pert tits almost in his face, at the same time he lifted his bum and hips from the sofa and pulled his boxers off, raising his cock as he did so and brushing his now glistening wet, bulbous head on her dangling left tit. This went down well it seemed, she looked excitedly at his much larger cock, circumcised, slightly dark and reached out totake hold as she once more kneeled in front of him.

I began wanking my cock as she lent forward and took Mark in her mouth. After a minute or two she pulled back, I thought that's it, we have gone too far and she has bottled it. Not a bit of it, she stood, turned away and told us to come upstairs with her to the bedroom. We dutifully followed and joined her in our room, where she had turned on the bedside lamps and for some reason, put on her glasses. She lay on the corner of the end of the bed, facing our full length mirrored wardrobes, beckoning Mark over. Now I got it; when we fucked she loved watching my cock go in and out of her hairy wet pussy, hence the glasses.

Mark duly obliged as Anna took his cock, opened her legs and rubbed his helmet up and down her pink, puffy and very wet lips. I clambered up to suck her tits and then stick my cock in her mouth. By now Mark was easing his big fat cock into her tight wet cunt, it was all I could do not to spunk down her throat there and then. In no time he was fucking her in long slow strokes as she watched in the mirror. It wasn't long before her pulled out and shot a stream of hot cum all over her cunt, belly and tits, I wanked my cock the last few stroked and spunked all over her mouth and neck.

The next few weeks were a little awkward but we then got invited round to play a new game that Jane had got from Ann Summers, The Game for Lovers. I'll write again if you'd like to know how that went?