Written by Lovetoswap

16 Oct 2017

Following on from a night my at the time fiancee and I had with our neighbour, he and his wife invited us round to play a game they had recently got from Anne Summers.

As I think I had mentioned before, we got on really well and had discussed jokingly the idea of wife swapping, or 4 in a bed (most of today's terminology wasn't know, at least by us in the late 80's/early 90's). So, on the Saturday evening, my at the time fiancee Anna called Jane next door to check, as girls do, what to wear when we came around. Anne excitedly told me after the call that she had said, 'well not much I would say as it'll all be coming off pretty quickly'.

Anna really fancied Mark next door and after sucking his big cock and watching it disappear up her in our bedroom mirrors a week or so ago, she was pretty keen to try it again. For my part, whilst I had certainly enjoyed that too, I was looking forward to getting my cock inside Jane. So, Anna slipped into a sexy silk teddy, no bra, a pair of matching panties and a pair of hold up stockings. I just put on jeans and a t-shirt. As usual, we went out of the back of the house, Anna just about covering her modesty in her Barbour jacket.

We gently tapped on the back door where Mark welcomed us in, just in his pants which extenuated his cock, I guess he had given it a bit of a rub just before we knocked. A few minutes later, with us enjoying the first drinks of the evening, Jane came downstairs in a sexy white bra and pant set, mostly see through, suspender belt and stockings, mmm. I was the ony who at that point who actually had any clothes on, so under instruction from the girls I stripped down to my pants, and my ever hardening cock.

We settled in the lounge and got the game out. It was a fairly simple game, dice, counters and truth or dare cards although the dares went from tame to pretty extreme quite randomly. The first few involved touching and kissing, a few truths (Mark and Jane had fucked in front of a small group of friends, Anna and I had fucked outside, she had asked a couple of her friends if they would have a threesome with us), the subject of our recent threesome didn't come up so we still didn't know if Jane knew.

After a while the dares got a bit naughtier, the girls having their tits sucked, me fingering Jane through her panties, Anna wanking Mark through his pants. Mark and I both had full on erections, in both cases through the dares we had pre cum on the end of our cocks, the girls clearly wet and horny. Jane, not always the leader in our hypothetical discussions in the past took control and got me and Mark to stand in front of her and Anna as they sat on the sofa. They reached out to us both, Anne with Mark in front and me in front of Mark's wife Jane and gently pulled our pants down. Naturally, they kind of got stuck on our hard on's and required a bit more of a pull, at which point our cocks stretched downwards before springing up into the faces of the girls.

They leaned forward in unison, taking our cocks first in their hand where they pulled back our foreskins, or mine at least as Mark was circumcised and started to slowly wank our wet hard cocks. Within seconds Jane was licking the end of my cock and pretty quickly I had the whole thing in her mouth, her red lipstick on my shaft. As I looked over Mark was face fucking Anna's mouth, what a sight.

I had to warn Jane I was going to cum, so we stopped for a bit and then Anna suggested that we slow down a bit, she and Jane sat us both down and they got up and put some music on and began to strip for us, which as they were wearing nexto to nothing didn't take long. Anna was then about a size 10, very lean, with 32B tits, perky, firm and with smallish pink nipples. As was the style at the time her pussy was hairy and unshaven but in her early 20's not at all untidy. Jane, a little older and having had a child had bigger tits, a little less firm and as she was blonde, a hairy but very attractive blonde pussy.

Mark and I continued to wank as the girls came over and Anna, wanting more of what she had before, climbed straight onto Mark's very hard cock. I sat expectantly, waiting for Jane to do the same to me, which she did moments later. Their house was a very small two bed new build and the sofa a two seater so we were all touching as Jane slid down onto my cock, her pussy soaking wet and Anna at this point rising up and sliding down on Mark as he sucked her tits. Well, we fucked like this for a bit, then turned the girl on their back, watching each other fuck the others partners, our eyes on stalks all four of us. Jane popped into the kitchen for drinks so Mark and I spit roasted Anna, (by far her favourite part of the evening by all accounts), then back to fucking, licking, sucking, fingering before I pulled out, wanked the last few strokes as Jane bid me to spunk on her tits before rubbing it in, rubbing her hands on Anna's tits as Mark too pulled out, shooting a hot stream of spunk that caught Anna full in the face, and some over Jane too.

More drinks, naked dancing, groping, sucking and fucking later. Me upstairs with Jane on the bed, Mark and Anna downstairs before heading home pissed, knackered and gagging for more.....