7 Jul 2018

Saturday afternoon , its football and a barbecue with some of the neighbours and of course you can guess who was in attendance .... Howard.

Carols not into football and wanted to visit the shops instead of watching the three lions and their biggest game since 1990 / 2006 , anyway after a little persuasion she agreed to come if only for the wine and to flirt. Dressed in knee length skirt and cream strappy top and bra-less she looked really fucking hot so off we went . There was about 7 couples and 4 single blokes in attendance , with the burgers and sausages on the barbie and the wine flowing people getting excited about the game all was set for a great afternoon. I could see Carol getting quite a lot of attention from several blokes who couldn't take their eyes off her tits , she was loving it .

Then who walked in ...... you guessed it Howard, after shaking hands and exchanging a few words and smiles he went to see Carol , running his hand down her back she greeted him with a kiss on the lips . I took him a can of beer and joined them for a chat , carol was talking about 50 shades 3 and said she could wait to catch it on video, Howard had already seen it and was telling her about the part where Christian blindfolded and handcuffed the girl on the bed then went down on her , Carol squeezed my hand and said i would love to do that , Howard just grinned and went into the house. After about an hour Carol told me that she was returning home to get some more wine and food in case the hosts ran short , it was just before kick off so i was more interested in the game now so i wasn't really bothered i just wanted to watch the game .

just before full -time Carol returned , knowing she wasn't into footy i thought she must have been in the kitchen with the women talking and drinking , how wrong i was she came up to me and kissed me on the lips and said " i love you and ive got you a nice surprise when we get home".