Written by Jacques Jill

7 Dec 2016

Wait! This couldn’t really be happening to me! His warm breath on my sweaty skin, the pungent scent of my arousal, the feeling of the silky bed sheets under my naked body. His hard body enveloping me.

“Miss Bryant, George and I would like you to know how pleased we are that you accepted to be our odalisque…”

“Ethan and I will be sharing you, and from time to time we will allow a woman to share you also;” said another voice I did not recognize.

“As you remember the rules of odalisque, you will always be naked at home and always be ready to be fucked and pleasured by us from the front and through your ass.”

Who the hell was George and Ethan and what the fuck is an odalisque? I don’t know remember any such rules.

Where was I? And why was I naked…and aroused!

I could hear in the background voices in subdued conversation. Was there a crowd watching my shameless nudity on display?

“No! don’t touch your blindfold!” again that masculine, dominant voice ordered me.

Then he continued, “first you will be kissed and loved. Then you will be fucked. Pleasuring you is of paramount importance to us…always!”

Huh! Oh well…I hope at least I would get a mind-numbing orgasm out of this strange experience, since I had no choice but to submit as a submissive odalisque, whatever that is. And was I not promised an earth-shattering orgasm, maybe two? Was that asking too much?

One mouth kissed very gently the glistening lips of my folds between my thighs, while another met my mouth and gave me a passionate, fervent kiss. Both kisses left me breathless.

“We are both in love with you Miss Bryant!” said Ethan.

This couldn’t be real! How could two men be in love with me, be touching me intimately, and in front of a crowd of people?

The man who kissed my cunt opened my thighs wider, he explored me with his tongue and his fingers in my sopping wet entrance. He finally found my hard, throbbing clit, licked it, and bit it…not too hard. No one paid so much attention to my clit ...ever. But I am not complaining!

The other rogue’s insistent tongue created havoc in my mouth.

I knew I should just get up and run. But that wasn't not what my body wanted. Where would I run naked as I was anyways, even if I could make a run for it?

Besides, I never felt so feminine, so cared for, so warm, so loved! Ah the hell with it. I am just going to sit back and enjoy every moment and I will worry about the rest later.

I was made to kneel on all four. I didn’t need my sight to know that a thick hard cock was sliding inside me, filling me, fucking me. The rocking of the man’s cock inside me touched every erotic nerve endings of my inner walls. It felt so delicious and guilt-free! (Can't put on weight from great sex...or can you?)

A second hard, pulsating, throbbing cock soon entered my cunt just under the first cock that was filling me.

How could I shamelessly allow two men to be fucking me, licking me, fingering me, exploring me? The thought evaporated quicker than it had formed in my head as I got swallowed by the fiery sensation of being doubly fucked.

I rocked my hips against my mates, wanting more. The deep hoarse voice breathed hot, seductive, dirty words at the side of my neck. I had always craved to be taken by a swarthy alpha-male who would speak dirty to me while fucking me.

I hadn’t been taken by a man in well over three years. But I had never given myself to two men a once. Who were these men?

I whimpered and let out a yelp of distress when one of the two cocks in my cunt pulled out. Meanwhile the remaining cock pounded me his balls slapping against my ass.

Soon I felt a loving tongue licking and flicking my engorged clit. No girl can survive being fucked by a cock and a tongue flicking and licking. I moaned sliding, tittering along the sharp edge of the razor blade of a massive mind-numbing orgasm, that suddenly was unleashed and poured and spread like liquid fire inside my body.

At that moment, I felt the urgent need to have both my holes filled, incredible as that cock in my cunt felt. But it was not enough. I was not satisfied knowing there was another cock around unused by my body.

I was made to hover over the massive cock that had been fucking my cunt from the back and that soon impaled me from the front I was on my bent knees, my ass splayed, exposed unabashedly.

Soon the tongue of my second mate lathered the opening of my anus. Then came the gentle warm air that my lover was breathing on my wet anus. I was being tongue fucked and shortly after, my back opening was assaulted by a finger.

I screamed as waves of ecstasy crashed on me. I wanted to be taken by the ass and also devoured.

“Fuck my ass!”

I pleaded. Firm hands spread the cheeks of my ass open. My cunt was stuffed so full by my mate lying underneath me. I couldn’t imagine how a second cock would enter my ass without ripping my anus open. But I needed that second cock, I wanted it, I craved it! Only double penetration would do it, satisfy me.

I panted as the mate behind me spread oil around my opening. He worked two fingers in my ass. The oil he had poured released a sensation of heat that slowly seeped inside me.

I was sure I was now prepared to let that second cock invade my ass. My anus truly was ready to take on that thick hard cock.

Hands on my hips my second mate caressed my opening with the head of his cock, dripping with his pre-cum.

“When I get my cock into that tight little hole, I will be gentle.” He reassured me.

I was relieved. It is not as if I was totally a virgin from behind. I had the taste of my girlfriend's strap-on in me when she and I fucked.

But nothing I had experienced with her approached the sensation of a living thrumming steel hard cock fucking my ass.

It was like fire inside my bowels. He slipped the knob of his cock firmly, then gently my ass muscles swallowed his shaft.

My mate underneath me had found my clit and rubbed it while continuing to fuck me. Just at the moment of intense euphoria the muscles of my cunt tightened against his cock as well as those around my ass did also.

I came hard with a scream, convulsing as my pelvic muscles went into spasms.

As the intense sensation began to subside I collapsed still holding on to their cocks inside me.

“Were do you want us to cum on you Miss Bryant?”

I sucked avidly the cock that had been fucking my cunt, delighting in the taste of my own juices, until I felt his hot profuse seed in the back of my throat. My second mate let out a guttural primeval scream as he unleashed his hot seed inside my bowels.

The blindfold was removed. There was a crowd of about ten or fifteen men and women, everyone of them naked, who witnessed me being fucked. That had been my ultimate fantasy…to be pleasured and cum for a crowd of observers.

Then everything began to fade away as I heard a voice calling me.

“Miss Bryant, wake up! It is over!”

Two nurses were on either side of me holding my hands in theirs. A female doctor was smiling gently at me.

“Are you alright Miss Bryant?”

I ignored the medical staff around me still basking in the afterglow of two most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced.

Gone. The crowd of naked people, the strong scent of fucking, the heat on my skin of the two solid men who had given me so much pleasure.

“No that is not possible! I want them back! I want everything back!” I screamed in denial.

“No, what you experienced Miss Bryant, under the influence of psychotropic drugs were your deepest most secret desires. Now that you understand what caused your anxieties, we can work on these feelings of being unfulfilled. We have recorded your experiences…”

I blushed terribly at the thought that these three professionals were privy to my most intimate and most secret fantasies, those I refused to acknowledge and that have been at the root of my existential crises and my neuroses.

“…and after we review together the recordings, I suggest that you find a way to act out your fantasies. Hopefully this will be the answer to your problems. Do you have any questions?”

“No…I think everything is clear now…WAIT! Yes, I do have a question…What is an odalisque?” I asked as they were ready to exit to let me get dressed.