Written by hornybigirl

13 Mar 2007

My partner Mike and I have been swinging for well over 4 years now and although we have had fun with mostly single males some of which were bi as mike is orally bi which is a huge turn on for me i wanted to return the favour by giving a a girl on girl show for his eyes only we have had couples but they were always straight which is fine but us being both bi that's what we were looking for really and we nver thought it would happen until one night it did.

We were in contact with a couple who were located close to us which was ideal and we'd been chatting to them online for over a year and became really good friends.

Rachel was bi and her hubby mark was straight but we decided to finally meet up and we had the time of our lives.

Mike and i started to get ready early on so we could get to the venue of the meet and have a couple of drinks before rachel and mark arrived, so we set off an hour early and got to the little quaint pub to find rachel and mark had had the same idea which made us laugh and broke the ice.

We started to chat over a few drinks and rachel and i went to the little girls room and left the blokes talking about computers and stuff.

Rachel and i had a giggle about arriving early at the same time and i went into my cubicle i was just closing the door when rachel squeezed in with me and put her finger to her lips to say shhh! i was wearing a shortish skirt no knickers and a vest top with no bra she was wearing near enough the same but with a chiffon over shirt.

I said i needed the loo but she just kissed me on the lips which seemed to make me forget why i'd gone in there in the first place.

i kissed her back and we let each others tongues explore each others mouths my nipples grew hard and presume so did hers my pussy was also getting very wet.

whilst still kissing our hands moved down to our breasts and i pulled down her top to reveal her lovely breasts i took her nipples in my fingers and teased them before going down and sucking them one by one my hand moved down and then up her skirt where she was commando and smooth to the touch her pussy was also wet which made mine even wetter.

By this time she was playing with my nipples and i was loving it we couldn't make noises just in case someone heard but we were enjoying ourselves.

i slipped one then two fingers into her wet hole and then licked her juice from my fingers rachel then kissed me again so she could taste herself.

i managed to slip down and lift her skirt and was faced with her beautiful pussy she put one leg up on the toilet seat so i could get in better and i then started to kiss her outer lips and then i slid my tongue into her slit and it met her hard clit.

I licked and sucked her clit whilst fingering her wet hole she was workinng her clit off on my tongue making herself cum and giving me her juice which i lapped up and shared it with her through a kiss.

With that she pulled a dildo out her bag and moved down to my eager pussy as she licked my clit she slipped the dildo in my hole and worked it in and out so slowly so i felt the lenght of it everytime i could feel my orgasm rising and as i came she licked my juice and shared it with me we licked the dildo clean and went out to our fellas who were still talking mens things and hadn't though we'd been that long typical.

we sat at the table ordered another round of drinks and got our fellas to put their hands under our skirts to feels out wet and hot pussies that were eager for more action.

The boys were obviously aroused by the feel of their hardening cocks so we decided to drink up and go back to our place for more fun.

to be continued .....