Written by Richard

12 Sep 2016

My wife Tina and I often taked about swinging but never dared take it further.

Tina is approaching her

50 th birthday and I'm 55yrs old .

She is a busty size 16 leggy short haired brunette.

We always had a good sex life and enjoy a bit of bdsm

And now that our kids have flown the nest we have talked about spicing up our sex life's !

She often talked about her friend at work Kathy who aparently always had to have a fuck

each morning before going to work!

Kathy and her partner Tom are about our age or a little older.and I had met them only once previously at a function .

Both women had talked previously about swinging as Kathy and Tom had never tried it either,

although both had come to London from Yorkshire several years ago after Kathy's husband caught them in bed.

Kathy suggested that we tried a soft swing where the couples have same room sex but don't swap. And Tina asked my option ?

I must admit I was turned on by the idea and I asked her if it was one of the things you want to do before turning fifty ?

She replied maybe ,?

It sounds very naughty at our age !

We discussed it further in bed that night and ithe idea got us both horny and as Tina sucked my cock

I teased her that I bet she wish it was Tom's cock!

She murmured mmmm

And looked up and smiled and said would you like to watch me suck his cock ?

Kathy tells me he has a big one !

I said well if you put of a show in the soft swap and behave like the whore you are I might let you !

She replied I might hold you to that and laughted !

We discussed ithe soft swap idea a couple of times after and we both we turned on by the idea!

Both women discussed it at work and I was decided

We would invite Tom and Kathy to our place .

The following Saturday they came to dinner and as the wine flowed the subject of each other sex life came up in the conversation and each preferences !

Tom and I washed up as the women adjourned to the sitting room with s bottle of wine .

I suggested to Tom that we go to the local pub for a quick pint and let the girls have a chat!

I'd guys discussed out tatics

On how best to get women to take it further!

And Tim give me a visgra to take.

When we returned about an hour later the girls were on the second bottle of wine and were quite merry .

We joined them and I put on a porn dvd to get everyone in the mood .

Tom suggested a game of strip poker and the girls

Pretended to protest before agreeing !

After about 20 minutes both women were down to their underwear and Stockings while Tom and I had lost our shirts.

Kathy was the fist to loose her bra and she stood up

Unhooked it and flung it in the air to reveal a lovely pair of large firm breasts .

Kathy is slimmer and a little shorter than my wife.

Tina lost the next hand and she follow suit and flung her bra in the air .

It landed on Tom lap and he jokely put it on.!

We all laughted and Tom

complemented Tina on her

large boobs , to which she responded by standing up and giggled them .

Next hand Tom lost his trousers and his cock bulged in his pants.

It was my turn next to loose my trousers .

Kathy lost the next hand

and slowly removed her knickers to revel her

Shaven pusssy ,

she then reached over and yanked down Toms boxers to his knees and his large cock sprung to life !

Much to my wife's deliight!

He was sitting in the armchair and Kathy pushed him back in the chair,

Dropped to her knees and started to give him a blow job.

Tina pulled down my boxers and followed suit as I lay back on the sofa.

As she knelt before me and sucked my cock I removed her knickers which she still was wearing and parted her cheeks to give Tom a birds eye view of her wet pusssy .

He in turn showed me Kathy's!

Both women seemed unbothered and were ingrossed in their task !

Tina came up for air and I pointed over to Tom and said fancy giving Kathy a hand ?

She smiled broadly and shuffled over to her.

Kathy offered my wife Toms cock.

Tina didn't hesitate and was soon swallowing him to his balls, which by the sounds of his groans Tom was really enjoying.!

Kathy moved over to me and with a broad smile she asked if she could be of assistance ?

She was soon sucking me off.

I looked over to see my wife across

Toms knee as he was giving her a good spanking which she was truly enjoyingit.

Tina then straddled Tom and moaned loudly as he slid his big

cock into her dripping cunt.

Watching my wife been fucked by another man really turned me on and I soon had Kathy on her back with her legs spread and was eating her sweet pussy .

She urged me to fuck her and I didn't hesitate!

Kathy was very vocal as I fucked her in various positions before I filled her!

I could hear Tina receiving her first load from Tom also

Judging by her loud cries of pleasure.

Tom and I were exhausted

And stopped for a drink but both women wanted more and were determined to get us hard again !

With the help of the Viagra

we were soon ready for more pussy.

I whispered to Tom to get both women to kneel on the carpet and face each other as Tom and I ass fucked them from behind !

Both of them moaned loudly and their large tits bounces with every trust from Tom and I.

I could hold off no longer and filled Kathy's ass with my hot spunk .

Moments later Tom shot his load into my wife.

Both women collapsed on the carpet as Tom and I sat back .

Tina and Kathy headed to the shower as we had a beer.

After we shower in turn

We went to find the women who were lying on our bed fast asleep each wrapped in a towel.

Tom and I slept in the spare bedrooms .

I was awoke about 8am by Tina and Kathy bring me a cup of tea .

Both women were dressed in just a dressing gown..

They sat on the bed and chatted as I drank my tea .

Tom obviously heard us talking and walked in

Still naked and as the viagra was still in his system he was sporting an erection.

Tom is a big muscular guy about 6ft 1' and in good shape for his age .

It was to much temptation for Tina and Kathy .

Both women were soon licking his cock and balls.

The sight of this give me a raging hard on and I got out of bed and removed both women's dressing gowns leaving them naket.

Tom and I eat. pussy for breakfast before giving each of them an ample load!

Since that weekend we now meet up about once a month and

Swap partners.

Even our friends have remarked how Tina always seems to be smiling these days.

If only they knew why!