Written by aelfric

26 Jun 2011

New swingers

I had met Dave on holiday in Tenerife and we had become close friends. Dave invited me to join him on a weekend break to Blackpool. Oh! my name is Chloe.

It was late when we arrived at our hotel in Blackpool, and as we had booked seats for the Abba show on the North Pier, there was no time for a shower, just time to drop our bags and head for the Pier.

After the show, we headed back to the hotel and went straight to the bar for a drink.

About ten couples and a couple of single guys were sitting chatting, the guys all looking smart and the females dressed for sex.

After a couple of vodkas, I said that I was going up to our room for a shower and a change of clothes.

Five minutes later, I was back down in the bar. “That was quick,” said Dave, “the showers not hot,” I replied. Back in the room, hubby struggled with the power shower to no avail.

Next door to our room was a communal bathroom which had an electric shower. “Nip in there and have a shower,” said Dave. I undressed in our room and wrapped a towel around my naked body and headed for the shower while Dave headed back down to the bar.

“Shit,” I exclaimed, the lock on the bathroom door wasn’t working. I looked out onto the landing and all seemed quiet so I switched on the shower. Lovely hot water, I dropped the towel and stepped into the cascading water. The jets of hot water stung my body like hot needles.

My nipples were hardening as the jets of water rained down on them and I could feel that familiar stirring in my pussy. I soaped myself and pinched my nipples, sending wave after wave of ecstasy

through my body.

I rubbed the shower head over my pussy lips as I opened my legs. I rubbed harder and harder until with a loud cry my first orgasm hit me like an express train and I almost collapsed onto the shower floor. I stood for a minute, letting the water caress my body and then let my fingers probe my throbbing pussy.

I had three fingers inserted in my pussy and was slowly building up to another orgasm. I was almost there when I felt a hand squeeze my shoulder.

“Jeeez Dave, you gave me a fright.” I turned round, it wasn’t Dave. “Sorry if I scared you, names Malcolm.” I came face to face with a rugged tanned face. "Hi, Chloe," I replied. “Heard a scream, thought someone was in trouble,”said Malcolm.

I blushed and then gave out a nervous laugh, “I dropped the soap on my toe,” I lied. It was then I noticed that Malcolm was only wearing a small towel wrapped around his waist and by the bulge in front was certainly aroused.

There was that pregnant silence, neither of us sure of what to say next. Malcolm broke the silence, “don’t suppose you need your back scrubbed?” My pussy was throbbing, my head saying, no, but pussy won and I handed him the soap.

Malcolm, unknown to me at first, had dropped his towel and moved into the shower cubicle with me and began to soap my back. He rubbed my shoulders, well more massaged them. “Mm, that’s nice,” I said. Malcolm continued rubbing my back and slowly worked his hands down onto my bottom.

I leaned against the shower cubicle as he squeezed and kneaded my buttocks. Malcolm became more adventurous and slid his hand down my bum crack and under my legs and gently touching my pussy lips. I opened my legs wider and Malcolm slipped a couple of fingers into my very wet pussy.

I felt something hard pressing against my arse and looking around, saw that his towel was gone and the bulge had revealed a seven inch fat cock with a purple bulbous end. I reached down and grasped his manhood in my hand and after giving it a couple of wanks,guided him into my wet pussy. Malcolm entered me with one thrust that made me gasp. Reaching around me he grabbed my thirty six inch breasts and began squeezing them.

Malcolm rolled his fingers around my engorged nipples while he built up a steady rhythm down below. “Nearly there, do you want me to pull out?” “No, I want your cum in me,” I replied. Malcolm began to fuck me harder and a second orgasm shuddered through me as at the same time I could feel his hot spunk, splashing up inside me.

I turned around and kneeling down, took Malcolm’s cock into my mouth and could taste the mixture of his and my own juices. I sucked every last drop from him and the standing up, kissed him hard on the mouth, letting him taste our combined cum.

I stepped out of the shower and began to dry myself, Malcolm did the same and then said, “this towel is too small and I haven’t got another one.” Wrapping my towel around me I said, “Come into my room and I’ll lend you one.”

Malcolm followed me into the bedroom and as I was bending over getting a bath towel from my suitcase, he tugged at my towel which slipped from my body leaving me again naked with this stranger.

As I stood up and turned around, Malcolm clasped me to his body and I could feel his cock beginning to harden. Malcolm carried me over to the bed and laid me down on my back. Before I could move, his head was buried between my legs. I opened them wide to give him more access. Malcolm buried his tongue into my throbbing pussy and began sucking and licking me.

I orgasmed over his face as he continued fucking my hole with his large tongue. Malcolm slid up my body kissing my belly and onto my breasts. I could feel his cock nudging against my pussy lips and whispered to him to fuck me. Malcolm pressed his cock head against my pussy lips teasing me as he sucked my erect nipples.

“Oh shit, fuck me you b.......,” I screamed in his ear. Malcolm teased my pussy some more with his knob end and then slowly entered me, in and out he fucked me until his whole length was buried up inside of me.

Malcolm pushed a finger into my arse and wiggled it about, something that I hadn’t allowed Dave to do, as he began to speed up his thrusting. Another orgasm surged through me and a flood of hot cum exploded into my soaking fanny.

“Must go and get dressed for the party downstairs,” I said. Malcolm flashed a huge smile, “see you down there later