Written by John

6 Aug 2007

Helen had been sunbathing topless for about an hour when Dave came up to us and started talking. He obviously found it difficult to keep his eyes of her tits. We had met the night before in the bar when Dave was sat next to us with his wife Sue. We suggested that Dave should pull up the only other 2 spare sunloungers and join us. Sue came down about 30 minutes later and lay down next to dave, having taken off her bikini top. The girls decided that they wanted to go for a coffee and went into the hotel. Dave and I chatted away and got onto the subject of our respective partners and their sexual preferences. We decided that as we were both attrated to each others partner, that we should maybe take it a stage further.

Helen and I were getting ready to go out for the evening with dave and Sue, when I asked Helen what she thoguht of Dave and if she fancied fooling about a bit. We ahd never done anything like this before, but we were on holiday. She said would see what happened. I could tell she was interested when she started to get dressed. She put on a wrap over low cut dress, which she looked amazing in, without any underwear. She had drneched herself in perfume and she really did smell good.

We met Dave and Sue in the lobby bar and joined them in a drink. Sue was dressed in a black mini dress which was low cut and left nothing to the imagination. When she crossed her legs though, I noticed she was wearing knickers. We had a few drinks and moved on to the nightclub next to the hotel. It was quite full and the only table left was in a dark corner away from the dancefloor. We drank the night away, getting more and more tipsy. I asked Sue if she would like to dance and off we went. Sue was fabulous, she had a great figure and knew how to turn a man on, as we danced closely, she started to gyrate against me and our lips met in a passionate kiss. This was certainly going to be a great night. The song finished and we went back to the table, to find Dave and Helen in a clinch, with Dave's hand fondleing Helen's right tit and Helen moaning softly. A short cough seperated them.

Helen decided that we should now head back to the hotel. We arrived back, got into the lift, when Dave, who was standing behind Helen, put his hands around her and started to undo her dress. I was behind Sue and did the same. By the time we had reached our floor, the girls were totally naked. Sue having removed her knickers during a visit to the loo with Helen. We walked down the long corridor to our room, half expecting someone to catch us.

Helen and dave were first into the room and went over to the bed nearest the window, followed by Sue and I taking the other bed. Helen undressed Dave, kneeling as she removed his trousers and briefs and then taking his cock into her mouth. Sue was doing exactly the same to me. We got onto the bed and I quickly entred Sue, who proved to be tighter than Helen and soon had me coming. The lights were now out and I could hear Helen starting to come, encouring Dave to go faster. When Sue and I finished, she went over to Dave and Helen and started to caress Helen's tits and very wet pussy. Helen was coming again in minutes. Helen then went down on Sue and started to lick her pussy. Dave took the opportunity of getting behind Helen and stuck his once again erect cock into her.

We continued for at least a couple of hours and were totally knackers at the end, with Dave and sue going back to their own room. The rest of the holiday was fantastic and we have kept in touch with our new found friends